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_The Earl of Oxford at Dieppe, meaning to sail to Scotland_, 832.

Sir John Paston troubled about his servants, 832, 834.

18 May.

The Earl of Wiltshire and Lord Sudley dead, 833.

John Paston going to Compostella, 833, 836.

_Landing of the Earl of Oxford in Essex_, 833.

5 July.

Edmund Paston at Calais, 836.

28 Aug.

Armour for Sir John Paston, 838.

16 Sept.

Hastings to Sir J. Middleton and Sir J. Paston, 839.

30 Sept.

_The Earl of Oxford takes St. Michael's Mount by surprise, but is afterwards besieged there._ 6 Nov.

_The dispute between Clarence and Gloucester_, 841, 842.

_The King has sent for the Great Seal_, 841.

22 Nov.

Death of Sir James Gloys, 842.

A dispensation may be had at Rome as to Anne Haulte, 842.

Anne Paston and Yelverton, 842.

Citations touching John Paston's will, 842, 843.

25 Nov.

_The Earl of Oxford still besieged at St. Michael's Mount_, 843.

Will Margaret Paston dwell at Caister, if it be recovered? 843.

Tenants of Sporle troubled, 844.



_Lewis XI. at Amiens_, 846.

20 Feb.

_The Earl of Oxford surrenders, and is compelled to sue for his life_, 846.

Sir J. Paston expects to have Caister again, 846.

26 April.

Hastings to John Paston at Guisnes, 847.

25 July.

John Paston, Elizabeth Eberton, and another lady, 850, 858.

24 Oct.

Will. Paston pledges plate to Eliz. Clere, 851.

3 Nov.

The Vicar of Paston to Margaret Paston, complaining of Henry Warns who intimidates the tenants at Paston, 852, 853.

[These two letters should have been placed in the year 1479.]


Sir John Paston recovered from illness, 856.

Money matters between Sir J. Paston, and Townsend, and his uncle William, 856, 857, 861, 863, 864.

Edmund Paston well amended, 856.

Sir James Gloys' books, 856, 857, 863, 865.

20 Nov.

Sir J. Paston redeems Sporle, 857.

Agnes Paston recovered from illness, 857.

Margaret, daughter of William Paston, dead, 857.

John Paston and Lady Walgrave, 858, 860.

John Paston and Stockton's daughter, 858.

A French embassy in London, 858.

[About 8 Dec.]

Edward IV. visits Norwich, 863.

11 Dec.

Lady Walgrave rejects John Paston's ring--her muskball, 860.


17 Jan.

Sir J. Paston going to Flanders, 861.

_Siege of Neuss by Charles the Bold_, 861.

29 Jan.

William Paston endeavouring to get possession of Oxnead, 862.

Sporle Wood cannot be sold in whole to advantage, 863, 865.

Sir J. Paston ill in his eye and leg, 863, 865.

5 Feb.

Efforts for the recovery of Caister, 864.

Sir J. Paston detained at Calais, 864.

5 Mar.

Margaret Paston will apply to the Archbishop of Canterbury for the license to have sacrament in her chapel, 866.

29 Mar.

The Duchess of Norfolk going to Walsingham, 868.

23 May.

Margaret Paston writes of money difficulties--'the King goeth so near us in this country,' 871.

Pecock has paid two taxes for Sir J. Paston, 871.

Sir J. Paston's brothers going over sea, 871.

13 June.

Edmund Paston going over to Calais, 873.

10 Aug.

The Duchess of York at St. Bennet's, 874.

29 Aug.

_Peace of Pecquigny_, 875.

11 Sept.

_The King's army returned to Calais_, 875.

The King had spoken to the Duke of Norfolk about Caister, 875, 877.

Sir John Paston the worse for Calais air, 875.

10 Oct.

How to get Caister again, 876.

The King going to Walsingham, 876.

23 Oct.

John Paston sick, 877.

Petition of Sir J. Paston to the King for recovery of Caister, 879.


17 Jan.

Death of the Duke of Norfolk, 881.

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