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Chapter 98: A Candy With An Exorbitant Price – 1

The moment Madam Lu opened the bottle, a faint fragrance instantly filled the room.

She took a deep breath, and her body felt lighter as a sense of comfort coursed through her veins.

The milky-white candy had a faint fragrance to it. It tasted sweet as milk and it did not have a bitter taste like other supplements.

Madam Lu was a patient with congenital heart disease. Even though she had had the operation, it had not improved her condition in the slightest. From time to time, she would experience many heart issues, such as chest pain or heart palpitations, and there was no cure for her condition to this day.

She had been born in a prestigious family, and she could not handle even the slightest bit of bitterness. Xu Wei had left a bottle of supplement in her room, and she would only take one when she could not handle the astringent taste in her mouth after she received an injection.

Initially, she had not taken the supplement seriously at all. It was only after she’d finished the entire bottle that she had realized the special nature of the supplement. Every time she received an injection or took medicine, she would feel particularly exhausted. She would also feel pain in her chest and experience heart palpitations frequently.

She had told her attending doctor about her condition, but he had said it was all in her mind. However, she did not believe him. After all, nobody knew her own body better than her.

Lu Ning was typing a text message on her phone when the refreshing medicinal fragrance tickled her nostrils. She jerked her head up and looked genuinely shocked. “Aunt Lu, where did you get that medicine?!”

After saying that, she snatched the bottle from Madam Lu’s hand and began examining it meticulously with a serious expression.

Lu Chuwan was startled by Lu Ning, and her fingers started trembling. She had a hunch that she knew why Lu Ning would have such a big reaction to the supplement, but she was not sure. Therefore, she decided to ask, “Aunt Ning, is there a problem with the medicine?”

Lu Ning had worked on bio-pharmaceuticals during her university days. Her husband’s family, the Dong Family, was in the medical industry. The Dong Family was a well-to-do family, and they were one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors in China.

Therefore, to be able to make someone like Lu Ning lose her cool, the medicine had to be harmful to the human body. Lu Chuwan could not think of any other explanation.

She began to chide Fu Zhi inwardly for her eagerness to gain Madam Lu’s favor.

“Yes. There’s a huge problem!” Lu Ning said in a loud voice after a long silence. Her face was filled with disbelief as she added, “The shape of this pill is exactly the same as the new series of anticancer drugs on our country’s official portal! Even the smell is the same!”

She was extremely excited, and everyone in the room could see the manic glint that flared in her eyes. She wanted to share her excitement with other people, so she pulled Xu Wei’s hand and said, “Weiwei, did you know about this?”

Xu Wei stared at Lu Ning with a perplexed expression. She wanted to tell her that she did not know anything about this medicine, but the feverish expression on Lu Ning’s face made her reconsider her words. In the end, she said, “I can pretend that I knew about this medicine, but can you please let go of me first?”

Lu Ning shook her head and pulled her phone out. As she was taking a picture of the bottle to send it to Dong Cun, she mumbled, “This is a real blessing in disguise. I didn’t get to meet Professor He in the capital, but I never expected that I would stumble upon this magic drug here!”

Madam Lu could not make heads or tails of her, and Lu Chuwan was confused as well.

“Who gave you this medicine, Aunt Lu? Can you introduce this person to me?”

Madam Lu was still unable to believe what was happening. “It’s just a nameless product. There’s nothing special about it. Besides, didn’t you say that this anticancer drug can be found on our country’s official portal? Why don’t you get it from there instead?”

“You don’t understand how rare this drug is, Aunt Lu. There is only one batch on the official website, and there are only 10 bottles per batch! The listing price for one pill is about 150,000 yuan, and a whole bottle can be sold for millions at an auction! My husband’s friend showed me this medicine once!”

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