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Chapter 111: So Much Money

“Who would have thought that she was so lucky?”

Xia Qinghan heaved a sigh, the jealousy and displeasure within her intensifying.

Xia Xibei was way too lucky, wasn’t she!

Not only did she manage to avoid their attempt to frame her, she even won two consecutive special prizes!

Two times!

Moreover, her victory had landed Tao Yueying’s father in a rather difficult predicament.

Was Xia Xibei really that lucky, or was there some hidden manipulation involved?

Regardless, she felt terrible watching Xia Xibei living a joyous life.

It was kind of strange, now that she thought of it. She didn’t have much interaction with Xia Xibei in the past, neither was there any love-hate relationship between them, but she had a tendency to launch attacks on her subconsciously whenever Xia Xibei was in her sight.

Were they born with an inherent hostility towards each other?

Liu Zhijing had no clue about what was going on in Xia Qinghan’s mind, too preoccupied with talking about Xia Xibei’s win.

“Did she really win the special prize twice?” She was still skeptical about the whole matter.

That kind of luck was almost against the law of the universe!

“My dad is a manager at the shopping complex, so both of the prizes were handed out by him. Do you think I’m lying to you?”

Tao Yueying was in a really foul mood.

It was a disgusting feeling to know that the person who had won the prizes was her enemy!

“But she didn’t take the car, she had it converted to cash.”

“Converted to cash?” Liu Zhijing was curious right away. “How much money was that?”

“One car cost 210 thousand, so for two…”

“420 thousand!” Liu Zhijing gasped sharply, her eyes bulging.

420 thousand! That was an enormous amount!

Liu Zhijing came from a family background similar to Tao Yueying; both were small but financially stable families.

It was good enough for them to have a thousand or two yuan of pocket money every month at a time like this. The other students probably had just four to five hundred yuan to spend each month.

Therefore, 420 thousand yuan was a remarkably massive sum of money for them!

However, that massive amount of money had fallen into Xia Xibei’s hands.

“Do you guys think her family knows that she has so much money?” Xia Qinghan asked out of nowhere.

“Right!” Liu Zhijing’s eyes lit up. “She’s still underage, just like us! Her parents will be worried about her having so much money in hand, won’t they!”

The two of them exchanged a glance, their eyes beginning to shimmer.

Liu Zhijing was exhilarated as an idea began to form in her mind.

If Xia Xibei’s parents knew that she had such a great sum of money in hand, they certainly wouldn’t be at ease!

Xia Qinghan’s mood became better when she saw the thoughtful look that Liu Zhijing was wearing, her lips curling into a sarcastic smile.

She believed that Liu Zhijing would get things done to her satisfaction.

Right as she wanted to speak, her phone vibrated.

Upon unlocking the screen, Xia Qinghan beamed brightly.

“What happened? What did your fiancé say?” Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying asked, intrigued.

They knew that Xia Qinghan had a fiancé who was a childhood sweetheart that she had grown up with. He was currently a first-year student at a university in Beijing.

“Not him! The company just informed me I’d have to attend training after class,” Xia Qinghan replied with a smile.

“Company? SY Entertainment? The one that we came across before?”


“Holy jeez! So you really signed up for it?!” The two of them got even more shocked. “Why didn’t you tell us about it earlier?”

“Because it hadn’t been decided at that time.” Xia Qinghan seemed innocent. “The competition must be very intense in a big company like that, and the list had only just been confirmed today. That’s why they just contacted me.”

“It won’t be a problem for you, no matter how intense the competition is!” The two of them exclaimed immediately. “You’re the best of them all!”

Xia Qinghan responded with a sheepish smile, “Don’t exaggerate, there are much better people out there!”

“Haiya, how can they be better than you! Oh, by the way, did Xia Xibei manage to get a place?” Liu Zhijing asked.

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