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Chapter 104: Just Want to Get Some Good Luck

Song Jiaren’s attitude shocked Manager Tao.

“Have you… What happened?”


Although Manager Tao was Tao Yueying’s father and also an elder, Song Jiaren didn’t care at all.

She chuckled coldly, “Yesterday, your daughter lost a bracelet worth 10 thousand yuan. She said Beibei took it, even bringing a group of people to search her bag!”

Manager Tao almost stopped breathing, stammering out, “Wh- What…”

But Song Jiaren wasn’t finished talking.

“Somehow, this bracelet was found in another classmate’s school bag. That classmate then said that she was told by Tao Yueying to slander our Beibei! I don’t know all the details, but in the end, they couldn’t blame it on Beibei and started fighting each other!”

Song Jiaren gazed at Manager Tao unhappily. He wouldn’t be a good person if he had raised such a daughter!

Song Jiaren’s words stunned Manager Tao. How could such a thing have occurred?

“A bracelet worth 10 thousand yuan?”

GM Li, standing on the sidelines, spoke up. His eyes flashed slightly as he asked, “What bracelet could be so expensive?”

When he bought jewelry for his wife and children, he rarely bought anything that expensive.

How could Tao Yueying, a young girl, have such an expensive bracelet? He hadn’t known that Manager Tao was so rich!

Xia Xibei smiled slightly, explaining, “That bracelet is endorsed by a celebrity, that’s why it’s so expensive.”

“Are the products endorsed by celebrities really expensive?” GM Li asked with fascination, as if he was only interested in this matter.

“Of course!” Song Jiaren nodded, “You may not know this if you don’t follow them, but these popular stars can really sell stuff! The products and accessories they endorse are very expensive!”

“Does anyone buy these things if they’re so expensive?”

“Of course!” Xia Xibei exclaimed. “There are many rich people among the fans, just like Manager Tao’s daughter! A bracelet worth 10,000 yuan is a piece of cake. The clothes she wears are also endorsed by celebrities. Each set is at least a few thousand!”

The conversation had turned Manager Tao’s face more and more ugly. GM Li’s words, especially, made him even more nervous.

“You… You must be mistaken. How could she have such expensive things as a kid? Those are fake goods! They look real but they are worthless! Those clothes are only about 100 yuan a set,” he explained with a dry smile.

“How could that be?”

Song Jiaren was unconvinced.

“You think I can’t tell what’s real? My family has a clothing franchise store!”

GM Li suddenly asked her, “Hey, why do you look familiar to me?”

He looked at Song Jiaren’s face, inspiration flashing in his head as he muttered, “Your father is…”

“My dad is Song Tianqin.”

“Oh –! It’s Boss Song!”

GM Li suddenly understood.

“So you are Boss Song’s daughter! Oh, your father and I are friends! You can call me Uncle Li!”

With GM Li so enthusiastic, Song Jiaren tamped down her temper and smiled a little shyly. “Hi Uncle Li…”

“GM Li,” Xia Xibei interupted while looking at the time, her expression a little embarrassed. “The thing is… We still have some things to do. What else do you want to ask?”

“Oh, that’s okay!” GM Li smiled kindly, “I just wanted to get some of your good luck, it’s no problem! I’ll have someone handle the car for you now.”

“Okay,” Xia Xibei nodded. “But I don’t have a driver’s license yet, so it’s useless for me to take the car. Let’s do what we did yesterday, with a cash payout of 210 thousand yuan in exchange for the car, okay?”

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