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Chapter 114: Exchange Terms

Xia Shahai was a manager of a listed company. His income was not low.

However, no matter how high his income was, Liu Lixin couldn’t stay calm before more than 400 thousand yuan.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Lixin immediately shared the news.

“She won 400 thousand?” Xia Shahai asked in surprise.

“She didn’t win 400 thousand. She won two cars and cashed them out for more than 400 thousand yuan.” Liu Lixin explained.

Xia Shahai’s expression instantly became complicated.

If other kids had such luck, they would be overjoyed.

But it was Xia Xibei who had won!

Thinking of Xia Xibei’s threats against him before, his face became even more ugly.

“So what if she won? Are we supposed to celebrate with her?”

These words startled Liu Lixin, and after she recovered, she frowned. “What are you talking about?! She has so much money now! It’s too dangerous for her!”

Of course, Xia Shahai understood what his wife meant.

If it had been before, he would be very happy to hear the news. After all, Xia Xibei was still young, and he could keep the money for her.

But after severing their relationship, he didn’t have any designs on Xia Xibei anymore.

The girl must have done something weird. It was as if she had completely changed herself. She was so tough!

400 thousand was quite a lot of money, but for him, it was not an astronomical figure. It would just take a few years of work to earn that amount.

He didn’t want anything more to do with Xia Xibei.

“So what? We ignored her before. How could we ask her for money now? Aren’t you going to be embarrassed?”

Liu Lixin’s expression became grim. “Are you stupid?! What do you mean we ignored her? Before, she had nothing to worry about! But now, she has so much money! If something happened, it would be awful!”

“What could possibly happen?” Xia Shahai asked with a chuckle.

He didn’t share how he had broken off his relationship with Xia Xibei, nor did he have the face to ask Xia Xibei for money.

“She’s still young. If she met a bad guy, it would all be over for her.” Liu Lixin sounded very righteous. “And if others knew she had so much money, how much danger would she be in?!”

Looking at his wife’s greedy eyes, Xia Shahai’s mood became bad.

“Forget about her. That stupid girl has nothing to do with us!”

“Nothing to do with us?!” Liu Lixin retorted. “Although we didn’t live together, we used to give her monthly living expenses!”

If Xia Xibei had heard this, she would have rolled her eyes to the sky.

How could someone’s skin be so thick?

“Besides, you need to think about our family’s situation now! If we had that 400 thousand yuan, we could buy houses! Now that real estate prices have started to jump, you have to think of Little Chuan and Ting Ting!” Liu Lixin continued.

They had boy-girl twins. Their son was named Xia Yichuan, while their daughter was named Xia Yiting. They had just turned ten this year.

Yes, Xia Shahai had cheated on Dong Shulan even before their divorce.

Xia Shahai became weak the minute his kids were brought up.

The twins were his achilles’ heel.

Seeing that he had softened, Liu Lixin immediately pushed him harder.

“Using the little money we have on hand, plus this 400 thousand yuan, we could buy two houses!”

This really tempted Xia Shahai.

“But… That girl’s temper is a bit hard. I’m afraid she won’t give us the money.”

Thinking of Xia Xibei’s previous reaction, Xia Shahai was conflicted.

“It’s okay, we can help her!” Liu Lixin exclaimed, smiling brightly.

“Help her?”

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