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21 Jan.

Sir John Paston gone up to London to petition the King about Caister, 882.

23 Jan.

Sir John Paston's 'sending to Caister' is ill taken, 883, 884, 885.

2 Mar.

John Paston recommends Richard Stratton to Lord Hastings, 886.

John Paston to [Margery Brews]--a love-letter, 887.

12 Mar.

Sir John Paston crosses with Hastings to Calais, 888.

21 Mar.

Lord Rivers at Rome, 889.

_Conquest of Lorraine by Charles the Bold_, 889.

6 May.

John Paston welcomes his brother Sir John again to England, 890.

John Paston thinks of Mr. Fitzwalter's sister, 890.

27 May.

The King has promised that Sir J. Paston shall have Caister, 891.


5 Jan.

_Defeat and death of Charles the Bold at Nanci_, 900.

Letters about John Paston and Margery Brews, 894-9.

14 Feb.

Great council begun yesterday, 900.

8 Mar.

Dame Eliz. Brews desires to meet Margaret Paston at Norwich, and not at Langley, 901.

8 Mar.

Terms offered by Sir Thomas Brews, 902, 904, 905.

9 Mar.

The 'matter of Mrs. Barly,' 903.

Letters of John Pympe to Sir J. Paston, 906-8.

Sir J. Paston refuses to help his brother's marriage, 909, 916.

The match between John Paston and Margery Brews, 910, 911, 913, 915.

14 April.

Lewis XI. has gained many of the Duke of Burgundy's towns, 912.

23 June.

Debt of Sir J. Paston to Henry Colet, 914.

7 Aug.

Manor of Sporle mortgaged to Townsend, 916, 917.

11 Aug.

Margaret Paston will not pay Sir John Paston's debt to Cocket, 917.

Sir J. Paston to pay his brother William's board and school-hire, 917.

17 Aug.

_Lewis XI. besieges St. Omer's, and burns Cassel_, 918.

22 Aug.

Manors of Agnes and William Paston, 919.

31 Oct.

Sir John Paston's will, 920.

19 Nov.

Wreck at Winterton--Sir J. Paston's claims as lord of the manor, 921, 922.

18 Dec.

Margery Paston with child, 923.


21 Jan.

Dr. Yotton and the chapel at Caister, 925.

_Marriage of Richard, Duke of York, and Anne Mowbray_, 925.

John Paston going to take his wife Margery to see her father, 925.

3 Feb.

Dr. Pykenham now Judge of the Arches, 926.

A match for Edmund Paston, 926.

A present of dates from Margery Paston to her mother-in-law Margaret, 926.

18 Feb.

_Execution of the Duke of Clarence._ 21 Mar.

Constance Reynforth to Sir John Paston, 928.

5 May.

Woods at Hellesdon and Drayton, 929.

The Duke of Suffolk's claim there, 929, 930.

13 May.

Tomb of John Paston the father not begun, 930.

The King buying cloth of gold, 930.

19 May.

Walter Paston at Oxford, 931.

20 May.

The Duke of Suffolk at Hellesdon, 932.

William Worcester and Sir William Bocking, 932.

Margaret Paston very ill, 932.

27 May.

Margaret Paston sends cloth of gold for her husband's tomb, 933.

Sir J. Paston's claim in Hellesdon and Drayton, 933.

Sir J. Paston going to marry a kinswoman of the Queen, 933.

31 July.

Oxnead Parsonage, 934-7, 943.

25 Aug.

Birth of John Paston's son Christopher, 936.

The Duke of Buckingham going on pilgrimage to Walsingham, 936.

William Brandon a ravisher, 936.

_The Earl of Oxford at Hammes_, 936.

7 Nov.

William Paston, junior, at Eton, 939, 942.


18 Jan.

Errands to Marlingford, 940.

2 Feb.

Dr. Pykenham informs Margaret Paston that her son Walter is not yet qualified to hold a benefice, 941.

4 Mar.

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