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Chapter 358: Dating Ye Jiu

Lu Yu’an stayed in the Chu Residence for three days after the operation.

Chu Hao concluded that as long as Lu Yu’an followed his rehabilitation treatment accordingly, he would recover by the end of the year.

This was the moment Zhou Qiong had been waiting for so many years. She could not hold her tears anymore and cried out loud. “Finally... This day has finally come... Yu’an...”

Lu Yu’an patted her shoulder. He did not seem excited at all.

In fact, he would only show emotion when he heard some special music.

Zhou Qiong said, “We owe Z God big time. If it were not for them, there’s no way you could have recovered so soon!”

Chu Hao chimed in, “I think you guys should thank Fu Zhi.”

Chu Hao’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Lu Yu’an’s gloomy gaze. Then, he said, “I suspect that Fu Zhi is Z God’s relative!”

‘Of course! She’s going to marry my disciple in the future too!’

Lu Yu’an remembered the bright red mole.

Zhou Qiong wiped the tears off her eyes. It was true that Z God did not seem like someone who would accept her mission for nothing. “Is that true? I’m going to ask Zhizhi when I go back to Yu City this time.”

Zhou Qiong’s husband had a mansion in Yu City as well.

Lu Yu’an then suggested, “Let’s invite her over to our house.”

Zhou Qiong thought it was a good suggestion.

Strangely enough, a stronger emotion than the joy he’d felt when his leg injury had healed erupted from the depths of Lu Yu’an’s heart after Zhou Qiong finished speaking. The emotion coiled around his heart like the tentacles of an octopus, and he felt that something was ready to rush out of his body.

On Thursday, Zhou Qiong took Lu Yu’an back to Yu City.

Everything was going according to the prescribed treatment. Lu Yu’an would have an hour of training every afternoon. Zhou Qiong had to work in another province, so she’d sent Lu Yu’an back to his original school.

However, due to Lu Yu’an’s condition, he did not stay in the school dormitory.

Zhou Qiong and her family invited Fu Zhi to their house on Sunday, as Fu Zhi had to go shopping with Wu Zhiheng on Saturday.

By the time Wu Zhiheng arrived at the Lu Mansion, Fu Zhi and Lu Yushen were watching television with Xu Wei.

There had been a few hot TV series recently, and a celebrity named Ye San had shot to stardom.

He was also Xu Wei’s idol right now. However, Lu Yumo commented that Ye San was not a good actor. According to him, not only did he have a resting b*tch face, but he also needed eye drops when he was shooting a crying scene and he looked like he was shouting one-two-three when he was reciting his script.

Could the audience tolerate it?

Well, the truth was...

They could!

After all, Ye San had a face so handsome that even God was envious of him. Besides, he was also very smart. Every time he joined a variety show, he would always be able to solve the puzzle or clear the game very quickly.

The drama Xu Wei was watching right now was reaching its climax. They were watching the crying scene of the male lead after the death of the female lead.

Xu Wei was so amused by the scene that she couldn’t stop laughing. “My husband is so funny. Although he’s crying, he seems to be laughing instead. He’s really one of a kind!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Please stop calling him your husband! I’m under the illusion that I’m your third aunt!’

Fu Zhi was exhausted.

The good thing was that Wu Zhiheng came in time and saved her from this awkward situation.

Mama Zhang then told Fu Zhi, “He said he’s your friend and he’s here to take you shopping.”

Mama Zhang led Wu Zhiheng in.

Fu Zhi got up from the couch and sat upright. Lu Yushen was feeding her fruit as though she was a hamster.

Fu Zhi did not beat about the bush. She asked directly, “Did you bring your card with you?”

Wu Zhiheng was stunned.

Fu Zhi loved money, and a materialistic girl was not an option for Wu Zhiheng. That said, when he looked at Fu Zhi sitting there, he felt that...

He did not know if this was right or wrong, but he felt that she was someone who was unattainable.

She had the kind of charisma that made people willingly give everything to her.

This was because she was too pretty!

Wu Zhiheng nodded. “Yeah. It’d be my honor to pay for everything today, Ms. Fu.”

Fu Zhi smiled. She got up from the couch, and since the weather was a bit cold, she said, “Let me get my coat, and then I will go shopping with you.”

Lu Yushen pressed his lips firmly.

When Fu Zhi changed clothes and went downstairs, the young man suddenly shot up from the couch. He walked over to her and whispered into her ear, “I have a lot of money.”

‘And heaps of rhinestones.’

But Fu Zhi wanted to spend Bai Miao’s money.

Lu Yushen was not happy. “So, what time will you be back?”

This was the first time Wu Zhiheng heard Lu Yushen talking, and he was astounded.

He had heard that Fu Zhi had just given Lu Yushen the Minor Exchange Pill. If Lu Yushen could speak after taking the pill, then perhaps his eldest brother could get better as well if he took the Minor Exchange Pill.

Thus, Wu Zhiheng felt that he had to work harder to win Fu Zhi’s heart.

With that thought in mind, he chimed in, “How can this be predicted in advance? It depends on the circumstances.”

In other words, he did not know when he would bring Fu Zhi back either.

Lu Yushen looked at Fu Zhi, offering her a smile, and asked, “So can I go with Zhizhi?”

While he was talking, he glanced at Wu Zhiheng, causing a shiver to run down the latter’s spine.


“I will try my best not to cause Zhizhi any trouble.” Lu Yushen coiled his finger around Fu Zhi’s little finger, looking like a pup asking its mother for comfort.

Xu Wei lamented that it was good to be young and then turned her attention back to the television.

They all went out in the Lu Family’s car. Fu Zhi asked the driver to take them to one of the Wu Family’s jewelry shops.

She asked Wu Zhiheng, “Do you need to pay if you buy something from your family’s shop?”

Wu Zhiheng, who was stunned, shook his head. “No, I don’t need to...”

After she got this answer from Wu Zhiheng, she nodded and picked 5 Buddha pendants from the shop. Each of them was made from excellent-quality jade, and they were worth a lot of money.

This was very different from what Wu Zhiheng had imagined. The total price of the five Buddha pendants was even higher than the money in his card.

He wanted to stop, but Fu Zhi smiled and said, “The Wu Family is truly one big, fascinating family.”

Wu Zhiheng felt like he was on cloud nine after hearing Fu Zhi’s comment about his family.

“Well, it’s all thanks to my father...”

He did not stop Fu Zhi anymore. In fact, he was just like Bai Miao—both of them were sensitive about their reputation.

Furthermore, the more Fu Zhi spent, the more prodigal it meant she was, and only a rich family could afford to keep her.

Wu Zhiheng felt that his goal was to make Fu Zhi realize this so that she’d be willing to marry into the Wu Family.

Fu Zhi gave the pendants to Lu Yushen.

Just as Wu Zhiheng was about to brag about the Wu Family, Fu Zhi turned around and went into another luxury store.

Wu Zhiheng was speechless.

It seemed to him that Fu Zhi loved branded clothes and bags.

The clothes that she randomly pointed out cost about 20,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan each.

She walked ahead while the shop staff followed her. Lu Yushen would comment from time to time. As for Wu Zhiheng...

Wu Zhiheng was just a human ATM.

He could not join the conversation between Fu Zhi and Lu Yushen, and he could not bond with Fu Zhi.

However, he knew that as long as Fu Zhi was satisfied and got the monetary freedom that she could not get in the Lu family, she would be very willing to become the daughter-in-law of the Wu Family.

Besides, Wu Zhiheng thought that if Fu Zhi loved him to the bone and wanted to marry him instead of his eldest brother, he could somewhat accept it, even though she came from a humble family.

Contrary to Wu Zhiheng’s whimsical dream, Fu Zhi just wanted to teach Bai Miao a lesson.

When she passed by the watch section, she randomly pointed at a men’s watch and said, “I want this one. Wrap it up for me separately from the other stuff.”

The staff member nodded happily. Thanks to Fu Zhi, her sales performance had increased a lot, so she was willing to do everything she said.

After she wrapped everything up, she handed it all to Fu Zhi and asked, “Do you need us to deliver them to your house?”

“No need.” Fu Zhi pointed at Wu Zhiheng. “Just give them all to him. He will help us carry them.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I will carry them!” Wu Zhiheng felt that his opportunity to perform had finally come.

However, Fu Zhi did not even spare him a single glance. She turned to Lu Yushen and said, “Lu Yumo’s birthday is around the corner. What kind of gift do you think I should give him?”

“A gaming console,” Lu Yushen replied. “A full set of gaming consoles would be good.”

‘That’s a lot of money, right?’

Wu Zhiheng frowned.

Fu Zhi had just spent more than a million, excluding the five Buddha pendants.

Wu Zhiheng felt that he had to stop Fu Zhi now. Besides, he could not even get the chance to bond with Fu Zhi with Lu Yushen standing in between them.

Just as he opened his mouth and was about to say something, Fu Zhi interjected. “I remember seeing a full set of gaming consoles in a shop when we first came in. If my memory serves me right, it should cost about 800,000 to 900,000 yuan. I’m sure you still have enough money to pay, right? Young Master Wu?”

Her voice sounded seductive, and the way she looked at Wu Zhiheng with the corners of her eyes raised reminded him of the expensive cat he had once owned.

There was only one thought in Wu Zhiheng’s mind right now—he had to conquer Fu Zhi. Therefore, he got carried away and said, “Let’s go buy it then!”

After all, it was just about 800,000 to 900,000 yuan.

As long as he was willing to invest, he would not have to worry about the return. Furthermore, didn’t all guys have to spend some money when they were courting a girl?

Thus, Wu Zhiheng thought it was normal. The more Fu Zhi spent, the happier he was.

Lu Yushen saw a message on his phone and said, “The medical journal that you published the other day will be submitted to the government next week.”

Fu Zhi nodded. She randomly picked a few gaming consoles and said, “Deliver these to the Lu Mansion.”

Then, she looked at the watch and said, “It’s about time. Let’s go home.”

“Go home? You’re done shopping here?” Wu Zhiheng approached her and tried to stop her.

“There’s nothing else to buy, and I’m tired,” Fu Zhi replied expressionlessly.

“There are trolleys over there. Why don’t you sit and let me push you around?”

“Do you really want to shop with me?”

‘Of course! I’ve spent so much money today, so I’ve got to see some results, right?’

Wu Zhiheng even dreamed of making Fu Zhi his girlfriend!

“Alright then. Let’s go over there.”

Wu Zhiheng was really excited that he could spend more time with Fu Zhi.

Very soon, the three of them arrived at a men’s store.

The staff came out to welcome them.

Fu Zhi picked three black sweatshirts. They were leftovers from last season, so they were very cheap.

‘Is she trying to save me money?’ Wu Zhiheng thought.

A second later, a staff member went up to Fu Zhi and said, “What a good choice. These three sweatshirts...”

“I’m sorry.” Fu Zhi interrupted. “Pack everything but these three sweatshirts up for me.”

Both the staff member and Wu Zhiheng were stunned.

Wu Zhiheng had not expected that this was how Fu Zhi shopped and bought stuff.

She had basically bought the entire store!

The staff member said, “Are you going to pay by card?”

Fu Zhi pointed at Wu Zhiheng. “Ask him. He’s the one that’s going to pay.”

Wu Zhiheng was dumbfounded.

‘I am? Oh yeah, I should pay for them. But... Forget it. It’s just a few million.’

Wu Zhiheng was not like Bai Miao. Bai Miao was an adult and knew what she should spend money on and what she should not. As for Wu Zhiheng, he was young. While gambling for stones in Myanmar, he had spent more than this.

Thus, Wu Zhiheng spent another 200,000 yuan.

After swiping the card to pay for the clothes, Wu Zhiheng suddenly thought of the thing Bai Miao had told him and felt his legs go weak.

Fu Zhi asked, “Are we going to continue shopping, or are we going home?”

Lu Yushen glanced at him.

“Erm...” Wu Zhiheng gritted his teeth and replied, “Let’s continue!”

Fu Zhi said, “Alright then.”

In the end, Fu Zhi emptied three more men’s luxury stores.

When they were in the last store, Wu Zhiheng did not have enough money to pay and had to owe the store 320,000 yuan.

Wu Zhiheng was embarrassed. This was the first time he did not have enough money to pay for something, and he felt a bit resentful that Fu Zhi had not helped him save money at all.

However, when he turned his head around and saw the smile on her face, he felt that it was worth it, and a strange surge of happiness and satisfaction welled in his heart.

He surmised that this was probably how his father’s friends felt when they were paying for the mistress that they kept. The only difference was that he had not slept with Fu Zhi yet...

After Fu Zhi finished spending Wu Zhiheng’s money, she took Lu Yushen back to their car.

Wu Zhiheng was following her with a lot of shopping bags in his hand. While he was getting into the car, Fu Zhi slammed the door shut and locked it. Then, she rolled the window down and said, “Just have the driver put the stuff in the trunk. Young Master Wu, our family has a curfew, and we must be home before five o’clock at night, so I can’t drive you back. You have to take a taxi back home by yourself.”

Wu Zhiheng was dumbfounded. He could not believe that after all the money he had spent on Fu Zhi, she still refused to show him some love.

Besides, who the hell needed to go home before 5:00 p.m? Who did she think she was? Cinderella?

Wu Zhiheng grabbed for the window. He felt like a fool, and he raised his voice an octave as he shouted, “Fu Zhi!”

“Yeah?” Lu Yushen replied, giving him a cold glance at the same time.

Wu Zhiheng’s heart skipped a beat, and he took a step back subconsciously. When he came back to his senses, he remembered something. He suppressed his anger, whipped up a wide smile, and said, “So when are we going to meet next time?”

‘Next time?’

As if she had heard a joke, Fu Zhi laughed. “I agreed to hang out with you this time because your mom gave me a bracelet. If you want to see me again, then you have to give me another gift with a higher value than the bracelet. If you find one, Young Master Wu, I’m sure we will be able to see each other very soon.”

Wu Zhiheng was speechless.

He felt that no matter what he did, Fu Zhi would not show him any love.

However, the more Fu Zhi ignored him, the more he wanted to conquer her.

He pulled out his phone and said, “I’ve spent a lot of money on you, so I guess it should be fine for me to have your WeChat number, right?”

Fu Zhi then gave him a QR code.

Wu Zhiheng added Fu Zhi on WeChat. Her avatar was Patrick Star holding a balloon, and her username was “I’m your ancestor”.

He clicked on the profile and looked at it. Her place of residence was Yu City, but her gender was male.

Wu Zhiheng found it weird, but he did not think too much of it.

Fu Zhi and Lu Yushen had already gone away.

Wu Zhiheng thought for a moment. He was not as handsome as Lu Yushen or Lu Yumo, so he sent a nude photo of himself to “I’m your ancestor”.

Ye Jiu nearly threw his phone away.

In the photo, Wu Zhiheng’s upper body was naked, revealing his six-pack abs.

Ye Jiu was stunned.

Wu Zhiheng then sent a message to “I’m your ancestor”. [We’re both adults. You don’t need to play dumb anymore. I’m sure you already know how I feel about you, right? So, do you want to be my girlfriend?]

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