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Chapter 365: Looking For A Way To Meet Pure Feather

Mu Chenxi turned around, and just as she was about to leave, the language teacher tugged at her sleeve.

Mu Chenxi sneered coldly, “You don’t have to say anything else. I won’t let this matter slide until they apologize to me!”

“Erm, no,” the language teacher said. Then, he handed her the book in his hand. “I just wanted to remind you to take your book with you.”

He was not going to be the mediator even though he’d had enough of this sh*t. That said, he was not going to fight fire with fire. After all, he was a peace lover.

“Pfft...” Someone laughed.

Then, the entire class broke into laughter.

Mu Chenxi was speechless.

‘Good! Very good!’

Mu Chenxi then stormed away with the language teacher of Class 1.

After both of them had gone away, the language teacher of Class 21 pointed angrily at Song Fang and said through gritted teeth, “See what you’ve done, you r*scal?!”

He paused for a moment before adding, “I have a relative that owns a bookstore in the capital. I will figure something out. As for you guys, just focus on your studies.”

Fu Zhi did not say anything and just looked at her phone even after the bell rang.

Initially, Zhou Zihuai wanted to comfort her, but upon seeing the frown on her face, he ended up not saying anything.

He went back to his seat and flipped through his book in annoyance.

The several boys sitting at the back of the classroom went out, while Song Fang was talking to his family.

All of them were looking for a way to buy Pure Feather’s book, but to no avail. All of the copies available had been purchased by both scalpers and high schools in the capital.

On a normal day, Fu Zhi would usually spend her recess playing with her phone. However, today was slightly different. Even after the teacher entered the classroom, Su Xing did not see her playing any games on her phone. Instead, she seemed to be talking to someone on WeChat.

Piqued by curiosity, Su Xing craned her neck to look at her phone, and the first thing that greeted her eyes was the phrase “Donate another 1,000 copies of science fiction novels.”

Su Xing was stunned.

It seemed to her that she had discovered a great secret.

‘Could Zhizhi’s family be operating a printing shop that engages in illegal printing?!’

With that thought in mind, Su Xing asked carefully, “Zhizhi, do you know that you’d get sent to jail for selling pirated books?”

Fu Zhi had lost count of how many times she had been left speechless today. That said, she knew Su Xing could not be blamed since she was not aware of her identity yet.

Thus, she cocked her head, squinted her eyes, and said, “They are all genuine, autographed copies.”

Fu Zhi had formed a rather good relationship with the other students in Class 21 ever since she had joined No.1 High School.

Several times, a few girls had bought her milk tea at the end of the class.

Therefore, Fu Zhi very soon finished arranging the book donation.

Su Xin looked at her and fell into thought. After a short while, she nodded woodenly. “Oh, okay... Then don’t be too harsh on yourself.”

She wanted to say something, but she did not want to trigger Fu Zhi. In the end, she just lowered her head and let out a sigh repeatedly.

It was a self-learning session, so no teacher entered the classroom.

Song Fang came back soon after finishing his phone call. He poked Su Xing’s back, pointed at Fu Zhi, and mouthed a question. “Is she okay? She isn’t even playing with her phone.”

Su Xing thought for a while and then wrote on Song Fang’s book. [She said she’s going to donate 1,000 copies of Red Sun to us.]

Song Fang was speechless.

‘Oh gosh... Another person has gone crazy because of Mu Chenxi.’

Song Fang let out a sigh.

After a short while, the group of boys returned one after another. “My uncle has one copy in his house. You guys can ask around to see if your friends have one in their houses or not. I’d prefer not to receive help from that b*tch Mu Chenxi.”

Other than a few students that had transferred from Class 1 and a few students that had a humble background, most of the students in Class 21 were not performing well academically. Even though they were well aware of this fact, they were not going to let other people look down on them.

Song Fang’s deskmate nudged him and asked, “Are you going to the Angel Foundation this week? How about we go and find Pure Feather?”

Mu Chenxi returned to the Mu Residence after school ended.

When she walked into the living room, she heard her father talking to someone on the phone.

“Yes, don’t worry. I assure you there won’t be a problem getting the copyright of the movie. Yes, I will do my best to wedge myself into the Fu Corporation.

“Thank you for letting the Mu Family hold the Angel Foundation event, President Jiang. I will certainly do everything I can to communicate with Master Pure Feather.”

Mu Chenxi stopped in her tracks and looked dumbfoundedly at her father.

‘President Jiang? The Jiang Family in the capital?’

Urged by her curiosity, she took a seat at the corner of the sofa. Mr. Mu soon finished the call and hung up the phone.

Mr. Mu was a man in his mid-forties. He had a portly figure, and he looked very gentle.

“Dad!” Mu Chenxi called out to her father. “Were you talking to President Jiang from the capital?”

Mr. Mu nodded, but he did not say anything. He was reluctant to tell his daughter about a company matter, so he quickly changed the topic. “Do you have any homework today? Hurry up and go upstairs to do your homework.”

As he was talking, he began to walk toward the study.

Mu Chenxi then pressed on. “Dad! I had a fight with my schoolmates today. Are you not going to meet Pure Feather this week? Can you bring me along? I’m sure those guys will find a way to sneak into the venue...”

Mu Chenxi did not want Class 21 to get their hands on the book.

She was a little more perceptive than her peers. They were just acting on impulse. After they saw that every student had a copy of “Red Sun” and they did not have any, she was confident that they would blame Fu Zhi for this.

“You had a fight with your friends? Who are they?” Mr. Mu frowned.

“The main culprit is Fu Zhi,” Mu Chenxi said. “The girl adopted by the Lu Family. Her biological parents were normal researchers.”

Due to the ruckus Fu Zhi had caused some time ago, there was no one in Yu City who did not know her, and everyone felt that it was thanks to a stroke of luck that Xu Wei had adopted a daughter like her.

Mr. Mu began weighing the pros and cons.

The wealthiest families in Yu City were the Lu Family and the Zhao Family, followed by the Mu Family.

However, the Mu Family had gotten quite a good result in the film and television industry. As a result, the Mu Family wanted to push the Lu Family away and be the first family in Yu City.

Initially, it had been just a small fight between two students, but to think that the adopted daughter had bullied his daughter...

Mr. Mu’s expression turned grim. “What do you want me to do?”

“Isn’t the Angel Foundation chaired by our family? When the time comes, here’s what you’ll do, Dad...”

On Saturday afternoon...

The Angel Foundation event initiated jointly by the Mu Family and the Jiang Family was held in a hotel in Yu City. The atmosphere was warm, the guests were all influential figures in Yu City, and there was a group of security guards outside the hotel.

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