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Chapter 97: A Poor Old Lady Plagued Frequently By Illness

Lu Yumo cried even harder.

His clothes looked crumpled, and he could not go visit “picky” Madam Lu in his current condition.

Fu Zhi flagged down a cab.

It was pretty late now, so she decided to take her elder brother back home to feed him.

The taxi driver was a little talkative. He noticed Lu Yumo’s red eyes through the rearview mirror and said, “What’s up, bud? Did you have a fight with your girlfriend? Don’t you worry, it’s normal for a couple to fight. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and everything will turn out fine eventually.”

Fu Zhi sent a message to Xu Wei. Then, she replied, “We are not a couple.”

Lu Yumo took his handkerchief out to wipe his tears and said, “Yeah. She’s my little sister.”

‘They are brother and sister?’

The taxi driver was clearly stunned. He then said, “The two of you have different mothers, right? You look very different from your sister!”

Lu Yumo was stumped, and his face turned dark.

The driver realized he had said something wrong, so he slowly closed his mouth and stopped talking.

The atmosphere in the car turned awkwardly silent.

After a short while that seemed like ages, he opened his mouth once more and attempted to say something to redeem himself. “But I can see that you two get dimples on your faces whenever you smile. I guess that’s one way to tell you two are siblings…”

Fu Zhi averted her gaze from her WeChat, turned her body sideways, and began studying the young man sitting next to her.

Lu Yumo’s jaw was set, and she thought his tear-filled, frowning face looked handsome.

Before he straightened his body, he heard Fu Zhi ask in confusion, “Where are his dimples? Are you sure those are not wrinkles?”

Lu Yumo was left speechless.

On the other side of the city…

Lu Wanchu arrived at the hospital. When she entered Madam Lu’s room, she saw Xu Wei and Lu Ning.

Lu Ning was Madam Lu’s niece and was the same age as Xu Wei. She was married to a rich businessman in the capital and she only returned to Yu City on special occasions like festivals.

There was a noble air about the woman, and Lu Chuwan’s heart skipped a beat when she met her eagle-like eyes. It took Lu Chuwan a short while to recompose herself and greet her carefully. “Auntie Ning.”

“Hello, Wanwan. Come over here and have a seat.” Lu Ning and Bai Yao had a strained relationship, so Lu Chuwan knew she did not like her either. However, this time, Lu Chuwan realized that she had become friendlier to her.

Lu Chuwan did not know what had caused her attitude toward her to change so drastically. However, she followed her orders and took a seat beside the bed.

Madam Lu was very happy to see her favorite granddaughter. She asked, “What took you so long?”

“I bumped into someone on the way here,” Lu Chuwan replied hesitantly. “I saw Fu Zhi just now, but because the police was driving faster, I couldn’t be sure if she was the one who was handcuffed and taken away…”

“She was taken away by the police?” Madam Lu’s face turned dark. She wanted to ask, “Did Fu Zhi steal something?” However, since Lu Ning was here, she pushed the urge away and asked, “Xu Wei, what’s going on?”

Xu Wei had received a text message from Fu Zhi earlier. She explained, “It’s not a big deal. Yumo was cheated out of his money, so the police officers took both of them and the scamming gang back to the police station for an investigation.”

Madam Lu did not care as long as this did not affect the Lu Family’s reputation. However, this was not the case for Lu Chuwan.

She giggled lightly and said, “So that’s how it is. As far as I know, Yumo isn’t the kind of person who would interact with the riff-raff of society, so how could he get scammed?”

‘Because he’s an idiot,’ Madam Lu thought.

Lu Ning frowned. Nevertheless, considering her relationship with Xu Wei, she did not make any comments in the end.

There was something going on in the room, but Madam Lu did not care. After all, she was just a poor old lady plagued frequently by illness.

She took the supplement from the drawer and dropped one pill on her palm.

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