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Chapter 117: See You Tomorrow

Liu Lixin had inquired about the price before. If the old house got relocated, they would receive at least a million yuan in return!

A million yuan!

At this point, the four hundred thousand yuan that Xia Xibei had paled in comparison.

“If we could get a million, we’ll be able to send Xiaochuan and Tingting abroad!”

Studying abroad was a popular trend right now. Many of Liu Lixin’s friends were preparing to send their children abroad, so she wanted to do the same as well.

However, going abroad would require money.

This was a splendid opportunity. If the million yuan from relocation fell under their possession, things would become easy.

Xia Shahai was completely stupefied. He could tell himself that four hundred thousand wasn’t a big deal, but he couldn’t control his agitation at all in the face of a million yuan.

It was a million yuan!

How many more years did he have to hustle to earn that much money?

Liu Lixin was on cloud nine. “Once we get the money, we could buy a house first, and then we could…”

She was so merrily engrossed in picturing how the money could be spent that she hadn’t noticed the darkening look on Xia Shahai’s face.

When she finally stopped, Xia Shahai’s face had gone completely glum and dark.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Lixin was baffled.

Wasn’t it a good thing? Why did his attitude become like that?

“I…” Xia Shahai was silent for a moment, but still he held back the urge to divulge that he had transferred the house under Xia Xibei’s name.

“I have things to do, I’ll go deal with them first.”

When he finished, he went into the study before Liu Lixin could speak a word.

Liu Lixin’s doubt was amplified by his strange response.

After closing the door, Xia Shahai took a few deep breaths and took out his phone, fumbling.

“My apologies, I don’t need your signature,” Xia Xibei’s voice came through from the other end.

“I didn’t call for money,” Xia Shahai nearly choked on his anger, so he spoke before she could say something more unpleasant to the ear.

“You didn’t call for money, then did you call to ask about me then?”

On the other end, Xia Xibei’s lips curled. “Don’t tell me that you’re here to give me some belated fatherly love, yeah?”

Xia Shahai’s cheeks went hot. What in the world was wrong with this goddamn child? Not a word that she said ever sounded pleasant!

“I have something to talk to you about. Let’s meet up sometime tomorrow.”

Xia Shahai didn’t want to discuss the matter at home in case his wife found out about it.

Despite her bewilderment, Xia Xibei agreed upon it, “Fine.”

So they arranged a time. Xia Shahai only heaved a sigh of relief after hanging up the call.

Outside the room, Liu Lixin was wearing a look of displeasure.

Due to the pretty effective soundproofing, she couldn’t hear the conversation clearly, but she did hear him saying “see you tomorrow”.

Could Xia Shahai be having an affair?

The thought made the look on Liu Lixin’s face even more awful now.

However, she didn’t plan to make a big scene, deciding to instead follow Xia Shahai when he went out the next day. She had to find out if there was something fishy going on!

Meanwhile, Xia Xibei dialed another number.

The call got connected very soon. “Xia?”

“Brother Huo,” Xia Xibei greeted, “I need some herbs here in pretty big quantities. Does your branch offer delivery services?”

“Of course we do,” Huo Zijun’s voice was gentle, “Send me the inventory, I’ll get them ready for you here.”

“Alright. Thanks, Brother Huo, I’ll transfer the money over.”

Huo Zijun laughed a little. “No rush. By the way, have you received the news?”

“News? What news?”

“That your housing area is going to be relocated.”

“Huh?” Xia Xibei was dumbfounded this time. “Relocated?”

It didn’t seem right! In her past life, the news about relocation shouldn’t come out until several months from now!

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