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15 Mar.

_The Council sits at the Black Friars in the forenoon and at the White Friars in the afternoon_, 366.

The coast of Norfolk insulted by the French, 366.

25 Mar.

_Reconciliation of the Lords at London._ 29 May.

_Sea fight off Calais on Trinity Sunday between Warwick and the Spaniards_, 369.

27 Aug.

William Worcester learning French in London, 370.

Expenses of John Paston in 36 and 37 Hen. VI., 373.


3 Jan.

Elizabeth Poynings to her mother, Agnes Paston, 374.


_Fray between the King's servants and Warwick's; after which Warwick goes over to Calais._ 5 Mar.

John Paston, the eldest son, to John Paston, his father, regretting having given him displeasure, 375.

29 April.

Hastings and others ordered to be with the King at Leicester on the 10th May. Is Paston's son to go? 377.

25 May.

Osbert Mundeford to John Paston (in French), 378.

23 Sept.

_Battle of Bloreheath_--Lord Audley defeated by Salisbury.

12 Oct.

_Dispersion of the Yorkists at Ludlow._ 3 Nov.

Will of Sir J. Fastolf, 385, 386, 387.

5 Nov.

Death of Sir J. Fastolf.

Inventory of Fastolf's goods, 388. His wardrobe, 389.

12 Nov.

William Paston to John Paston about Fastolf's goods, 391.

Bishop Waynflete's advice, 393.

7 Dec.

The Yorkists attainted in the Parliament at Coventry, 396.

Sir Philip Wentworth's petition touching the wardship of Thomas Fastolf of Cowhaw, 397.



_Rivers and his son surprised at Sandwich, and carried over to Calais_, 399, 400.

_The King coming to London, and raising the people on his way_, 400.

8 May.

The Abbot of Langley excuses himself from coming up to London about Fastolf's will, 407.

10 July.

_Battle of Northampton--the King taken prisoner._ 23 July.

The Yorkist Lords to the authorities in Norfolk, 410.


John Paston returned to Parliament, 415, 416.

12 Oct.

_The Duke of York coming up to London_, 419.

_He challenges the Crown in Parliament_, 423.


Inquisition taken on Fastolf's lands at Acle, 421, 422, 423.

29 Oct.

Inquisition to be taken on the same for Suffolk at Bungay, 427.

31 Dec.

_Battle of Wakefeld--the Duke of York slain_, 430.

J. Perse in prison, 423, 424, 425, 462.


3 Feb.

_Battle of Mortimer's Cross._ 17 Feb.

_Second battle of St. Albans._ 1 Mar.

Plot to carry off John Paston into the North, 432.

A Whitsunday sermon of Friar Brackley, 436.



4 Mar.

_Edward IV. proclaimed King._ People take wages, and go up to London in spite of orders to the contrary, 449.

Attempt against John Damme, _ib._ 29 Mar.

_Battle of Towton_, 450.


_Henry VI. besieged in Yorkshire_, 451.


_Berwick full of Scots_, 455.

_Earl of Wiltshire's head set on London Bridge_, _ib._ 10 May.

The feoffees of Fastolf's lands mean to sell some to the Duke of Suffolk, 453.


Thomas Denyes complains of Howard, 455.

_Carlisle besieged by the Scots--the siege raised by Montague_, 457.

31 May.

The Earl of Oxford anticipates disturbance from Howard, 456.

5 June.

The Duke of Norfolk in possession of Caister, 458.


John Paston at Court, 458, 459.

26 June.

Elizabeth Poynings dispossessed of her lands, 461.

28 June.

_Coronation of Edward IV._ June.

The Parson of Snoring drags Thomas Denys out of his house, 462.


The King should be informed of the demeaning of the shire, 463.

3 July.

A message for Thomas Denys' wife, 464.

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