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Chapter 360: Donated Two Million

After Fu Zhi came back from her shopping expedition, she sent a text message to Li Nanli.

Well, to be more precise, she sent a few photos to him.

“All these are men’s clothes, bags, and watches. If you see anything you like, circle it and I’ll bring it to you.”

Li Nanli’s finger froze on his phone screen.

After a long while that seemed like an eternity, he curled his lips up and replied to Fu Zhi’s message in a happy mood. “Anything is fine as long as it’s from you, Zhizhi.”

Liu Mi, who was curious and saw the message out of the corner of his eyes, fell silent.

Oh well... His boss was getting destroyed by Fu Zhi’s public display of affection once again.

Liu Mi had seen enough public displays of affection between Lu Nanli and Fu Zhi in the past few months. A second later, Li Nanli said, “Let’s go check out our store.”

At the same time, at the luxury store opened by the Li Corporation...

The staff’s patience was running thin.

Madam Xu had always kept a low profile. Plus, she usually only engaged in scientific research, and she had never gotten into a fight with other people. However, she was being kicked out of a shop right now...

Did she really look that poor?

Pulling a face, Madam Xu said, “I queued up and came in to buy clothes. I haven’t finished selecting yet, so why should I leave?

“Can you afford our clothes? I just told you to keep your hands off our clothes. Why must you make things hard for us?” The staff member had not expected Madam Xu to fight back. She pulled her phone out and said, “If you refuse to cooperate with us, I’m going to call security!”

Her voice was loud, and Li Nanli, who was walking down a special corridor on the second floor with Liu Mi, heard everything.

Li Nanli could see everything through the mirror.

He squinted and asked, “What’s going on?”

“It seems like they are having a fight.”

Li Nanli frowned.

The manager should have settled a dispute like this, but Liu Mi did not go to look for the manager. Instead, he said, “President Li, those two people seem to be Fu Zhi’s grandpa and grandma.”

Liu Mi had read through Fu Zhi’s profile before. Xu Wei’s side of the family were ordinary white-collar workers.

They were a normal family, and they were poor. With a heavy heart, he said, “Old people nowadays are tough.”

They would rather wear something off-the-rack so that they would have enough money to buy expensive clothes for their children.

Liu Mi wiped the tears off his face secretly.

A group of security guards soon arrived.

The staff member nudged her chin in Madam Lu’s direction and said, “Just the two of them. They are causing the store trouble!”

The security guards nodded and then picked the staff member up.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Do you know who my uncle is?”

The staff member’s face turned dark, and her voice was filled with anxiety.

“Your uncle is the manager, but...” One of the security guards held the staff member even tighter and added, “President Li fired you.”

The staff member was stunned. “President Li fired me? Are you guys crazy?”

The security guards forced the staff member to apologize to Madam Lu and then led her away.

Li Nanli scoffed and went downstairs with Liu Mi.

He was going to use his staff member’s unprofessionalism as an excuse to let Old Master Xu buy the clothes for free so that he could have a chance to bond with them. With that thought in mind, just as he was about to go up to them, he saw both of them walk up to the counter.

“Is the fabric of the new items the same as the fabric of the little pink jacket?”

When Mada Xu saw the cashier nod, she said, “Then let’s have two sets of each. Take them to Yu City for me.”

After saying that, she gave the bank card in her hand to the cashier before walking out of the store with Old Master Xu.

The cashier hastily stopped them. “Madam, you forgot your card. There are still two million in it...”

Well, you could never judge a book by its cover.

“Is that so?” Madam Xu said. “Does the Li Corporation have a charity organization? If yes, then donate the loose change for me.”

Two million... Loose change... Donate...

Li Nanli froze.

When Madam Xu walked past him, he heard her conversation with Old Master Xu.

“Zhizhi said she had to wait in a long line when she went to the pirate ship at the amusement park. Let’s secretly build an amusement park in Yu City for her. It’s already tiring enough to study at school, and it’d be too cruel if she still had to line up when she wants to relax.”

Old Master Xu nodded. “You’re right. If there’s a site, I really want to build a ski resort near their house. It’d be good for their bodies if they could exercise more.”

Both Li Nanli and Liu Mi were speechless.

‘Please give me back the tears I shed,’ Liu Mi thought.

Time passed by rapidly, and Sunday arrived.

As she had agreed with Zhou Qiong, Fu Zhi went to her house for a visit.

After getting the address from Zhou Qiong, Fu Zhi gave it to the driver, and the driver took her to her destination.

“Zhizhi!” Lu Yubai waved his hand at her.

Fu Zhi walked over to him and raised her head to look at the massive mansion behind Lu Yubai.

Yeah, it was double the size of her own house.

“I’ve prepared a room for you. If you find your house noisy in the future, you can move in here. Oh yeah, I ordered online a few copies of the book “Red Sun” that our school teacher asked us to buy. I will give one to you when they arrive.”

Lu Yubai spoke as he led Fu Zhi into the house.

Ever since the government had made “Red Sun” mandatory reading material for the college entrance exam, it had been selling like crazy on the market. The schools in the capital had heard the news first, so things were easier for them.

However, by the time a small area like Yu City heard the news, it was already extremely difficult for them to get their hands on even one copy of the book.

Besides, “Red Sun” was going to get adapted into a movie, and when the news that the Mu Family had invited Ye San to be the protagonist of the movie spread, it further aggravated the situation.

Even though Lu Yubai did not pay much attention to showbiz, he knew who Ye San was. Ye San was considered one of the most popular celebrities, and he had roughly 50 million followers on Weibo. The moment the news was released, a lot of his fans bought the book in bulk to support their idol.

Fu Zhi just nodded. Then, she asked, “Is there anything that your mom wants to ask me?”

“It’s about Z God.” Lu Yubai paused in his tracks. “Are you related to them by blood? Or do you know them at all?”

“Hmm? Nope. I don’t know them, but I’ve heard that she’s a great doctor that puts the welfare of her patients above everything, so we should learn from her,” Fu Zhi replied.

Lu Yu’an, who was approaching them from a distance, froze.


Lu Yubai trusted Fu Zhi from the bottom of his heart. Perhaps Z God had come to help Lu Yu’an because they were free?

He let Fu Zhi get comfortable on a couch and went away to look for Zhou Qiong.

Then, Lu Yu’an suddenly appeared behind her.

He looked at Fu Zhi and called out to her after a short contemplation. “Cousin.”

When Fu Zhi turned her head around, he leaned his body a little bit toward her and asked, “Were you in Yu City for the past week?”

Fu Zhi had no idea why, but he sounded a little bit strange.

“Yeap. I was in Yu City the whole week.” Fu Zhi did not tell the truth to Lu Yu’an.

When Fu Zhi was dealing with Lu Yubai, she would always be able to see through him easily as if he was an open book. However, Lu Yu’an was different. His composure and wisdom did not match his age.

She had destroyed the surveillance camera in the Chu Residence, and the only person who knew she had been to the capital was Lu Yumo. Lu Yumo did not like to talk to Lu Yu’an, so she figured that she would not get caught.

Lu Yu’an smiled and said, “Is that so? But cousin, I saw a red mole on Z God’s collarbone.”

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