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Chapter 116: Old Town Relocated

As far as Xia Xibei was concerned, becoming a celebrity wasn’t a tough thing to do.

After all, with the memory of her past life, she would be an idiot if she still couldn’t find a way.

On the other hand, SY Entertainment wasn’t her only option, and she didn’t have to accept the absurd condition that Xia Shahai had presented.

“Great! Very great!” Xia Shahai seethed. He hadn’t expected Xia Xibei to be so bold and adamant. “I’ll wait and see what you can add up to with that great ambition of yours!”

Before he hung up the call, he threatened with a sneer, “Don’t even think of asking your mum for her signature. I’m telling you, if she knows how much money you have in hand… Haha!”

When he finished, he hung up the call abruptly.

As she looked at the screen showing that the call was disconnected, Xia Xibei smiled with sarcasm.

Ask them for help? She wasn’t that silly!

Meanwhile, Xia Shahai, who was so enraged by Xia Xibei that he nearly went up in flames, was sitting on the sofa, whiffs of smoke rising from his head.

Xia Xibei had managed to trigger the rage within him with just a few words.

“How was it?” Liu Lixin nervously asked.

“Didn’t you hear it?” Xia Shahai shot her a glare of frustration. “I told you already, that goddamn kid wouldn’t consent!”

“Doesn’t she want to be a celebrity?” The look on Liu Lixin’s face had turned awful.

“Haha, she’s beyond great, isn’t she!” Xia Shahai snorted scornfully. “She said that she’s got her own back even if I don’t sign for her!”

“Is she going to look for Dong Shulan instead?” Liu Lixin was worried.

“Does it matter what she’s thinking?” Xia Shahai sniggered. “I still have her custody in hand!”

It would be useless even if Dong Shulan consented.

“What can she do then?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Xia Shahai waved his hand in vexation. “Alright, don’t think too much about it. That goddamn child isn’t easy to deal with!”

Liu Lixin had a deep frown on her forehead. “Are you giving up just like that?”

“Or else what?” Xia Shahai rolled his eyes at her. “Alright for now, stop thinking about it, it’s not like we can’t live without that four hundred thousand.”

Liu Lixin wanted to say something more, but Xia Shahai had returned to the bedroom.

Liu Lixin slammed the sofa furiously but dared not to provoke him while he was in a fit of anger.

She couldn’t understand why Xia Shahai would even drop the matter so easily.

If it didn’t work the first time, they could give it another try!

They could arrange a face-to-face negotiation with Xia Xibei!

They would naturally come to a consensus after a few rounds of negotiation!

However, she had no idea that Xia Shahai had previously given Xia Xibei two hundred thousand yuan. Although four hundred thousand yuan wasn’t a small amount, it didn’t appear particularly attractive to him either.

If Liu Lixin hadn’t insisted, he might not have done anything to Xia Xibei at all, as he couldn’t afford to disgrace himself like that.

Thus, he lost interest in pursuing the matter after being chided by Xia Xibei.

He didn’t see the need to torment himself!

Liu Lixin didn’t understand what had happened to Xia Shahai, so she could only call a ceasefire for now.

A couple of days later, however, she heard news that had utterly shocked her.

——The old town area where the Xia family’s old dwelling was situated was going to be relocated!

Having relatives who worked at a government department, Liu Lixin received first-hand information about this piece of news.

They hadn’t heard news about its relocation all the while, but it came out of the blue this time!

Despite its suddenness, however, the news was a legit and accurate one.

After a moment of daze, Liu Lixin was thrilled.

Imagine how much money they would get if it was relocated!

“What? Relocation?”

Xia Shahai was stunned when he heard about it upon returning home.

“Are you mistaken?”

“How can I be mistaken!” Liu Lixin couldn’t control her exhilaration. “Go ask the neighbors that you once lived with, it’s absolutely true!”

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