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Chapter 106: She Landed Me in Trouble

“Are you insane?!”

The face of Tao Yueying’s mother, Zhou Jianlan, changed theatrically.

“Why did you hit her all of a sudden?!”

Manager Tao’s eyes were blood-red, filled with a dreadful craze and great brutality.

“Why did I hit her?” He panted heavily, his face hideous. “Do you know how dirty this goddamn girl did me?!”

Both Zhou Jianlan and Tao Yueying looked baffled.

“What actually happened?”

What did he mean by doing him dirty?

“Talk properly?” Manager Tao pointed at his daughter in fury. “Why don’t you ask her what she did?!”

Tao Yueying clasped her cheek, looking extremely aggrieved, and wailed, “Dad, what on earth did I do?!”

Her eyes were brimming with tears.

She was the only child in the family and had been living a spoiled life since a young age. All her demands would be fulfilled, and her parents had nothing but affection for her.

The slap that she suffered just now was an unprecedented one!

She had embarrassed herself enough in school today, apologizing to that b*tch Xia Xibei in full view of the public. Then she had to bear the looks of contempt and humiliation from everyone around her. She had enough of it all.

Who would have known that before she could complain about it, her father gave her a hard slap on the face right after he got home?

It was an unprecedented catastrophe to her, for she had lived her entire life without the slightest worry so far!

“What did you do? You don’t know what you did?!” Manager Tao couldn’t seem to get rid of the anger and fear within him. He was now holding back the urge to slap her once again.


Tao Yueying felt even more aggrieved now. The weird way her father was acting and explaining things halfway was driving her insane.

“Where’s your bracelet?”

Manager Tao grabbed her hand, his expression growing even more hideous the moment he saw the bracelet around her wrist.

Forcefully, he tore the bracelet off of her hand.


Tao Yueying felt the stinging pain, but she couldn’t stop her father.

Manager Tao tugged the bracelet off and flipped it over for a while as he looked it over. Then, in a cold voice, he questioned, “How much did this bracelet cost?”

“Erm, this…” Tao Yueying panicked, her face turning pale as she stammered, “Just- Just a thousand.”

“Just a thousand?” Manager Tao sneered. If he hadn’t known that the bracelet cost ten thousand, he would have tossed it out already.

“How much money did you give her?”

He now turned to look at Zhou Jianlan.

Zhou Jianlan had a hesitant look on her face, but before she could speak, Manager Tao growled, “Tell me the truth!”

“Ten thousand!” Zhou Jianlan finally gave the truth upon being snarled at.

“Ten thousand?” Manager Tao was so furious that his chest began to hurt. “Where did you get the money to buy a bracelet that cost ten thousand?! Putting that aside, you brought it to school to show off to everyone, and even used it to slander your schoolmate! How dare you!”

Tao Yueying raised her gaze and drew in a sharp, cold breath. “How do you…”

“How do I know?”

The look on Manager Tao’s face was as dark as coal.

“All thanks to what you did!” he growled, giving his daughter another hard slap!


Tao Yueying clasped her face as she teetered on the brink of insanity.

Why did father hit her again?!

“Tao Pengqing, you’re insane!”

Flabbergasted, Zhou Jianlan yelled at Manager Tao and pulled Tao Yueying to her side, her heart aching terribly for her daughter. “Why did you hit our daughter?!”

Manager Tao hurled the bracelet onto the floor and bellowed in fury, “Have you any idea what kind of trouble she’s landed me in!”

Zhou Jianlan was shocked and befuddled at the same time, asking, “What do you mean?”

Those words sounded really frightening!

“What do I mean?” Manager Tao was panting heavily and gasping for air as he bellowed, “Look at what a great daughter you’ve raised! I might have to go to jail!”


Zhou Jianlan and Tao Yueying gasped simultaneously, their minds going blank, as if they had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

How did any of this relate to going to jail?

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