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Chapter 99: A Candy With An Exorbitant Price – 2

Madam Lu had a different perspective from Lu Ning. She smacked her lips and said, “What? A single bottle of anticancer drugs can be sold for millions? Aren’t they producing this drug to save our lives? How can they be so heartless and sell it at such an astronomical price?”

“Aunt Lu! Don’t simply make a conjecture if you don’t know the whole story!” Lu Ning snarled. It took her a lot of effort to force herself not to roll her eyes at Madam Lu. Then, she added, “The anticancer drugs on the country’s official portal are only available to rich merchants and royals from other foreign countries! It’s stipulated that for every 10 bottles of anticancer drugs sold, the government will give four bottles to the nationals free of charge!

“Also, every penny they make from selling the anticancer drugs will be donated to the military to improve its facilities!”

Madam Lu finally saw the light.

In other words, their government was using the money they earned from foreigners to drive the development of the military.

This was more than just selling medicine. This way, not only could they make their country known to the rest of the world, but they could also boost the economy of their country.

Madam Lu was shocked. She waved her hand in embarrassment and said, “Don’t get so hot and bothered. I’m not saying that our country is bad…”

“Of course you don’t have any right to say our country is bad!”

Lu Ning added sternly, “From imitation to innovation, do you have any idea how tough the process of developing the anticancer drugs from scratch is? It’s not something that could be done overnight! Besides, instead of putting the money into their pockets, all the researchers who work on this drug have decided to sacrifice their own personal gains and donate the money! You should feel proud of them!”

Madam Lu hung her head low in silence. She had plenty of things in her mind she wanted to say, but she did not dare talk back to Lu Ning because the Dong Family, which was behind her, was richer and more powerful than the Lu Family. She did not wish to rub them the wrong way and incur their wrath.

Besides, Lu Ning had been an upright person since she was a kid. Had it not been for the accident that had damaged her retina, she would have joined the army already.

Lu Ning held every researcher in reverence. After all, it was not an easy feat to handle the feeling of staying alone for a prolonged period and resist the temptation of a high-paying job in a foreign country.

However, all of them were able to put the well-being of their own country and families above everything else. They were willing to serve the country despite the benefit they might gain if they worked somewhere else, as they felt a sense of belonging there. For that alone, they deserved to be respected by everyone.

Right now, there were only two feelings inside Madam Lu’s heart. She was proud of her own country’s achievement, while at the same time, she felt upset because she remembered that Lu Chuwan had thrown a bottle of the medicine into the dustbin.

She felt so sad that she wanted to cry. This was supposed to be a happy day for her! She had no idea why it had turned out like this.

Madam Lu hung her head low in dejection.

There was a mixed expression on Lu Chuwan’s face as well. She asked, “Are you sure about that, Aunt Ning? This medicine was given to grandma by Fu Zhi. She’s a kid who came from the countryside, so how is there any chance she would have access to an anticancer drug sold by the country’s official portal?”

Lu Ning did not say anything. Xu Wei, on the other hand, remembered something and said, “Ah! Could one of the researchers in the team have stayed in the same orphanage with Zhizhi before? This must be it!”

Lu Ning found Xu Wei’s conjecture a little unrealistic. She did not know where Xu Wei had gotten that idea, so she did not plan on making a comment on it.

As she wanted Xu Wei to introduce her to Fu Zhi, Dong Cun video called.

“I just checked. The porcelain vial that used to hold the anticancer drug is a piece of Guan ware with the Four Noble Ones carved on the surface. It was crafted by Master Xu Jiuzhou from the capital by imitating the Tang Dynasty Xingjia Kiln’s white-glazed bottle.”

Xu Jiuzhou was a famous porcelain master in the capital. He also engaged in archeological research and was currently a professor of the Department of Archeology at Tsinghua University. The cheapest porcelain that he had crafted would cost a buyer a six-figure sum.

There was a mixed expression on Dong Cun’s face as he added, “Well, the pill looks real, but the porcelain vial in your hand looked cheap after they studied it under a magnifying glass. One of my friends is an expert and, according to him, this vial is a handicraft that can be found in the market. They usually sell it in a set of three for a total of 10 yuan.”

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