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“What are you waiting for? Get her out of there!” Fang Rong angrily screamed at the waiter next to him, his face now red with anger. “Hit the door! What are you still looking stupidly at?”

The waiter, intimidated by him, reflexively obeyed his order and slammed at the door.

“Bang! Bang! The banging at the door came one after another. After a while, the door panel “creaked”.

“Fang Chixia, come out! I’m doing this as your elder brother. Why are you not happy? Get out of there!

 His posture was very arrogant, as if being fancied by him, was Fang Chixia’s good fortune!

Fang Chi Xia was extremely disgusted with his kind of man.

Go out?

Being tricked by a man who lusted after her all day, but finally escaped with great difficulty, going out would make a fool out of her.

Fang Chi Xia has lived with the Fang family for many years and has also known Fang Rong for a long time. However, she has never liked a man like him with a long wretched face. His words and deeds were disgusting and he acted arrogant with his nose pointed up high into the sky all the time.

After what happened today, she hated him even more from the bottom of her heart.

In Fang Chi Xia’s current mental state, even if she sleeps with a strange man, she still wouldn’t be willing to be trampled by a person like Fang Rong.

“Find a way to get the door open!”

“Hit it hard! Give it a hard push! If it crashes, I’ll pay for it!”

Outside the door, Fang Rong’s voice continued, loud and bossy.

Even if she couldn’t see the situation outside, Fang Chi Xia could also imagine the other side in an uncontrollable rage, acting high and mighty while ordering the waiter.

The Fang family still has some influence, which fueled Fang Rong’s arrogance.

There seemed to be more people out there than there had been just now. From the noise and clutter, Fang Chixia could easily guess.

Fang Chixia’s back was against the door, tightly clinging on the door knob. Tilting her head from to the side, she checked again and again to determine if the door has been locked. For double insurance, she even inserted the door bolt. Finally, the tension on her nerves loosened up a bit.

She still might have some time to find a way to save herself before that bastard’s men  rush in.

Ignoring the bouts of banging on the door, she turned her eyes indoors and looked carefully at the interior of the room.

A very luxurious suite, with a retro and elegant Rococo design. From the chandelier hanging overhead down to the tiniest furnishing in the room, it exuded unparalleled splendor, as if she has walked into a European palace.

The room was unusually quiet, she didn’t know if there was anybody in.

Fang Chixia just took two steps when she felt dizzy, her pace staggered a bit.

Just now, she simply focused on taking care of Fang Rong outside and neglected the medicinal properties of drug in the wine.

Now that her surroundings has calmed down, all her senses instantly cleared up.

Fang Chixia seemed to be in a ball of fire, so uncomfortable, and her body seemed about to burn up.

“Fang Rong, you are not human!” cursing, her eyes turned to the direction of the bathroom, then she tottered towards it.

She arrived at the bathroom door, wanted to rush into the shower, but she suddenly crashed into a cold wall.

Fang Chixia was afraid she would do something after she lost control, so she didn’t look at the other party. She pushed him aside and continued hurriedly into the bathroom, but was dragged back by the person.

“Get out of my way!” Fang Chixia’s fingertips were buried deep into her palms. It took a lot of self-control to keep herself rational. She struggled then get out of the person’s grip, but she was dragged back again —-

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