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Sir John Paston attempts to negotiate with the Duke of Norfolk through the medium of the King's Council, 722, 723, 726-9.

12 Sept.

Margaret Paston warns Sir John of the distress of the garrison at Caister, 724.

15 Sept.

Sir John Paston disbelieves his mother's warning, 725.

20 Sept.

_Rivers and his son, Sir J. Woodville, put to death by the insurgents._ 26 Sept.

Caister surrendered, 730-4.

5 Oct.

John Paston desires instructions about the discharged garrison of Caister, 735.


_The King, having recovered his liberty, returns to London_, 736.


Richard Calle and Margery Paston at Blackborough Nunnery, 737.

6 Nov.

Sale of Beckham by Sir John Paston to Roger Townsende, 738.


Two widows sue an appeal against John Paston, 740, 751.



_Insurrection of Sir Robert Welles_--the King goes into Lincolnshire to put it down, 742, 743.


_Battle of Losecoatfield_ (_Stamford_), 760.


Letters of W. Worcester about Titchwell, 744, 745.

22 June.

John Paston and others charged with felony in killing men at the siege of Caister, 746, 747.

22 June.

The Duchess of Norfolk promises to intercede for John Paston with her husband, 746.

14 July.

Agreement of Bishop Waynflete and Sir J. Paston for the termination of disputes about Fastolf's will, 750.

15 July.

Margaret Paston complains of her sons, 752.

July, Aug.

Sir J. Paston pledges plate, 748, 749, 754.

5 Aug.

_Rebellion in the North.--Clarence and Warwick expected to land in England_, 753.

10 Aug.

Endowment of Magdalen College, Oxford, with Fastolf's lands, 755.

7 Sept.

Edward anticipates an invasion of Kent, 758.



12 Oct.

_Queen Elizabeth Woodville in Sanctuary_, 759.

12 Oct.

The Earl of Oxford befriends John Paston, 759.


The Duke of Norfolk evacuates Caister and releases it to Bishop Waynflete, 763-5.

28 Dec.

Calthorpe, wishing to reduce his household, advises Margaret Paston to provide a marriage for her daughter Anne, 766.


14 Feb.

Lord Beauchamp releases his interest in Caister, etc. to John Paston, 768.

14 Mar.

_Edward IV. lands at Ravenspur._--His landing anticipated by the Earl of Oxford, 769.

19 Mar.

Oxford orders the lieges of Norfolk to meet him at Lynn to resist King Edward, 770.


_Clarence goes over to Edward IV._, 771.

Register of writs against Sir J. Paston and others, 772.



14 April.

_Battle of Barnet._--John Paston wounded, 774, 776.

18 April.

_News of Queen Margaret's landing_, 774.

Escape of the Earl of Oxford, 775.

4 May.

_Battle of Tewkesbury_, 777.

12 May.

_Attempt of the Bastard Falconbridge on London._ 21 May.

_Death of Henry VI._ 23 June.

Caister again taken by a servant of the Duke of Norfolk (W. Worc.

Itin. 368), 778.

5 July.

Lord Scales (Rivers) offers to befriend John Paston, 778.

17 July.

The King signs a bill of pardon to John Paston, 780.

15 Sept.

_The Bastard Falconbridge beheaded_, 781, 782.

Sir J. Paston desires his brother to watch Caister, 781.

Great mortality in England, 781.

28 Sept.

Sir J. Paston wishes to have the measure of his father's tomb, and some measurements at Gresham, 782.


The King and Queen on pilgrimage to Canterbury, 782.

One of the two widows married, 783.

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