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6 July.

Murder of Thomas Denys, 465, 469, 472, 474.

9 July.

Denys' wife in great trouble, 466.

Sir Miles Stapleton accuses John Berney of complicity in Denys'

murder, 467, 468.

John Berney and the under-Sheriff, 468, 469, 470, 471.

27 July.

John Paston restores to the King the jewels pledged to Fastolf by his father, the Duke of York, 473.

1 Aug.

Election for Norfolk, 475.


John Paston's eldest son in the King's household, 476, 477, 478.

Altercation between John Paston and Howard in the shire-house at Norwich, 477, 478.

28 Aug.

William Worcester out of favour with Paston and Howes, 479.

30 Aug.

Lord Hungerford and Robert Whityngham to Margaret of Anjou from Dieppe, 480.


_Henry VI. and Margaret of Anjou in Scotland_, 480.

4 Sept.

Yelverton and Jenney take a distress at Cotton, 481, 482.


The Duke of Gloucester to have Caister, 482.

4 Oct.

_The castles in Wales given up to Edward IV._, 483.

9 Oct.

Richard Calle prevents Jenney holding a court at Cotton, 485.

Disorders committed by the occupants of Cotton Hall, 486, 487.

11 Oct.

The King is offended at John Paston for not obeying Privy Seals, 484.

2 Nov.

John Paston delivered from the Fleet, and Howard committed to prison, 488.


Message of the King to the people of Norfolk through Yelverton, 497, 500.



Clarence and Suffolk to be sent down to Norfolk with a commission to judge rioters, 504.


Presentation to Drayton Church, 509.


_Projected invasion of England in three places in the interest of Henry VI._, 509.


_Executions of Sir Thomas Tuddenham and of Lord Aubrey de Vere._ Mar.

Sir John Howard like to lose his head, 510.

13 Mar.

John Paston, the elder, at great expense travelling with the King, 511.


Confession of French prisoners taken at Sherringham--_the Duke of Somerset going into Scotland_, etc., 512.

24 Mar.

The King going to keep Easter at Bury, 513.


The Earl of Worcester to be Treasurer, 515.

The _Mary Talbot_ and the _Barge of Yarmouth_, 518, 521-3.

_Campaign of the Earl of Warwick in Scotland_, 521.

17 July.

Death of Christopher Hanson, 526-8.


_Warwick and other Lords going to Scotland in embassy_, 527, 528.


Proclamation for men to serve the King, 529.

_The Duke of Somerset seeks to be reconciled to the King_, 529.

John Paston's bill in Chancery against Yelverton and Jenney, 530.

_Naval engagement--fifty French and Spanish ships taken_, 531.


_The castle of Bamborough taken by Margaret of Anjou_, 532.

11 Dec.

_Alnwick, Dunstanborough, and Bamborough besieged by King Edward's forces_, 533.


19 Jan.

Return of John Paston, the eldest son, home to Norwich, 536.


A writ received at Norwich against John Paston jun. (the eldest son), 538.

19 Mar.

Ralph Lampet's testimony about Fastolf's will, 541.

6 April.

Sir Roger Chamberlain's testimony about Fastolf's will, 543.

6 May.

John Paston should have my Lord of Suffolk's 'good lordship' to live in peace, 544.


Examinations touching a murder, 545.

31 Aug.

The Duke of Norfolk desires John Paston the father's presence at Framlingham, 548.

Complaint that John Paston keeps his son, Sir John, too much at home, 550.

A marriage suggested for John Paston's daughter (Margery), 551.

Sir John Paston leaves home clandestinely, 552.

10 Dec.

Plate lent by John Paston to St. Mary's College, Cambridge, 554.


26 Jan.

Lawsuits of Ogan and Debenham with John Paston, 555.

28 Jan.

Henry Berry appeals to John Paston for aid to the Monastery of St.

Augustine's, Canterbury, 556.

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