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Chapter 101: Resetting the Special Prize

Soon, Xia Xibei received a bank transfer of 210 thousand yuan and the car was handed off to Manager Tao.

The thought of the money he had given away was heartbreaking for Manager Tao.

The money came from years of his hard-earned savings!

Well, at least he had saved 40 thousand yuan.

After he sent off a happy Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren, his face turned ugly.

After standing still for a long time, he finally got an idea. He quickly took out his phone and called the general manager.

“GM Li, someone won the special prize!”

“How was it won so soon?”

GM Li was also surprised.

This wasn’t good.

Generally speaking, this kind of big prize would be managed so it would not be won right away.

If the special prize was already drawn, the event wouldn’t be so attractive to everyone else.

“Yes, that girl’s luck is too good! Who would have thought?”

Cold sweat went down Manager Tao’s forehead.

“We just started this two days ago and there’s still a couple of days left. If the award is not replaced, I’m afraid it won’t be easy attracting more people going forward,” Manager Tao explained.

“I told you that we shouldn’t draw the prize until the last day!” GM Li said angrily. “But you said that you’ll draw the prize on the spot! Now this has happened!”

If the prizes were drawn on the last day, there would be no problem such as this.

Now, the situation had become awkward.

“GM Li, no one could have predicted this. But I have to continue the event…”

Manager Tao felt very upset, but he had to work hard to solve the matter.

“I just used 240 thousand yuan to buy the car back from the girl. What if we added the prize back?”

GM Li instantly frowned, demanding, “How would that work?! There’s only one special prize, so who would still participate?”

If the prize was drawn again the next day, wouldn’t their special prize be more than the first prize?

Even if they had sufficient funds in the mall, they couldn’t play like this!

“This is an exception!” Manager Tao assured him. “Plus, if we did this, it would boost everyone’s enthusiasm! Now that we have drawn a special prize, it means we are not running a scam. There would be even more customers attracted to us this way.”

GM Li was silent after hearing what Manager Tao said.

It did make sense.

This kind of contest made everyone suspicious. Who knew if there was anything fishy going on? Was there really a special prize?

However, now that the special prize had been drawn, everyone was assured of its authenticity, therefore generating more interest.

“Fine, I will discuss it with the others.”

Soon, the reply came.

They would reset the special prize, and it was still this car!

After receiving 240 thousand yuan, Manager Tao couldn’t help but rejoice after feeling relieved. He had even made a profit of 30 thousand yuan!

Besides, things didn’t run out of his control.

Anyway, any loss that occurred was that of the company. When it was the right time, this car would be in the hands of people who deserved to have it!

Thinking of this, his mood finally recovered.

However, the next day, when he saw the fat and thin duo of Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei once again, his heart couldn’t help but sink.

This girl’s luck couldn’t be that good, right?!

He was worried, his eyes fixated on Xia Xibei’s movements.

As he watched Xia Xibei open the ordinary ball, the fat girl next to her shouted “special prize” with joy and excitement.

His eyes went dark and he almost fainted!

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