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Chapter 110: No Need to Go Anymore

Tao Yueying’s words made Xia Qinghan freeze a little.

She hadn’t expected Tao Yueying to have such a plan in mind!

Xia Qinghan snorted coldly on the inside. Hadn’t the Tao family ended up in such a plight because of what Tao Pengqing did? What did that have to do with her?

Although Tao Yueying did not explain many things clearly, she knew that it wasn’t that simple.

There must be some underlying problems if a manager came under the suspicion of his superior.

Xia Qinghan might not know about the affairs of the shopping complex very well, but that didn’t mean that she was a fool.

If Tao Pengqing joined the shopping complex under Xia family, who knew if he would bring about any troubles?

However, Xia Qinghan could only swallow the insult on the tip of her tongue when she saw how expectant and earnest Tao Yueying looked. She was useful, after all.

Furthermore, if they fell out with each other, people would laugh at them and things would easily backfire.

As she thought of that, Xia Qinghan nodded with a smile, “No problem, for sure! I’ll talk to my dad about it but let me make things clear to you up front. I can’t guarantee that my dad will approve either.”

“I believe you can!” Tao Yueying beamed brightly instantly. “Your dad loves you a lot, so he’ll approve of it for sure!”

Xia Qinghan’s smile went a little stiff. She hadn’t expected Tao Yueying to pressure her with words. She wasn’t that stupid, after all.

Thoughts were jostling in her mind as she nodded, “I’ll definitely try my best.”

Tao Yueying could finally set down the weight on her shoulders.

While they were talking, Liu Zhijing arrived.

“Qinghan, are you alright?” Liu Zhijing asked with concern.

“No big deal,” Xia Qinghan smiled and shook her head. “How about you? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Despite her words, the look on Liu Zhijing’s face seemed rather awkward.

She hadn’t expected to fall into the trap that was set for Xia Xibei in the first place, while Xia Xibei remained unharmed.

Although they did not admit to Jin Yazhen’s accusation, they had apologized to Xia Xibei nonetheless. To make things worse, they did so in front of all their schoolmates.

Ever since then, she could sense that people were looking at her in a different light.

When she got home, she was rebuked again, as her younger brother told their parents about her apologizing in school.

It would have been strange if she still felt good after having been through all that.

“Yingying, what about you?”

“I’m alright.”

Tao Yueying forced a smile but did not reveal the promise between her and Xia Qinghan.

Upon seeing that everyone was in a sullen mood, Liu Zhijing changed the subject hastily.

“By the way, there’s a new hypermarket on the neighboring street, isn’t there? I heard that you could go for the lucky draw once you spend a hundred yuan, and there are numerous rewards! How about making a trip there after class? Who knows? We might even win the grand prize!”

At the mention of the grand prize, Tao Yueying’s face darkened once again.

“There’s no need to go anymore!”

“What’s wrong?” Liu Zhijing was baffled.

“The grand prize has been taken!”

“What?” Liu Zhijing was stupefied. “The grand prize has been taken already? So soon?”

“Yup!” The look on Tao Yueying’s face was grim and dreadful. “Do you know who won the prize?”

“Who?”Liu Zhijing asked, an ominous feeling spreading inside of her.

When Tao Yueying spilled the name “Xia Xibei,” it was like her prediction came true.

“It was her?!” Liu Zhijing was deep in shock.

Upon mentioning the subject, Tao Yueying’s light mood vanished in an instant.

“It was her! She even won the special prize twice!”

“Twice?!” Liu Zhijing gasped, “How is that even possible?!”

She heard that the special prize was a car that cost over 200 thousand! There couldn’t be two special prizes to begin with, could there?!

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