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Chapter 359: Come, Let’s Go Disco Dancing

Ye Jiu did not know how to explain his feelings.

‘Dating? Why the hell would I date you?’

Ye Jiu took a screenshot of the chat and sent it to a WeChat group that had only four members.

No sooner had he sent the screenshot than his phone began to vibrate madly. Countless messages flooded the WeChat group.

[What’s going on? Who’s this dude? You’re getting off? No! I won’t allow it!]

Ye Jiu had just woken up and had not quite come around to his senses yet. He rubbed his face and replied, [Maybe he wants to have a taste of my body? What should I reply to him?]

[Say he’s ugly and reject him.]

[Say your mom forbade you to hang out with an idiot.]

[Say you’re more well-endowed than him.]

After a short while, Ye Qi suddenly thought of something and replied, [If you don’t know him, then how did he get your WeChat number, let alone ask you to be his date?]

Ye Jiu was confused as well.

Ye San, who was currently shooting a movie, found his chance and chimed in, [Fu Zhi knows your WeChat numbers.]

Oh, so that was it.

This dude was not craving his body, and this was such a cheap move!

Ye Jiu opened his conversation with Wu Zhiheng and saw that Wu Zhiheng had sent him a few messages.

[Do you normally drink?]

[How well can you hold your liquor? It’s fine if you don’t know how to drink. Let’s go to a bar next week and have some fun, okay? I will teach you some disco moves.]

Inside the lavish, pinkish mansion, Ye Jiu kicked the chair beside his chair.

Then, he touched the pink rabbit plushie beside him.

Judging from the fact that this guy invited a girl to a bar alone, Ye Jiu was certain that he had to be up to no good.

He popped a tablet of antibiotics into his mouth and replied, [Alright, honey. See you next week!]

“Have some fun at a bar?” Ye Jiu muttered, a sinister smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“I’m going to let you have some fun in your coffin!”

At the Bai Mansion...

Bai Miao had already cried once when she saw how much Wu Zhiheng had spent today.

She had been playing mahjong with her friends recently, so she was a little tapped out at the moment. And now, Wu Zhiheng did not get anything from Fu Zhi after splurging so much money.

The more Bai Miao thought about it, the angrier she became. She smashed the cup in her hand and snarled, “What the hell does Fu Zhi mean, huh? Not only did she cheat you out of your money, but she also played hard to get by and refused to marry your eldest brother? How can she be such a b*tch? I don’t even mind that she’s an orphan, and she dares to let you stand outside the counter alone, and refuses to send you home?”

“No, mom. She’s just...”

Wu Zhiheng wanted to say he liked Fu Zhi a lot, and Fu Zhi did not cheat him out of his money.

He did everything of his own accord, and he wanted to sleep with Fu Zhi.

However, there was no way he was going to tell his mother that. He opened his mouth and said, “Maybe she thinks I still have enough money to grab a taxi and come home myself. Besides, I also heard that Xu Wei used to buy a truck of clothes for her.”

Bai Miao thought about how much Xu Wei doted on Fu Zhi. Although she was reluctant to admit it, the truth was that Fu Zhi was a spoiled child.

She patted her chest in exasperation, and it took her a long while before she finally calmed herself down.

“Xu Wei is the same. She’s just relying on Lu Jingqing. Without him, she’s nothing! She’s such a disgrace to us women!”

Bai Miao was jealous of how nice Lu Jingqing was to Xu Wei. She said, “Xu Wei is a poor person, and her parents are both clodhoppers. She even came to her wedding on a bus. In terms of background, Xu Wei is not as prestigious as Fu Zhi. And who the hell would buy a truck full of clothes, huh? That’s so uncivilized and primitive!”

Wu Zhiheng just replied with two indifferent nods.

Then, his WeChat rang out.

When he saw that Fu Zhi was willing to go to a bar with him without asking for any gift, his eyes glowed and he shouted, “Mom! Fu Zhi is so kind! She has agreed to go to a bar with me, and she doesn’t want any gift at all!”

Bai Miao felt speechless at her youngest son. Perhaps she still could not get over the fact that Fu Zhi had splurged all her money, she did not care about her son’s feelings and said whatever was on her mind, “Mark my word, son. All women are bad, especially pretty women! All you need to do is win over her heart, study hard, and help your father to gain the favor of Ouyang Ya. Remember, don’t let her spend your money again!”

At the same time, at a luxury store owned by the Li Corporation in the capital.

Old Master Xu let out a sneeze.

Madam Xu did not expect such a reaction from him. She was frozen for a few seconds straight before saying, “Are you cold? I saw there were some sweaters on sale outside when we came in. Let’s buy you a coat later.”

The staff who was collecting the hangers rolled her eyes in disgust.

‘Two poor wretches!’

Old Master Xu nodded. “I’m fine. What do you think about this pink jacket? I’m thinking of buying one for Zhizhi. As for Weiwei... How about this dress? Do you think it’s okay?”

He pointed at a jacket in front of him. Madam Xu worried that the jacket was too thin, so she stretched her hand forward to feel the thickness.


The staff shouted sharply, causing Madam Xu to jump up in fright. Then, the staff went up to her with a dark face and warned her in a disgusted voice, “Can you don’t touch the clothes in our shop with that dirty hand of yours? Do you have any idea how expensive this jacket is?”

Madam Xu explained, “I just want to feel the texture, and know if it’s warm enough or not.”

“Hah. Do you know where you are right now? You’re at a luxury store, and all of our clothes here are made of the highest quality of materials. If you don’t know stuff, then don’t come to buy from a luxury shop...” The staff said in disdain. She grabbed the jacket from Madam Xu’s hand and patted the invisible dust on it. “This is the latest design for autumn. Can you afford to pay for it if it gets dirty?”

All of the clothes in the store were expensive. The jacket was a limited edition, and it had just arrived at their store today.

“Sister Li!” A voice rang out.

A luxury store like this one usually would limit the number of customers entering the store at a time. In their case, they only allowed 6 customers to enter for a period of time. A little girl at the cashier noticed the commotion. She went up to them and tugged at the woman. “When did our store not allow people to touch the clothes?”

“Of course, they are allowed to touch the clothes if they can afford to buy it, but look at them. Do you think they look like someone who can afford an expensive piece like this? Besides, what if they get all the germs on our clothes? Who the hell is gonna buy from us like that?”

The staff had a very good sales performance. Anyone who came into this store would not go out empty-handed. There was this one time where she scolded an underfunded college girl until she cried because the girl refused to buy from her.

Besides, due to the fact that the design of their clothes was good, there were also some rich young ladies who gave her money to pay more attention and keep the latest models out for them.

In her perspective, the two old people in front of her could not afford anything from their store. As such, she barked in a hoity-toity manner, “Alright, both of you should know your place. If you’re not going to buy anything from us, then get out of here. We still have a batch of customers waiting to come in.”

“Sister Li, you shouldn’t...” The cashier said, trying to advise her.

They did not have the right to chase customers out of a store. Besides, they had parents as well, and it was understandable that some parents wanted to buy pretty clothes for their children. There was no need for them to act all high and mighty at all. After all, they were just working for others.

“Mind your own business. Go back to your station and wait for the next batch of customers!”

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