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Chapter 109: You Can Ask Xia Qinghan for Help

Xia Xibei’s words baffled Tao Yueying.

Find Xia Qinghan?

“You’re good friends with Xia Qinghan, aren’t you? You can ask her for a solution to your problem! And don’t forget…” Xia Xibei moved closer to Tao Yueying and spoke softly into her ear, “It was because of her that you kept finding fault with me, wasn’t it?”

Right as she finished talking, Xia Xibei distanced herself from her before she could receive a reply.

“Alright, class is about to start. Let’s go.”

As she watched Xia Xibei leave while pulling Song Jiaren with her, Tao Yueying had an inexplicable look on her face.

How did she know?

Now that she thought of it, it seemed that Xia Qinghan really couldn’t be excluded from the matter.

If not for the matter of avenging Xia Qinghan, they wouldn’t ever have thought of slandering Xia Xibei in such a way.

If she hadn’t provoked Xia Xibei, she wouldn’t have made misleading remarks when she knew that Tao Pengqing was her father.

In that case, the matter wouldn’t have turned out like this.

When she thought about what happened earlier, Tao Yueying began to feel unsatisfied.

It should have been the three of them apologizing together, but Xia Qinghan had made herself absent, leaving the two of them behind to face all the humiliation.

And now, her father had gotten into trouble because of that.

It didn’t seem right!

When she saw Xia Qinghan, the thoughts in Tao Yueying’s mind became even clearer.

“Qinghan, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Xia Qinghan flashed a feeble smile, her lips pale and her eyes apologetic. “I never thought I’d fall sick yesterday. So… How did it go?”

Tao Yueying seemed awkward.

“Yesterday…Zhijing and I apologized.”

“I’m sorry, it was me who got the two of you into such a predicament,” Xia Qinghan sighed, looking remorseful. “If not for me…”

Tao Yueying blurted out, “If you think that you’ve done us wrong, then do me a favor!”

Her words made Xia Qinghan freeze a little. “Wh- What favor?”

She was very pissed. What did Tao Yueying mean? She was just pretending to be humble for a bit, and now she was being taken advantage of?

Tao Yueying heaved a sigh, her eyes red as she explained, “My dad is in trouble.”

“What?” Xia Qinghan was surprised. “What’s wrong with uncle?”

“Yesterday, Xia Xibei went to the shopping complex where my dad worked and won the special prize.” Tao Yueying came clean about what was going on in her family. “Xia Xibei told my dad’s superior about what happened among us, which made him suspicious. And now my dad might lose his job!”

Xia Qinghan’s face changed a little at the words that she mentioned.

“Xia Xibei won the special prize?”

“Yes,” Tao Yueying nodded. “The prize was a car at a price of around 200 thousand, and she won it twice!”

Tao Yueying was jealous when she talked about it. Why was Xia Xibei so incredibly lucky?

“She won the special prize twice?” Xia Qinghan grew even more shocked. “She was that lucky?”


Xia Xibei’s great luck made other people envious of her.

However, that wasn’t Tao Yueying’s point. Her priority was her father’s job right now.

“Qinghan, what do you think we should do now?” She seemed really troubled. “If my dad loses his job, what’s gonna happen to our family?”

Being jobless wasn’t the hardest part; the most terrifying part was going to jail!

“Erm… What do you think can be done?” Xia Qinghan looked rather aloof and indifferent.

“Doesn’t the Xia family own some large-scale shopping complexes? My dad is an experienced worker. If he’s given a chance, I’m sure he’ll excel at it!” Tao Yueying divulged her plans.

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