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23 Sept.

Dame Elizabeth Browne to John Paston about the circumstances of her father's death, 1003.

3 Oct.

The Countess of Surrey complains to J. Paston that her husband's servants have been discharged by Lord Fitzwalter, 1004.

20 Oct.

Proclamations ordered against rebels confederated with the Scots, 1006.


24 Feb.

Alice, Lady Fitzhugh, to John Paston about her 'daughter Lovel's'

suit for her husband, 1008.

19 May.

_Viscount Lovel escaped into the Isle of Ely_, 1009.

[[19 May.

_period missing or invisible_]]


24 Jan.

Lord Lovel's adherents, 1012.

The Prior of Norwich touching a bequest of Judge Paston to his monastery, 1013.


_Rebellion of Lambert Simnel_, 1014, 1015.

16 June.

_Battle of Stoke_, 1016.

Dame Elizabeth Brews to Sir J. Paston for twelve men in harness to recover a distress, 1017.


The Bishop of Chester asks of widows more than they can pay, 1018.


Sir J. Paston to Dame Margery, his wife, for a plaster for the King's attorney, James Hobart, 1019.


_Sir Edward Woodville goes over unauthorised to aid the Duke of Brittany_, 1026.

_Rebellion against James III. in Scotland_, 1026.


2 Feb.

A whale taken off Thornham, 1029, 1030.

7 Mar.

The Earl of Northumberland agrees with the King about keeping out the Scots, 1031.

Intended progress of the King to Norfolk, 1031, 1033.


Edmund Paston appointed receiver of lands of Lord Scales, 1034, 1035.


22 April.

Henry VII. to the Earl of Oxford--_favourable news of the war in Brittany_, 1036.

28 April.

_Insurrection in Yorkshire--the Earl of Northumberland killed_, 1037, 1039.

6 May.

Sir J. Paston ordered to meet the King at Cambridge with a body of men, 1038, 1039.


27 Jan.

Sherwood, Bishop of Durham, to Sir John Paston, 1040.

Humorous petition of Sir J. Paston to Lord Fitzwalter, 1042.

The Earl of Surrey certifies that Thomas Hartford is not a Scotchman, 1043.


6 April.

Complaints of the King of Denmark against English ships resorting to Iceland, 1046.


The old and new Bailiffs of Yarmouth ask Sir J. Paston's mediation with the Earl of Oxford, 1048.


The Earl of Oxford to Sir J. Paston about Richard Barkeley and his ship, 1049-51.


18 Feb.

Preparations for the invasion of France, 1053, 1054.

30 April.

William Barnard to William Paston complaining that he has been obliged to keep a prisoner at his own cost, 1055.


Letters of Elizabeth, Duchess of Norfolk, in behalf of Thomas Martin, 1061, 1064.


Proposal of Sir R. Clere for the marriage of Sir J. Paston's son, 1064.



_Creation of the King's second son as Duke of York_--Knights of the Bath made on the occasion, 1058.


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