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Chapter 96: Consolation – 2

Fu Zhi stood in front of Lu Yumo, shielding him from the onslaught of the scorching hot sun.

She looked at the young man that sat in her shadow and fell into thought. She was searching her memory for the conversation between the couple. She remembered what the boy had said to comfort his girlfriend. “Oh, please don’t cry, my dear Ruirui. My heart bleeds whenever you cry.”

Fu Zhi decided to say the same. She opened her mouth and began talking, her voice emotionless and mechanical. “Oh, please don’t cry, my dear Momo. You’ll go blind if you cry too much.”

The girl did not answer the boy, and neither did Lu Yumo.

Each problem had its own solution. Fu Zhi felt that she was on the right track. She had a good memory, so she recalled the second thing the boy had said. “Ruirui, you’re the best. He doesn’t deserve you, and I promise that I’ll stand by you for the rest of your life!”

Then, she added in her apathetic voice, “Momo, you’re the best. She doesn’t deserve you. You still have a long journey ahead, so make sure you take care of yourself if you end up alone.”

The girl cried even harder, but Lu Yumo did not. His mouth gaped open, and he forgot to cry.

‘Hmm… The effect is pretty good.’

In order to save time, Fu Zhi decided to jump to the tenth sentence. The boy had said, “No, no! You look pretty when you cry!”

“When you cry, you look…” Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Yumo raised his head and their gazes met.

His eyes were distended, and his face was scrunched up, altering his features into grotesque shapes. Fu Zhi paused for a moment before she commented truthfully, “I’m sorry, but you look really ugly when you’re crying.”

Lu Yumo had forgotten to cry. He had even forgotten about Zhou Tingting and her family.

He had entered a trance.

Fu Zhi was satisfied when she succeeded, as she had not expected this. She had not followed every single step, yet she had been able to achieve the same result as the couple beside the cotton candy stall.

She looked in their direction and realized the girl had stopped crying as well. The boy tore a piece of cotton candy and handed it over to the girl. The girl took a small bite and said sweetly, “Thank you, brother. This cotton candy is really sweet.”

The boy asked, “Do you feel better now? Can you promise me that you won’t cry easily in the future?”

Lu Yumo looked in the direction that Fu Zhi was looking at. He sniffled and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m learning,” Fu Zhi answered with a serious expression etched on her face.

She pulled the stick from the cotton candy and threw the cotton candy into the bag. Then, she punched the cotton candy again and again until it turned from fluffy cotton into the size of a jelly bean.

Fu Zhi noticed that Lu Yumo was staring at her.

She picked the cotton candy out of the bag and handed it over to him. Then, she said plainly, “Are you done crying? If you are, then take this cotton candy. Then, we’re going home.”

Lu Yumo did not know what to say.

He had just ended his relationship with his girlfriend. Not only did he have to get over it by himself, but he also had to deal with Fu Zhi’s eccentric way of comforting people.

He popped the jelly-bean-sized cotton candy into his mouth.

The cotton candy melted the moment it made contact with his saliva, and a burst of sweetness exploded in his mouth.

“Zhizhi, no one supports my decision to become a successful esports player.” Lu Yumo complained in a muffled voice as he followed Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi turned her head to glance at him and raised a brow. When she passed by the garbage collection point, she threw the empty cup inside and said, “If they don’t support you, then—”

She paused before finishing her sentence. She squinted her eyes, and the scene of her brother getting killed numerous times in the game surfaced in her head.

The game had started only 5 minutes ago, yet he had been killed 6 times.

“Then perhaps you should reflect on yourself and see if it’s your fault. Maybe you’re really not cut out for it.”

Lu Yumo was stunned. ‘Aren’t you supposed to be comforting me?’

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