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Chapter 113: Money Should Be Kept by Grown-ups

More than 400 thousand yuan?

That number stunned the couple.

Both of them had jobs, earning 20 to 30 thousand yuan a month.

This kind of income earned them a comfortable life here, but for them, 400 thousand yuan was still a big sum!

Especially since the riches went to a little orphan girl who was not well liked. This made them unhappy.

“Is what you said true?” Tian Meiyun still couldn’t believe it.

“Of course!” Liu Zhijing nodded earnestly, “My classmate’s father is a witness!”

She looked innocent as she asked, “You mean Uncle didn’t tell you about this?”

“You’re such a kid!” Tian Meiyun glanced at her angrily. “You know how it is with their relationship!”

Since Xia Shahai and Liu Lixin got married, they had ignored Xia Xibei.

Tian Meiyun and the others did not express any opinions on this matter.

To be honest, if her husband had a daughter from before, she would not take care of the daughter either.

Over the years, Xia Xibei had been an invisible person in their minds. But she didn’t expect that the girl would have gotten so much money without saying a word!

“But Xia Xibei has so much money now, so it’s quite dangerous!” Liu Zhijing seemed to be concerned about Xia Xibei’s well-being. “If bad people found out…”

These words made Tian Meiyun and Liu Jiayang’s hearts lurch.

They were not worried about Xia Xibei’s safety. After all, they were not attached to her.

But they did care about the large sum of money!

That was practically a down payment for a house.

Of course, they also knew that the money would not reach them. After all, Xia Shahai was Xia Xibei’s father.

However, they were not pleased that Xia Xibei suddenly had so much money.

They had worked desperately to save a little money, but Xia Xibei was able to win a big prize effortlessly. The difference was too big.

“Dad, mom, should we tell uncle about this?” Liu Zhijing proposed.

“Yes, we should!”

The couple looked at each other and agreed with this suggestion.

How could a young woman have so much money? How dangerous! The money should be kept by grown-ups!

Seeing her mother nodding, Liu Zhijing’s mouth twisted into a smile.

She continued, “Also, I heard that Xia Xibei wants to be a star.”

“A star?” Tian Meiyun frowned. “What for? Why is she not studying, instead wanting to become a star?!”

In their opinion, being a celebrity was not anything decent. Naturally, they were very disgusted.

“Who knows?” Liu Zhijing shrugged. “However, it’s not that easy for her to be a star. She is not 18 years old yet, so her parents need to sign some papers.”

This statement made her parents stop.

“OK, I’m full now. I’ll go do my homework.”

Liu Zhijing put down her bowl and stood up.

After she left, Tian Meiyun and Liu Jiayang looked at each other, their eyes glittering.

Liu Zhijing’s words gave them a lot of ideas!

“Let’s make a call!” Liu Jiayang said.

Tian Meiyun nodded immediately, quickly dialing Liu Lixin’s phone number.

After some small talk, Tian Meiyun went straight to the point. “By the way, I heard Little Jing say that Shahai’s daughter won a big prize…”

As soon as she heard her husband’s older daughter mentioned, Liu Lixin’s mood immediately changed.

However, after listening to what Tian Meiyun said, her mood became sunny again.

Xia Xibei had more than 400 thousand yuan in her possession!

Her breathing immediately became hurried.

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