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Chapter 105: How Much Have You Hidden from Me

“210 thousand?”

GM Li was dumbfounded for a second, then looked towards Manager Tao, who had frozen up beside him.

“Yes!” Xia Xibei pretended not to see the undercurrents surging between them as she nodded intently. “The car is of no use to me, so I’d rather have it converted into cash! As far as I’m concerned, 210 thousand is enough.”

“Is that so, Manager Tao?”

GM Li stared at the manager with an icy look in his eyes.

“Erm, I…”

Manager Tao was struggling to breathe normally, unable to even properly utter a word.

How could he have been exposed so soon?!

He got the car from Xia Xibei at a price of 210 thousand and then sold it to the company for 240 thousand, with a discrepancy of 30 thousand in between.

Things like this would normally be kept under the rug, and the 30 thousand yuan would be his to keep.

But who would have expected Xia Xibei to win the prize and suggest having it converted into cash once again!

Manager Tao felt his mind go blank and his limbs go numb, at a complete loss for words.

Moreover, he had a feeling that the matter was far from over at this point.

GM Li had a clear picture in his mind now as he looked towards Xia Xibei with a smile, “I’ll have someone handle the procedures for you.”

“Alright, thank you GM Li!”

“Just call me uncle,” GM Li replied with a benevolent smile.

“Sure, thank you Uncle Li!” Xia Xibei beamed with a sincere smile. “Good luck to your enterprise, I hope your business prospers evermore!”

“Thanks for the kind wishes,” GM Li smiled, and called upon the others. “Take these two students to complete the procedures.”

Once all of them went away, the smile on GM Li’s face vanished within a heartbeat.

“Tao, oh, Tao… I’d really like to know how much you have kept hidden from me!”

With an expressionless face, GM Li stared at Manager Tao, who had gone into a state of complete silence.

He was giving him a death penalty on the inside.

He had suspected that Manager Tao might have colluded with Xia Xibei in order to win the special prize, because it seemed like too much of a coincidence at the time.

From the look of things, however, Xia Xibei was probably innocent.

After all, she was on bad terms with Tao Yueying.

However, being just a manager, it was rather suspicious that Manager Tao could provide such a lavish life for his daughter.

Xia Xibei knew Song Jiaren personally, so there was no need for her to commit such acts.

However, Manager Tao sure wasn’t innocent! He had earned 30,000 yuan by buying the car from Xia Xibei and selling it off right after.

His moves seemed very skilled!

How about the usual dealings then? How much had he earned from other discrepancies?

As the thought occurred to him, the look in GM Li’s eyes turned even colder.

“G- GM Li, it’s not my fault! I, I, I…”

Manager Tao’s mind had gone completely blank. He wanted to defend himself, but he was tongue-tied.

“I’ll investigate thoroughly to see if you really aren’t to be blamed,” GM Li waved his hand and cut his explanation off. “Alright, get out for now.”

Manager Tao left the office in a battered, crestfallen state. He went through the rest of his work with a muddled mind and filled with dread until it was time to leave.

Right after he got off of work, he dashed back home without further ado.

“You’re back?”

Before his wife could say a word, he darted towards their daughter’s room and began to smack the door furiously.

“Tao Yueying, come out!”

“What are you trying to do…”

His wife walked up to him in bewilderment, suggesting, “Why don’t you calm down and talk about it…”

Her words trailed off when her gaze met those blood-streaked eyes of Manager Tao’s, which frightened her so much that she nearly gasped.

“Dad, what’s wrong—Ahh!”

Tao Yueying opened the door.

Right when she was about to speak, a brutal slap cut her off.

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