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7 Feb.

Yelverton labouring to get new witnesses up to London, 661.


John Paston, the younger, desires to marry Lady Boleyn's daughter, 662, 666.

3 April.

Witnesses coming up to London,--Abbot of Langley and Witchingham.

Henry Inglos will not come without a subpna, 663.


Sir John Paston hurts his hand at a tournament at Eltham, 665.


Evidence of Friar Mowth touching Master Brackley and Sir John Fastolf's will, 666.

1 May.

Wager of Sir John Paston touching the marriage of the Princess Margaret and 'the Lord Charles,' son and heir of the Duke of Burgundy, 667.

2 July.

Evidence found during Fastolf's life by William Worcester touching the lands which belonged to the De la Poles, 670.

11 July.

Fastolf of Cowhaw intends to assault Caister, 671.

28 Aug.

Fastolf's trustees make grant to Sir John Paston of manors in Caister, etc., 675.

2 Oct.

Sir John Paston grants the manor of Hemnales in Cotton to the Duke of Norfolk, 677.

Petition of John Herling of Basingham to Margaret Paston, 678.


11 Jan.

Release made by Fastolf's trustees to Sir John Paston of manors in Caister, etc., 680.

Proposal to found Fastolf's college at Cambridge, if it cannot be at Caister or at St. Benet's, 681.

William Worcester congratulates Margaret Paston that Caister is to be at her commandment, 681.

12 April.

Hugh Fenn intercedes for a poor tenant in Catts lands, from whom a distress was taken by Thomas Pecock, Sir John Paston's servant.

Titleshale had no right to sell Catts to Fastolf, 682.

18 April.

Sir John Paston is ordered to be ready by the 1st June to accompany the Princess Margaret into Flanders, 683.

3 July.

_Marriage of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and the Princess Margaret_, 684.

16 July.

General pardon to William Paston, 685.

18 July.

The Earl of Oxford desires Sir John Paston to get him 'three horse harness,' 686.

22 July.

Sir John Paston to Anne Haute, 687.

10 Oct.

Howes agrees with the Duke of Norfolk about Caister, 688.

Declaration by Howes against the authenticity of Fastolf's will, 689.

28 Oct.

The Duchess of Suffolk intends to enter Cotton, 690.

9 Nov.

Sir John Paston hiring men to keep Caister, 691.

15 Dec.

Elizabeth Ponyngs complains of Sir Robert Fenys, who occupies her lands, 692, 693.

Sir George Browne to John Paston, 694.


William Ebesham sends Sir J. Paston an account for scrivener's work, 695.

7 Jan.

The Duchess of Suffolk intends holding a court at Cotton, 696.

18 Jan.

The King charges Sir J. Paston and the Duke of Norfolk to cease making assemblies, 698.

17 Mar.

Sir J. Paston gives the chapel at Caister to John Yotton, the Queen's chaplain, 703.

3 April.

Margaret Paston is anxious to know about her son Sir John's betrothal, 704.

7 April.

The King expected in Norfolk, 705.

10 April.

Lord Scales, in consideration of Sir J. Paston's engagement to his kinswoman, Anne Hawte, urges the Duke of Norfolk to forbear trespassing on Sir John's lands, 706, 707.

5 May.

Citation of the Bishop of Winchester and others as executors of Sir J. Fastolf, 708.

7 May.

Archbishop Nevill sends Sir J. Paston 20, 709.


Ric. Calle engaged to Margery Paston, 710, 713.


The Duke of Norfolk intends holding courts at Caister, 710.

22 May.

Ric. Calle cannot get a penny of rent for Paston in Suffolk or Flegg, 712.

22 May.

The King going to Walsingham, 714, 715.

[19 June].

_The King visits Norwich_, 716.


The lodge at Hellesdon is pointed out to the King, 716.


_Robin of Redesdale's insurrection._ 9 July.

The Queen expected at Norwich on the 18th July, 718.

9 July.

_The King sends a credence to Clarence, Warwick, and the Archbishop of York_, 719.


_The King is taken prisoner near Coventry, and sent to Middleham._ Aug.

Caister besieged by the Duke of Norfolk, 720.

Examination of Margery Paston and Calle by the Bishop of Norwich, 721.



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