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Chapter 118: Changing Fate

In her previous life, this place was demolished in winter.

But it was only May now.

“How did you know?” Xia Xibei was shocked.

Huo Zijun lived some distance from here, so why would he pay attention to these things?

“Yanjue told me.” Huo Zijun smiled.

Qiao Yanjue?

Xia Xibei was stunned for a moment then had a flash of inspiration. “Is the boss developing this area…”


Huo Zijun laughed. “It’s alright if I told you, it is indeed him.”

Xia Xibei was stunned. “So, that was why he was here before? Because of this land?”

“Yes.” Huo Zijun said with a smile. “If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t have recovered so quickly. He is very capable. See, now he’s ready to start work.”

Of course, they had also done a lot of the preliminary preparations.

Xia Xibei finally understood.

If she had not saved Qiao Yanjue, he would have had to fight so many people, and he would definitely be seriously injured.

Based on the situation in the previous life, Qiao Yanjue had to recover in the hospital for more than half a year.

But since she appeared this time, she had changed his fate.

Therefore, he was not seriously injured, and with her help, he quickly recovered.

After he recovered, he started work.

Xia Xibei was in a complicated mood and didn’t know what to say.

This was a coincidence of fate!

She had never thought things would happen this quickly!

“Relax, he knows you. He won’t let you have a bad deal.” Huo Zijun smiled and comforted her.

The corner of Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched. She then hung up the phone after making some more small talk with him.

Xia Xibei looked around the small space, frowning.

She finally understood why Xia Shahai had approached her.

He must have heard news about the demolition!

She couldn’t help sighing. What a mess this is!

She originally thought that, according to the timeline of her previous life, she would be almost an adult by winter.

By then, if Xia Shahai wanted to do anything, she would be fine if she delayed things for a while.

This way, no one could steal the house away from her.

But she wasn’t an adult now!

Even if Xia Shahai transferred the house to her name, he would definitely not give up on it.

Darn Qiao Yanjue!

She shouldn’t have saved him!

Xia Xibei angrily scolded Qiao Yanjue and vented her unhappiness.

However, now that she knew what was going on, she couldn’t just do nothing.

Xia Shahai asked to meet her tomorrow; he must be wanting to talk about this house.

But, how dare he?!

Back then, neither of them wanted her. They abandoned her here, where she and her grandma depended on each other.

When grandma was alive, she said that this house was to be left for her.

But at that time, her grandma did not leave a will, and she was young and knew nothing of this sort, so this was delayed.

However, this house was hers and would never be given to others!

Thinking of the smug faces of Xia Shahai and his wife after stealing the house in the previous life, Xia Xibei showed a cold smile.

He wanted the house? He’d have to see if he was so lucky!

Early the next morning, Xia Xibei went to the elementary school where Xia Yichuan and his sister were studying.

In the afternoon, she met up with Xia Shahai as planned.

When she saw Xia Shahai, Xia Xibei showed a bright smile and said, “I was just at Dongyun Elementary School. I saw my adorable brother and sister.”

Xia Shahai’s face changed suddenly. He shouted sharply, “What do you want?!”

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