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Rong Xi International has always been a legendary existence for the outside world. The Chief Executive was currently Luo Yibei, whose main business was jewelry design.

At the time it was taken over by Luo Yibei’s father, Luo Xichen, he had almost monopolized the jewelry market in Asia and Europe.

In recent years, after Luo Yibei took control, Rong Xi International developed like a bamboo shoot, and even expanded into several other fields of business.

Rong Xi has two legends, Luo Xichen, and the other, was the incumbent CEO – Luo Yibei!

The reasons why Rong Xi was feared and respected by the outside world was first because of its abundant financial resources and the other reason was the legend of it’s unknown powerful background.

In C city, when the Luo family walked sideways, no one dares to stand in their way.

The mention of the Luo family was almost daunting for everyone, let alone provoke!

The noise continued for a while but after “Luo Shao” sounded, everything became peaceful. Since then, not even the slightest sound was heard.

Fang Chi Xia couldn’t hear the few people discussing Luo Yibei through the door so she wondered how they lost their voices.

Not sure if the people outside had left, she still dared not go out.

She leaned against the door and looked at the indifferent man in front of her. She tried to persuade him, “You see, you heard, there are people out there looking for me! If I go out at this time, I’ll be devoured to the bone, so let me stay in for a while. You have nothing to lose, right?”

Her tone was pitiful, her deer-like eyes flickered uneasily. Her cheeks were red, as if she was restraining something, and her skin was tinged with a seductive pink hue.

The drug in Fang Chi Xia’s body was still working and she couldn’t hold it for long. If he threw her out at this time, she couldn’t imagine what consequences would be waiting for her.

Fang Chi Xia looked at him earnestly, her eyes swirled around the other corners of the room.

She caught a glimpse of a balcony not far away, and strode slowly towards it.

Anyway, there was no way out, she thought. If this man must drive her out, then even if she jumped out of the window, she would not let Fang Rong succeed!

Observing his face quietly, Fang Chi Xia walked back and tried to persuade him again, “Just let me stay until the group leaves. I promise not to disturb you from doing anything. Just pretend I don’t exist, will you?”

She said so politely. Not to mention a man, even an average woman in such a situation, would probably feel compassion.

However, the man in front kept a grim face from beginning to end, not even a change of expression.

His lips opened to answer her with the same two cold words, “Get out!”

The voice seemed to be louder than before, with a hint of rolling fury.

How inhuman!

Fang Chi Xia’s last hope was shattered by his words then her gaze turned to the side of the window.

Looks like this was the only way left!

Downstairs, the balcony below was estimated seven to eight meters away, about the height of two floors, if she was lucky, she shouldn’t suffer much injury.

Holding the guardrail tightly, Fang Chi Xia struggled for a moment to regain her courage.

Seven or eight meters was not very high, and if she could hold on to something on the balcony to reduce her speed, or increase the support point when she fell down, it could reduce the degree of injury.

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