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Chapter 366: Mr. Mu Comes To Pick Her Up

In the Li Mansion in Yu City...

Fu Zhi took a week to familiarize herself with the existence of the Angel Foundation.

It was not a not very formal investment channel. However, the millions or even tens of millions of startup funds needed by the investee companies were nothing for the wealthy and influential families. If the investment was a success, they would earn money; if the investment was a failure, they would still be okay. Thus, the Angel Foundation was becoming more and more popular.

The Angel Foundation had been first organized and operated by the Jiang Family. The initial idea was to expand their network through gatherings. However, in the past two years, as the Angel Foundation had grown, it had gradually become more diversified.

There was an increasing number of scammers and many good-for-nothings who wanted to find themselves a cash cow in the Angel Foundation.

Fu Zhi thought for a moment and decided to go to the Angel Foundation.

Maybe she would be able to find the person she was looking for there.

She put her textbooks in her bag. When she opened the door, the first person she rammed into was Li Nanli. He was holding a cake, and he looked cold.

He was standing by the door, but he did not seem like he was going to enter the room. He stuck one of his hands into his pocket while holding the cake with the other.

The two of them looked at each other, but none of them spoke.

This was the first time Fu Zhi came to the Li Mansion since the last time he had kissed her.

Li Nanli studied her from head to toe with a gloomy gaze.

Fu Zhi had changed into a new set of clothes while she was in the room. It was a black dress with a white jacket that further accentuated her fine figure. She let her hair fall in soft waves like a dark veil against her fair skin.

She looked gorgeous.

Li Nanli’s gaze stopped at the red mole on her collarbone. His throat felt itchy as he asked, “Where are you going?”

“To the Angel Foundation,” Fu Zhi replied, clutching at her collar, as she felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze.

She had no idea why, but the image of him kissing on her collarbone the other day surfaced in her mind, and she seemingly could still feel warmth on that spot.

Taking a step forward, Li Nali grabbed Fu Zhi’s wrist and dragged her into the room. “Which closet did you get the dress from?”

Fu Zhi simply pointed at a closet.

This room had been specially prepared for Fu Zhi by Li Nanli, and all the clothes in the closet had been personally handpicked by him.

While picking her dress, Fu Zhi had looked through the closet. All of the dresses in the closet were either backless or sailor uniforms with short skirts.

Something glinted in Li Nanli’s eyes, and he smiled. “Zhizhi, you can’t wear the dresses in this closet. Their quality... How should I put it... It is questionable.”

Fu Zhi cocked her head in confusion. “Is there a problem? I think it’s fine, though. I’m comfortable in it.”

“You don’t understand. All these clothes have an issue. You can only wear them in the house for me to see them,” Li Nanli said. He put the cake on the table, opened a closet, and picked a white sweatshirt and a pair of blue pants. “Here. Wear these.”

Fu Zhi did not take the clothes. Li Nanli leaned forward and trapped her in his arms. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in his throat as he pinched her earlobe. “Be a good girl and listen to your boyfriend, okay?”

‘Boyfriend... Alright then.’

Fu Zhi nodded.

That said, she felt that her boyfriend was a little annoying and wanted to break up with him. However, Li Nanli was oblivious to her thoughts.

Fu Zhi took the sweatshirt and went to the changing room.

Very soon, she changed into the white sweatshirt and hung the black dress on the hanger.

Li Nanli took a baseball cap out of the closet and put it on Fu Zhi’s head. Then, he pulled out a black face mask.

Fu Zhi felt a little itchy and took a step back.

“I’m going to look for someone at the Angel Foundation,” she said. Then, she paused for a moment before adding, “I won’t steal, I won’t rob, I won’t kill anyone, and I won’t light a fire.”

She wanted to pull the face mask down, but Li Nanli stopped her.

With an expressionless face, Li Nanli replied, “I don’t feel comfortable letting you, a girl, go to an event like that. I have to make sure nothing will go wrong.”

Fu Zhi was confused.

‘What are you talking about? It’s not like I’m going to assassinate someone.’

Li Nanli rubbed her head. “Alright, all done. Let’s go. I remember having sunglasses in the car.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She did not know why, but she felt that it would be such a waste if she did not steal anything in her current attire.

‘It’s just a small party... Would this outfit not make me stand out even more?’

Well, Fu Zhi decided not to think too much about it.

‘I will just take off the mask when I’m there.’

Before Fu Zhi went to the Angel Foundation, she met up with Su Xing and Song Fang in a cafe not far away from the hotel.

“Zhizhi, here!”

Su Xing recognized Fu Zhi first and waved her arm at her.

Song Fang was sipping a cup of coffee and nearly choked when he saw her.

“Seriously?” Song Fang went up to Fu Zhi. “We’re going to beg Master Pure Feather to give us a chance to read her book. It seems to me that you’re going there to kidnap her.”

Fu Zhi did not say anything. She pulled down her mask and stared coldly at her.

‘Okay. I’m sorry. I will keep my mouth shut from now on,’ Song Fang thought to himself, staying silent.

There were plenty of luxury cars at the hotel not far away.

Since the event was being held jointly by the Jiang Family and the Mu Family, most of the guests were influential and wealthy figures in Yu City.

Song Fang looked at his watch and said, “Pure Feather should be here already, right? Why don’t we go in now?”

Fu Zhi looked in the direction of his fingers. There were fewer people in front of the hotel, and Fu Zhi led both of them to the hotel.

There were two security guards in front of the door. After they checked the photos in their hands, they stopped them from going in.

Song Fang pulled out the invitation that the Jiang Family had given his father.

Since he would be coming here, it went without saying that he had prepared everything. He gave the invitation to the security guards and told them about Fu Zhi and Su Xing.

However, the security guards threw the invitation away without even taking a glance at it. They turned on the electric baton in their hands, releasing a cracking sound into the air.

“You can’t get in because your face doesn’t match the face on the invitation.”

“Of course it doesn’t. This is my dad’s invitation.”

“You’re saying President Song is your father? Do you have proof that he is your father? Without proof, I could sue you for stealing the invitation! The people coming to our hotel today are all nobles citizens of Yu City, so you should give up on the idea of getting in!” the security guard said.

“But we really have an urgent matter to attend to. We’re not lying. Can’t you just let us through?”

The security guard sneered coldly, “Urgent matter? I can see that you are students, so do you think I don’t know what you guys are up to? You guys just want to get in to get an autograph from Pure Feather. You guys are so young, yet you are full of lies. You are really a disgrace to No.1 High School!”

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