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Chapter 103: I Know Your Daughter

As he stared at Xia Xibei’s pretty face, Manager Tao seemed as if he was looking at a hideous monster!


Why did she win the special prize again?!

If he hadn’t put the special prize inside in person, he would have thought that Xia Xibei had tampered with it!

But could Xia Xibei really be so incredibly lucky?

There were several hundred balls inside the box! How did she manage to draw the one with the special prize from among so many balls?

Manager Tao was about to lose his mind.

Indeed, he did tamper with it, making the ball representing the special prize slightly different from the rest, but how would anyone notice the difference?

He was originally planning to have someone take the ball on the last day.

However, plans could never keep up with changes. The ball was taken by the same person once again!

Manager Tao wasn’t the only one going crazy, the rest of the workers were also stunned.

Unlike the customers, they had seen Xia Xibei before.

But if yesterday had merely been a coincidence, how could she possibly win it again today?!

Were there any underhand tricks involved?

If it had only happened once, it could be attributed to fluke or an accident.

But this was the second time!

If she was this lucky, she should have bought many lottery tickets already!

Someone informed GM Li about it, as the matter was of a special nature and could not be easily dealt with.

GM Li was also stupefied when he learnt that the special prize was won again, hurrying over immediately.

On his way back, all sorts of conspiracies were racing through his mind.

The situation was too magical to be real, so who wouldn’t be suspicious about it?!

Very soon, Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren arrived at the general manager’s office.

GM Li had mixed feelings when he looked at Xia Xibei’s pretty little face.

“First of all, congratulations on winning the special prize again!” He said with a smile. “By the way, how should I address you?”

“My surname is Xia,” Xia Xibei said while beaming. “I just never thought I could be this lucky either.”

“Ms. Xia, from your age, it looks like you’re still a student!” GM Li suppressed the suspicion in his mind and inquired smilingly.

“Yes, I’m a sophomore at Qing Ye High School,” Xia Xibei answered his questions dutifully.

“Oh? Qing Ye High School? That’s a key school!” GM Li was impressed. “Your results must be excellent!”

“That’s for sure!” Song Jiaren chipped in. “Beibei got fifth place in our form!”

GM Li gave a thumbs-up with a look of amazement. “Fifth place in form, that’s very great!”

“Yes, it is!” Song Jiaren was proud, as though she was the one who got fifth place.

“It’s really awesome that you got such amazing results in a school like that!” GM Li praised, the look on his face unfaltering. He then turned to look at Manager Tao. “Tao, doesn’t your daughter study at Qing Ye High School too? She’s a sophomore, right?”

Manager Tao nodded hastily, looking somewhat nervous, “Yes, she’s also a sophomore.”

“What a coincidence,” Xia Xibei put on a look of surprise. “Manager Tao’s daughter is also a sophomore!”


At the mention of his daughter, Manager Tao couldn’t help but wear an affectionate smile despite his complicated feelings. “Her results are usually alright.”

“What’s her name? We might know her!” Xia Xibei asked.

“Tao Yueying.”

Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren’s faces fell upon hearing his reply.

“Tao Yueying?!” Song Jiaren shrieked and her brows furrowed. “So it’s her!”

Manager Tao’s smile froze when he saw the unconcealed disgust on her face.

“Erm… You know my daughter?”

“Of course I do!” Song Jiaren snorted.

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