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Chapter 148: Please Look After Beibei

The person was Qiao Yanjue.

This made Xia Xibei very uncomfortable. Was he monitoring her?

She didn’t care if she was being investigated in a general way. However, she hated to think of her every move being watched, leaving her with no freedom.

Seeing Xia Xibei’s dissatisfaction, Qiao Yanjue’s heart jumped. He rushed to explain, “When I called you just now, I was nearby. I was about to leave when I saw you waiting for a car on the street.”

“Really?” Xia Xibei asked, quirking up an eyebrow.

“Of course!” Qiao Yanjue nodded seriously. “You didn’t think I had people follow you, did you?”

“Ha ha,” Xia Xibei laughed, the corner of her mouth twitching.

Qiao Yanjue was speechless. “Am I so untrustworthy in your mind?” he demanded.

Xia Xibei wrinkled her nose and said nothing, but her attitude was enough of an admission.

This made Qiao Yanjue a little angry.

However, thinking of Jiang Yuran’s words, he could only endure the frustration and move on.

“You are…”

He couldn’t help making comments to himself while looking at these three young people of different heights.

This one was not tall, that one was too thin, and there was also one who was short and chubby. Oh, and there was a golden retriever and a chinchilla too.

They were all still kids. Besides, knowing Xia Xibei’s character, even if she was dating, she wouldn’t be looking at them as boyfriends.

Tang Luo and the others had no idea that Qiao Yanjue had already insulted them in his heart.

“They are my friends,” Xia Xibei responded casually, but didn’t seem to want to introduce them.

Qiao Yanjue raised an eyebrow, glanced at her, then reached a hand out towards them.

“Hello, I am Qiao Yanjue.”

As soon as Qiao Yanjue came over, the group felt a pressure with his presence.

Xia Xibei could afford not to take Qiao Yanjue seriously, but they couldn’t!

Although Qiao Yanjue was young and handsome, just like the heartthrobs in the entertainment industry, his aura was too strong, stronger than that of their parents!

Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi looked at each other and immediately stretched out their hands.

“Hello! I am Ren Juncheng, Xibei’s friend.”

“I am Yu Ziqi!”

After shaking hands with the two of them, Qiao Yanjue turned to Tang Luo.


Tang Luo’s eyes flickered, and he stretched out his hand. “Hello, I’m Tang Luo. I am Xibei’s deskmate at school.”

They share a desk?

Qiao Yanjue felt that Tang Luo’s hand was a bit small and not very manly at all. When he heard the word “deskmate,” his expression changed slightly, and then he smiled. “Really? Then please look after Beibei.”


Xia Xibei’s expression froze. What was their relationship? What gave him the right to call her Beibei?!

“Qiao Yanjue!”

Xia Xibei felt that he was really inexplicable and couldn’t help but turn grim.

“Oh yes, we should go back too.”

Qiao Yanjue pulled back his hand, smiling and speaking very naturally.

Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched, wishing she could punch him, forcing him to wake up.

Who was the “we” he was talking about?



Feeling Xia Xibei’s emotions, Asura and Honey both began to yell at Qiao Yanjue.

Asura bared its teeth at him, while Honey arched its back and puffed up its fur. Both the cat and dog were currently in a fighting stance.

Qiao Yanjue was taken aback by their reaction. The cat and dog were obviously pretty docile, so why were they suddenly so fierce?



The two owners rushed to comfort their babies, then looked at Qiao Yanjue in confusion.

Qiao Yanjue also felt wronged. How would he know when he provoked them?!

During the stand-off, another car arrived.

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