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Walter Paston ready to take his B.A. and proceed in law, 944.

22 May.

He would be inceptor before Midsummer, 945.

30 June.

He takes his degree, 946.

7 July.

Plate of William Paston, 947, 951.

18 Aug.

Will of Walter Paston, 950.

21 Aug.

Deaths of Agnes Paston and Walter, 952.

26 Aug.

William Paston claims the manor of Marlingford, 953.

Sir J. Paston inquires about his grandmother's will, 954.

29 Oct.

Sir J. Paston's dispute with Suffolk, etc., 956.

He is very ill, 956.

Bishop Morton offers to mediate between him and his uncle William, 956, 957.

6 Nov.

The tenants of Crowmer know not who shall be their lord, 957.

25 Nov.

Money received and spent at the manor court at Cressingham, 961.


Death and burial of Sir John Paston, 962.

John Paston wishes his brother Edmund to enter Marlingford, etc. in his name, 962.

Proceedings of Edmund Paston at Marlingford and Oxnead, 963.


The great mortality abated, 965.

Bishop Morton promises to favour John Paston against his uncle, 965.

Injuries done to John Paston by his uncle William, 966.


Touching a tombstone for Sir John Paston, 967.

Inventory of plate, 968.


24 Feb.

William Paston to John King, farmer of Harwelbury, 970.

John, Prior of Bromholm, to John Paston, desiring him to procure of the Queen timber for his 'dortour,' 972.

About 1481?

Edmund Paston will see a widow in Worsted for his brother William, 974.

Edmund Paston desires his mother's forgiveness that he and his wife have not waited on her, 975.


4 Feb.

Margaret Paston's will, 978.

John Paston to his mother about her will, 979.

1 Nov.

Tenants of Marlingford molested by William Paston's officers, 982, 983.

Declaration of William Barker and Margaret, widow of William Worcester, in behalf of William Paston, 985.

Inventory of John Paston's books, 987.

Verses by a lady to an absent lord, 988.



11 June.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, to Lord Nevill, desiring him to come up to London with a body of men, 992.

Elizabeth, Duchess of Suffolk, to John Paston, requesting him to leave his lodging for a few days, 993.



10 Oct.

The Duke of Norfolk to John Paston on an insurrection in the Weald of Kent, 994.


_The Duke of Buckingham's rebellion._


1 May.

An order by the Duke of Suffolk to a farmer to pay money, 997.

Complaints of John Paston against his uncle William, 998.

4 Nov.

Death of Margaret Paston, 999.

Manors of Stansted and Harwelbury, 1000.


23 June.

_Proclamation of Richard III. against Henry Tudor_, 1001.

1 Aug.

_The Earl of Richmond lands at Milford Haven_, 1002.

22 Aug.

_The Battle of Bosworth._



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