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Chapter 367: Mr. Mu Comes To Pick Her Up – 2

Chapter 367 Mr. Mu Comes To Pick Her Up – 2

What the group did not know was that the security guards had received orders from Mu Chenxi beforehand. She wanted them to stall Fu Zhi and her group in front of the hotel should she show up so that she would not disturb Master Pure Feather.

Song Fang understood everything now. None of them were wearing No.1 High School uniforms, so he was certain that Mu Chenxi must have said something to the security guards. Otherwise, there was no way they would have known they were students from No.1 High School at a single glance.

‘So she wants to screw us over!’

It was winter, and the wind was strong and freezing.

Fu Zhi was unperturbed, but Song Fang and Su Xing were not. Their faces were grim, and anger was brewing inside of them.

Through the window, Mu Chenxi and her group of besties were observing Fu Zhi from the second floor.

When Xu Tongtong noticed the sweatshirt Fu Zhi was wearing, she chuckled. “And she said she’s related to the FZ Research Institute? I thought she would turn into a phoenix or something after she shed off the country bumpkin persona, but that’s it? Now I can see why you look down on her, Chenxi. All you need to do is just move a finger of yours, and there’s nothing she could do about it.”

While listening to Xu Tongtong’s words, Mu Chenxi smiled and moved her gaze away.

Maybe Fu Zhi was a bit lucky in some areas, but where were they?

They were in Yu City!

As soon as they formed a relationship with the Jiang Family and the Fu Family, the Lu Family would be nothing to them!

Mu Chenxi admitted that both she and Lu Chuwan had made a wrong move. When she thought about it, she realized that they did not need to use external forces to get the netizens and colleges to ostracize Fu Zhi.

After all, who was she? To her, Fu Zhi was just like an ant. If she wanted, she could just crush her with only a finger.

What amused her the most was that the students in Class 21 still dared to stand with Fu Zhi and fight against her!

Since she had ordered the security to stop them from entering, there was no way Mu Chenxi was going to let go of such a good opportunity to humiliate them. Turning around, she led her friends downstairs.

When they were at the entrance, Mu Chenxi opened her mouth and said, “Oh my, look who’s here. I didn’t expect to see you here at all, Fu Zhi. When you rejected me with curt finality when I invited you to the Angel Foundation, I thought you didn’t care about meeting Master Pure Feather at all!”

She paused for a moment, looked at the security guards, and asked in a surprised voice, “They are all my friends, so why don’t you let them in?”

The security guard studied Fu Zhi from head to toe before saying, “I’m sorry, miss, but Master Mu has given us an order. We can’t simply let anyone enter, as the Fu Corporation might send someone over.”

“Well, that’s true.” Mu Chenxi nodded. “But since my friend is here, how about you guys go ahead and perform a body search?”

‘Body search?’

Song Fang stood in front of Fu Zhi and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“It means that I am worried that Fu Zhi is carrying a weapon like a knife or a tool, and I am afraid that she will bump into the VIPs of the Fu Corporation. Also, Master Pure Feather is coming today. What if Fu Zhi steals the book?”

Mu Chenxi smiled. “I hope you understand. We’re just working for the Jiang Family, so we have to take care of the safety of our guests. Otherwise, it would make us look bad in front of the Jiangs if we ruined the event.”

“Mu Chenxi, how dare you!” Song Fang snarled.

Insulting people with excuses such as stealing and carrying weapons was a great disrespect, let alone having two male security guards perform a body search on a female student.

Mu Chenxi did not say anything in return. She just turned around and looked at her friends. Then, someone chimed in, “Don’t say that, Song Fang. You can’t blame Chenxi for being a little extra careful!”

“That’s right. Without an invitation, who knows what she would do when she got inside?”

“Yeah. Who does not know that Fu Zhi wants to get in just to see Master Pure Feather? Chenxi not only did not take into account the mistakes she made before to kick her out but is also willing to let her in. She would be ungrateful if she still refused to be cooperative!”

Grasping her chance, Xu Tongtong added. “Do you know the Fu Corporation? Do you know Master Pure Feather? If you really want to get in, I advise you to be cooperative. Maybe Chenxi can help put in a good word for you in front of Master Pure Feather as well. Right, Chenxi?”

Mu Chenxi lifted her chin.

Song Fang and Su Xing did not want to listen to them anymore. It was just a book, and they did not want it anymore!

Both of them turned around to pull Fu Zhi away.

However, Fu Zhi took a look at her phone and said, “Let’s wait a little longer.”

‘What is she waiting for?”

Mu Chenxi shrugged. “I’m sorry, Fu Zhi. No matter how long you wait, you’re just a girl adopted by the Lu Family. You’re different from Chuwan. Your character is questionable, so I can’t let you in.”

Xu Tongtong stepped forward and added exasperatedly, “Why are you apologizing to her, Chenxi? You didn’t do anything wrong. A person like her does not appreciate your kindness at all. She only thinks you’re a pushover, and excessive tolerance only makes her much more insatiable!”

“Tongtong is right. It’s not your fault, Chenxi!”

“Are you going in or not, Fu Zhi? Just let them frisk you and stop wasting our time!”

Mu Chenxi looked at Fu Zhi in amusement.

All of her friends knew very well that time had changed and the Mu Family had become different now, so they all made up their minds that they could not have any more verbal disagreements with Mu Chenxi.

As for Fu Zhi, regardless of whether she decided to leave or stay, things would not end up well for her.

Besides, Mu Chenxi was a smooth talker. If she could keep Master Pure Feather happy, offending her would be akin to offending Master Pure Feather.

“I accept your apology,” Fu Zhi said after she raised her head from her phone. Looking at Mu Chenxi, who was dumbfounded, she added, “Since you don’t have the authority to bring me in, someone with higher authority will come and lead me in. You’re dismissed now.”

She had used her identity as Pure Feather to talk to Mr. Mo.

Mr. Mo was not far away from the door, so he would be there at any moment.

Everyone looked at her in disbelief as if they were looking at an alien.

“Someone will let you in? Chenxi is the organizer of the event, and if she doesn’t let you in, who else can take you in?”

“Keep making that up. Why don’t you just tell us that it’s Chenxi’s father who’s going to take you in instead?”

“I dare you to tell us who’s going to let you in! Do you think I don’t know that this is a trick to send us away so that you can run back to your home? If someone really comes, I will hang myself up!”

Mu Chenxi was stunned. After a short while, she said, “Alright then. Since someone will be here to bring you in, there’s nothing I could say. However, I’m sure you won’t mind us staying here and waiting with you for that person, right? Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want other people to think that this is just another petty trick of yours to save yourself from this awkward situation.”

Obviously, Mu Chenxi did not believe Fu Zhi at all. After all, her status in the Mu Family was second to only her parents’ status. She had told her father she was going to teach Fu Zhi a lesson here. Thus, even if Lu Jingqing came, her father would not let them in.

The wind was blowing, and the weather was cold.

Fu Zhi shrugged indifferently and said, “Suit yourself then.”

Mu Chenxi took a deep breath and willed herself not to get angry at Fu Zhi.

She only needed to wait a little longer, and she would be able to see Fu Zhi humiliate herself.

Minutes and seconds passed. Even though the weather was cold, Mu Chenxi and her group decided to wait outside of the hotel to see who was coming out to take Fu Zhi in.

Su Xing and Song Fang looked at each other worriedly.

Although they were furious at Mu Chenxi and her friends’ attitude, there was not much they could do.

Song Fang went nearer and whispered into Su Xing’s ear. “Are your parents in Yu City? My mom and dad have gone abroad. Can you ask them to come here to support us? Mu Chenxi is definitely up to no good!”

Su Xing said, “They should be choreographing for a boy band at the moment. Let me give them a call.”

After saying that, Su Xing went to the corner to call her parents. At the same time, Mu Chenxi ran out of patience.

Noticing that Mu Chenxi’s face was getting darker and darker, Xu Tongtong said, “Didn’t you say someone is coming out to take you in? Where is he? Are you lying to us?”

A friend of hers interjected as well. “That’s right. We just want the security guard to frisk you. It’s not a big deal at all. Why must you waste our time? Do you know how precious our time is? All of us have an appointment with Master Pure Feather!”

“Yeah. It’s so cold here, and you still want us to wait with you.”

“How about we go in first? I’m sure she’s just bluffing. We should not make Master Pure Feather wait too long.”

It was very cold outside, and they could not take it anymore.

It would take some time for Su Xing’s parents to arrive. Seeing that Mu Chenxi had turned around and was prepared to go back in, Su Xing bit her lower lip.

Before she could say anything, the door of the hotel was opened from the inside as a nervous voice rang out.

“Ms. Fu!”

The man that emerged from the hotel was wearing a suit. He had a gentle appearance, and he was huffing heavily.

“Dad?” Mu Chenxi went up to the man, but Mu Changqing pushed her aside.

Mu Chenxi was confused. “What’s wrong, dad? This is not a big deal. I can handle it myself. Hurry up and go back in!”

When Mu Changqing arrived in front of Fu Zhi, the atmosphere grew tense. Mu Changqing would certainly not do anything too excessive to Fu Zhi, especially since she was Lu Jingqing’s daughter.

Mu Chenxi gestured at her friend and quickly said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Mu. We will handle this. You should go back in and take care of the event.”

“Fu Zhi said someone is coming to take her in. We will go in after that person arrives.”

“Nobody is coming! I’m sure she’s just bluffing!”

“Silence!” Mu Changqing shouted, his voice laced with rage. He looked at Fu Zhi and said, “You’re Ms. Fu, right? Master Pure Feather told me on Weibo to bring you in.”

“What are you talking about, dad? Master Pure Feather asked you to bring her in? Have you been tricked?” Mu Chenxi asked in disbelief.

“That’s right, Mr. Mu. If Fu Zhi knew Master Pure Feather, she would have told us already. You must have been deceived by someone!”

“Besides, Master Pure Feather doesn’t have a Weibo page. Are you sure it’s not someone pretending to be her?”

“She just made a new Weibo page,” Mu Changqing replied as he rubbed the spot between his eyebrows.

This was also the reason he had come out late.

After all, he did not know how to use Weibo at all. Had it not been for the technical staff of his company, he would not have known that Fu Zhi was Master Pure Feather’s no.1 fan.

When Mu Chenxi was about to say it was a fake Weibo page, Mu Changqing added, “The page is real. It’s been verified by the Fu Corporation.”

“This... This is impossible!”

Mu Chenxi could not believe that Fu Zhi was so close to Pure Feather.

“How is there any possibility Master Pure Feather would know someone like her? Dad, you promised me that you would teach her a lesson, so what are you doing right now?”

“That’s enough, Chenxi!” Mu Changqing wanted to stand up for his daughter as well, but getting Pure Feather’s copyright and the cooperation with the Fu Corporation was undoubtedly more important.

‘This Fu Zhi... Just who the hell is she? Even Pure Feather is on her side?’

Mu Chenxi stamped her feet in frustration.

At the same time, one of her friends suddenly realized something and said, “Ah, weren’t Fu Zhi’s parents researchers at the FZ Research Institute? The FZ Research Institute is funded by the Fu Corporation, so is it possible that she’s met Pure Feather before?”

Mu Chenxi’s body shook, and her blood turned cold.

Indeed, she knew Fu Zhi’s other identity as well. However, no one in the research institute had wanted to take her in, so she had not thought of that.

She had thought that the staff members of the research institute were just putting on a show in front of the audience.

Besides, the research institute did not have a particularly close relationship with the Fu Corporation either.

Could Fu Zhi have met Pure Feather before by luck?

Mu Chanqing did not care about his daughter anymore. He pointed at the hotel and said, “Please follow me, Ms. Fu.”

Fu Zhi turned around and waved at Su Xing and Song Fang, who still could not come back to their senses. “What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go.”

“Ah? Oh, let’s go!”

Both of them nodded profusely and followed Fu Zhi.

When they passed by Mu Chenxi, Fu Zhi stopped and said, “Oh yeah, I remember one of you saying that you were going to hang yourself if someone did come out to take me in, isn’t that right? Don’t forget to do it.”

Mu Chenxi shouted, “Fu Zhi!”

“I’m not asking you to do it. I’m asking her. Why do you have to get so hot and bothered?”

Then, Fu Zhi turned to Mu Changqing and said, “Well, money is important, but you can’t forget about your children’s education. Pure Feather and Siren are excellent, but they attained their success through hard work and their own effort. Mu Chenxi is a grown person and needs to learn to walk on her own, don’t you think so?”

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