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27 Feb.

Berney, Yelverton, and Rough summoned to appear before the King, 558.

29 Feb.

Assizes at Thetford, 558, 559.

Rebels in Cambridgeshire pardoned, 559.

_The Duke of Somerset rebels once more_, 560.

11 April.

Plate and other articles delivered by the Prior of Norwich to Richard Calle, 561.

25 April.

_Battle of Hedgley Moor._ 1 May.

_Edward IV. marries Elizabeth Woodville privately._ 8 May.

_Battle of Hexham._--_Somerset beheaded_, 15th; _and Lords Hungerford and Roos_, 27th.


Depositions touching Fastolf's will, 565.

12 May.

Seisin of Horninghall in Caister to be delivered to the Pastons, 566.

8 June.

Commission to inquire why men did not come more quickly to serve the King when summoned, 567.

28 June.

Suit by Jenney against Paston, 568.

Petition of John Paston to Edward IV. for license to found a college at Caister, 569.

10 Sept.

Agreement of the King with John Paston for the foundation of the college, 571.

20 Nov.

Outlawry of John Paston, 572.

3 Dec.

Mocking letter addressed to John Paston, 574.


7 Feb.

Judgment against Daubeney, Ric. Calle, etc., 576.

31 Mar.

Message by William Worcester to Sir Thomas Howes, 577.

8 April.

The Duke of Suffolk lays claim to Drayton and Hellesdon, 578, 580.

3 May.

His bailiffs trouble the tenants there, 579, 581, 585, 590.

13 May.

Margaret Paston wishes John Jenney put out of the commission of the peace, 582.

20 May.

Paston's servants take distresses at Drayton, 583.

26 May.

_Coronation of Elizabeth Woodville as Queen._ 27 May.

Right of presentation to Drayton church, 584.

15 June.

Master Popy's examination, 587.

18 June.

John Rysing imprisoned at Ipswich, 588, 590.

18-21 June.

Examination of witnesses touching Fastolf's will, 589.

6 July?

The Duke of Suffolk raising men, 592.

10 July.

His men attempt to enter Hellesdon, 593, 594, 595, 598.

The Parson of Brandeston taken, 597.


_Henry VI. taken prisoner in Lancashire, and committed to the Tower._ 7 Aug.

Outrages committed by Suffolk's men on Paston's servants going to hold a court at Drayton, 599.

7 Aug.

Matters concerning John Russe, 600, 601.

Will of Nich. Pickering, 602, 603.

18 Aug.

Sessions held after the assizes by Yelverton, 604.

Margaret Paston going up to her husband in London, 604.


John Paston examined touching Fastolf's will, 606.

14 Sept.

Margaret Paston in London, 607.

Commission touching right of presentation to Drayton church, 608.

21 Sept.

John Paston desires his wife to send him worsted for doublets, 609.

22 Sept.

Margaret Paston enters Cotton on her way back from London, 610, 613.

27 Sept.

John Salet supposed to have found evidence in the register of wills in favour of Suffolk's title to Hellesdon and Drayton, 611.

15, 16 Oct.

Attack on the lodge at Hellesdon by the Duke of Suffolk, 616, 617.

18 Oct.

The Duke of Norfolk comes of age, 614.

Message from the King to Sir William Yelverton, 618.

10 Nov.

Wymondham of Felbrigg invites Margaret Paston to his house, 619.


12 May.

Friar John Mowth inquires touching bonds delivered by Friar Brackley to William Paston, 628.

22 May.

Death of John Paston. His funeral, 637.

May, June.

Examinations touching Fastolf's will, 639.

17 July.

The Paston family proved to be 'of worshipful blood since the Conquest,' 641, 643.

16 Sept.

Will of Agnes Paston, 644, 645, 646.

29 Oct.

Margaret Paston to Sir John Paston touching his father's will, 649.

Sir John Paston wishes Arblaster to refuse administration of his father's will, 655.

J. Strange proposes a marriage for Margery Paston, 657.

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