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Chapter 102: Hitting the Jackpot Again

Looking at the special prize in her hand, Xia Xibei felt extremely delighted.

The sight of Manager Tao turning pale and nearly passing out gratified her even more.

Beside her, Song Jiaren was bouncing and cheering in joy.

“Beibei, you’re brilliant! Your luck is phenomenal! Could you share some of your luck with me!”

Song Jiaren’s bad mood had vanished in a heartbeat because of Xia Xibei’s luck.

When she won the prize and received the great sum of money yesterday, Song Jiaren was even more thrilled than Xia Xibei.

After that, Xia Xibei treated her to a sumptuous meal.

The two of them were on cloud nine.

Early this morning, however, Song Jiaren’s mood was unexpectedly affected by an incident.

While doing their morning exercises, Song Jiaren found out that Tao Yueying and Liu Zhijing were apologizing to Xia Xibei with great reluctance in front of everyone.

After getting to know what happened, she blew her top.

How could she not know that Xia Xibei had been bullied?!

At that time, she was so furious that she nearly tore the two of them into pieces!

Her hatred toward Xia Qinghan also grew immensely.

It should be the three of them apologizing to Xia Xibei, but Xia Qinghan had applied for a sick leave and made herself absent from school that day.

This totally infuriated Song Jiaren.

Xia Qinghan had definitely done that on purpose! Otherwise, how would she happen to have fallen sick so coincidentally?

After being informed of Jin Yazhen’s “contribution” in this incident, Song Jiaren became even more furious.

If Xia Xibei hadn’t talked her out of it, she might have taught Jin Yazhen a lesson already.

It was only in the evening that she came to understand why Xia Xibei had stopped her.

Jin Yazhen applied for leave in the morning, returning to school in the evening with some bruises on her face.

It was said that her parents had hit her; they had even heard that her parents wanted her to quit her studies!

If Jin Yazhen hadn’t insisted, she might have dropped out of school by now.

Seeing the pathetic state that Jin Yazhen was in, Song Jiaren had no sympathy for her. Instead, she felt that it was a pity that Jin Yazhen hadn’t suffered enough!

Xia Xibei flashed her a meaningful smile at that, saying that something more interesting was awaiting them.

Song Jiaren was curious about what would happen next, but Xia Xibei brought her to the shopping complex instead.

After making purchases of more than a hundred yuan, Xia Xibei took the receipt and went for another round of lucky draw.

When she saw on the poster that the special prize had been reset, Song Jiaren did not give much thought to it.

Xia Xibei had won the special prize once, so how could she win it again?

Even if she was lucky, she couldn’t possibly be that lucky!

Much to her surprise, however, Xia Xibei really won the special prize once again!

Song Jiaren nearly fainted with ecstasy upon witnessing Xia Xibei’s incredible luck!

“Beibei, tell me, did you keep all your luck for occasions such as this?”

As far as Song Jiaren was concerned, Xia Xibei was a great person and a great friend who would take great pains for her friends.

She couldn’t figure out why Jin Yazhen would give up on such an awesome friend, even going so far as to do such disgusting things to her.

Neither could she understand why Xia Xibei would even become friends with Jin Yazhen in the first place.

Was it because Xia Xibei had bet all her luck on things like this?

“Maybe,” Xia Xibei beamed brightly, “I never thought I could be this lucky either!”

The by-standers had gone wild around them.

“This little girl is awesome, isn’t she! She won the special prize!”

“I heard that it was also a teenage girl who won the special prize yesterday!”

“Are all the young girls so lucky these days?”

The customers at the scene hadn’t experienced what had happened yesterday, so they didn’t know that Xia Xibei was the same lucky girl as yesterday.

If they had known, they would have gone crazy.

Before they could go crazy however, someone else was on the verge of breaking down!

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