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“Get out!” The icy words rang between the two. The muffled voice was of a low and deep bass, as gorgeous as a torn piece of fine silk.

Having come in for so long only to notice someone in the room, Fang Chi Xia’s face suddenly lifted up, and when she saw the face up front, she became breathless.

This was a face of great beauty, every stroke of his facial features were exquisite enough to be perfect.

The outlines of his face and nose were too perfect for the best painter to paint, and the fluttering of his eyes seemed to suck a man’s soul.

His eyes were very deep, glittering in their icy glory. He has the making of the King of the Night.

His lip-shape was also beautiful, petal-like thin. Very few people have such lip shape, so perfect, to the point of making people indulge in fantasy.

This man was obviously favored by God. His indifference was so obvious, but so dazzling it was impossible not to stare.

Fang Chi Xia stared at his face. With her drug-driven body, she suddenly felt an impluse to kiss him.

However, just as such a hot impulse was produced, she was pulled back by the roar of the trash outside: “Fang Chi Xia, get out!”

“Hit it hard! Outside the room, Fang Rong’s clamor continued seemingly with no intention of stopping.

Fang Chi Xia’s thoughts which were about to drift away were forcibly withdrawn. She looked at the man for help.

“Help me!” Her eyes appeared helpless, panic-stricken like that of Bambi, clear and innocent.

She looked very nervous. Fang Chi Xia was really afraid she’ll be pushed out in the next second.

With Fang Rong’s unyielding look, if she went out like this, she’d definitely be finished!

She was really quick in asking a request, however, the man before her remained unmoved and coldly bit out the two words again, “Get out!”

His tone, with a strong sense of disgust, felt like he was so untouchable, as if a few more words with her would defile him.

Fang Chi Xia didn’t expect to encounter such a wretched man, there was a wolf in front, and a tiger behind, she really can’t advance nor retreat.

There was no good ending either way. She has nothing to fear from him, so she raised her chin up and in the same haughty air as him retorted, “Why don’t you get out and show me?”

A dark dangerous glint flashed in Lou Yibei’s eyes, a cold murderous intent arose.

At this sight, Fang Chi Xia shuddered and drew back for several steps.

Holding the doorknob, she really wanted to rush out but with Fang Rong still waiting for her outside, she abruptly pressed down the impulse.

Outside the door, a few people have been tossing about for quite a while but there was still no reaction. Fang Rong, burning with anger, wanted to hit the door himself. His hands were just lifted up when he thought of something. A question suddenly flew out of his mouth, “Who stays here?”

— The few words, woke several waiters up, who had been hitting the door for a long time.

“Luo, Luo Shao…” One of the waiters trembled and explained to him.

“Which Luo Shao?” Fang Rong froze for a moment, then his face whitened. “Rong Xi International?”

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