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Chapter 115: Four Hundred Thousand in Exchange for a Signature

Liu Lixin revealed what Tian Meiyun had told her.

“I heard that she’s thinking of becoming a celebrity now, but it needs the papers to be signed by a parent. So we could use this as a condition in exchange for the money!”

Although she didn’t know what kind of messed-up thoughts Xia Xibei had in mind, giving her the conceited idea of becoming a celebrity, she would be willing to approve it if all it took was a signature in exchange for 400 thousand yuan.

Due to their stealthy relationship in the past, Liu Lixin had a strong distaste for Xia Xibei.

Back then, if it hadn’t been for Xia Xibei, Xia Shahai would have divorced Dong Shulan much earlier.

Even though Xia Xibei was innocent as a child, Liu Lixin just couldn’t seem to control her own bitterness.

That was why she had never gotten in touch with Xia Xibei over the past few years.

If Xia Xibei hadn’t knocked on their door looking for trouble, she wouldn’t even spare a mere 300 yuan for her!

Right now, however, Xia Xibei had 400 thousand yuan in hand!

All the love and hate between them could be left behind and forgotten now.

Besides, she knew that if they just dropped by out of nowhere, Xia Xibei certainly wouldn’t hand over the money.

However, Xia Xibei wanted to be a celebrity now, didn’t she?

“She wants to be a celebrity?” Xia Shahai was startled for a second, then his face fell. “Nonsense! Does she really think that it’s so easy to become a celebrity? What does she even have!”

Xia Xibei had neither talent nor skills.

Although she was pretty good-looking, the entertainment industry had never faced a shortage of good-looking people. For someone like her, who didn’t have the slightest bit of talent, she would be misused and exploited till there was nothing left of her, wouldn’t she?

Of course, he wasn’t worried about Xia Xibei’s safety. He was only afraid that she might embarrass him.

The entertainment industry was always overflowing with rumors of all sorts.

He had heard that some female celebrities became mistresses to people!

If Xia Xibei chose to walk down a path like that, he would be utterly disgraced!

“Why do you care what she does?” Liu Lixin shot him an annoyed glare. “As long as we get the money, isn’t it fine? All we have to do is leave a signature and the money will be ours. Do you wanna turn down such a great deal?”

Sure enough, Xia Shahai couldn’t refuse such an amazing deal.

Despite their rosy thoughts, however, they hadn’t considered if Xia Xibei would even agree to their request.

“You sign it for me, and I give you 400 thousand yuan?”

Upon receiving Xia Shahai’s call and listening to his wild fantasies, Xia Xibei’s lips curled into a sarcastic smile.

She didn’t ask Xia Shahai how he knew about her winning, because it was already obvious.

However, she hadn’t thought that Xia Shahai would be this shameless, asking for 400 thousand in exchange for a signature!


On the other end of the phone, Xia Shahai sounded calm and composed.

“Don’t you want to become a celebrity? I’ll sign it for you.”

“Haha,” Xia Xibei laughed scornfully, “Do you actually think that your signature is worth that much money? You’re much more shameless than I thought!”

“Xia Xibei!” Xia Shahai bellowed in shame and rage, “I am your father!”

“My apologies, but you’re not,” Xia Xibei denied his words while shaking her head. “We’ve signed the agreement of Repudiation of Relations, haven’t we? Don’t tell me you have dementia and you’ve forgotten about it.”

As far as Xia Xibei, who had been through way too much, was concerned, Xia Shahai had become a stranger a long time ago. There was no need for her to conceal her disdain as she mocked him.

“Xia Xibei!” Xia Shahai’s face was flushed red in anger, but when he thought of the 400 thousand yuan, he went on through gritted teeth, “Of course I remember, but you want to become a celebrity, and what can you do without my signature?”

“Sorry, but you’ve overestimated your worth. I can still be a celebrity even without your signature.”

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