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Chapter 310: Face Slapping In The Friendly Match – 2

The cameras in the villa had been removed the previous night. At the same time, Gu Yan had done her makeup and came out.

“I don’t think we should win the competition,” she said the moment she saw Fu Zhi, her voice stern and her expression serious.

Fu Zhi took a look at her and replied, “Oh? What makes you think so?”

“First, we will expose our overall strength, and it will give the participants from other countries an edge over us. Second, if we win the friendly match, everyone will have high expectations. Then, once we lose a competition, we will become a target of public criticism.”

Gu Yan poured out her thoughts confidently as if she was doing the team a great favor. “It’s just a friendly match, so there’s no need for us to take them seriously. We can let them win this time. Just consider it doing them a favor.”

Fu Zhi nodded. Then, she said nonchalantly, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think this is what we should do as participants. Not only do you not respect your opponent, but you are also betraying the trust that our country has put in you. The audience spends its money and time to see us guard the honor of our country, not to see us lose. Besides, the way you think, although it seems like you’re doing us a favor, in reality, you’re just making us look real bad.”

Her voice was cold, and her tone was apathetic. It cut through Gu Yan like a razor, and her face turned ashen.

Jiang Zong clicked his tongue as he shook his head. The expression on his face suggested that he was on Gu Yan’s side. After Fu Zhi walked away, he went up to Gu Yan and comforted her. “You know one cannot reason with her, so why do you still have to trouble yourself and talk so much to her?”

The styling team hired by the association was professional. However, Fu Zhi had yet to look at the mirror, so she was oblivious to her own appearance.

At 8:40, the car sent by the Physics Association to pick them up arrived at the villa.

The venue was almost set up, and there was a group of reporters waiting for them outside the gate.

Normally, there would be only 40,000 to 50,000 viewers watching the variety show “Up Up You Go”. However, there were more than a million viewers right now, and the number was still increasing. This was real-time data, and it was the first time they had gotten so many viewers after so many years.

Many people had been waiting for this day. All of them rushed into the live-streaming room, as they wanted to know whether Fu Zhi was worthy of being captain or not.

While everyone waited with bated breath, a black Land Rover slowly came to a stop in front of the stadium. The reporters rushed up to the car, and all of them were stunned when the door was opened.

Inside the car, a petite young lady was wearing a blue qipao. She collected her hair behind her ear, and when she did that, she revealed the string of red rope around her wrist that created a stark contrast with her fair skin.

Even though she was young, she exuded a mature, calm aura.

She got out of the car first, followed by her four teammates. The young men were each more striking than the last.

Many bullet comments flashed through the screen.

[Ahh! All of them are so gorgeous!]

[Changshan and qipao? The Physics Association has some good sense!]

[I don’t know if I should focus on the competition or on the participants more. Each and every one of them is so dashing and good-looking!]

Chen Ming heaved a sigh inwardly when he saw the comments. After all, people were more tolerant of beautiful things.

For this friendly match, four international judges from Country M would randomly select ten sets of questions from the question bank on site for the ten respective participants.

Each team would send out two members as a group for each round, and the team that won two out of the three rounds would win the competition.

Each group of contestants had one hour to answer the questions on a computer. After each question, the machine would assess the answer immediately, and points would be given if the answer was correct, and vice versa. In the end, the group with the highest score would win.

It was a very traditional rule, and it was easy to understand.

Since the competition had received a lot of attention from different layers of society, it had received plenty of investments too. There were also some people who had bought tickets to have an immersive experience of the real atmosphere.

After the judges picked the questions, they were then inserted into the computer.

Before the competition started, the host asked both team leaders to shake hands in a friendly manner.

Fu Zhi got to her feet and walked to the center of the stadium with Fujino, the leader of the team from Country R. She raised her hand.

Fujino pulled a long face and said, “I never shake hands with losers. Country R is going to win, and we will definitely destroy your team.”

“Well, what a coincidence. I am the exact opposite of you.”

At the spot where the light gathered, the cameraman went forward and zoomed in to relay everything happening at the center of the stadium in real-time to the netizens.

Fu Zhi raised her eyelids, staring straight at the young man in front of her, and said, “A team of blindly arrogant people that can’t recognize their own position should go back and study more. Otherwise, they’re just making themselves look like fools in front of everyone.”

Her aura was in full swing, but it was not overbearing.

She was standing in the center of the stadium right now. Even though she seemed calm and gentle, most of the people could still feel an inexplicable pressure coming from her across the screen.

[Holy... She’s so cool!]

[Here she comes. She can’t keep up with her “gentle as a lamb” public persona, and now she’s going down the “domineering sister” path.]

[That’s so terribly wrong. Fu Zhi knew that she’d represent our country from the moment she stepped into the stadium, so not backing down and staying down to earth are the qualities that a team leader should have!]

As the bullet comments flitted across the screen, inside the stadium, which could house 3,000 people, some of them raised their national flags, while the others were chanting Fu Zhi’s name. The atmosphere was electrifying.

“Captains, please give the list of participants who will participate in the first round in an orderly manner.” After the host finished the announcement, he left the stage to Fu Zhi and Fujino.

By right, the participants that participated in the first round played a huge role in affecting the morale of the team for the rest of the competition. Therefore, both team leaders would have to guess which two players the other team would send first and respond with the appropriate strategy.

However, as soon as the host finished speaking, before Fu Zhi could hand in the list, the two contestants from Country R who would be taking part in the first round swaggered to the center of the stage.

Fujino looked disdainfully at Fu Zhi as if he was taunting her.

After a few seconds of contemplation, Gu Yan said, “I’ve gone through the information of these two people before. They are pretty weak. However, Fujino and Akita are old partners, so I’m certain they will appear last. In any case, we should use our strength to attack our opponent’s weakness in order to win. Therefore, as long as we follow the flow, victory will be in the bag.”

Everyone knew everything Gu Yan had said. However, right now, she had stolen Fu Zhi’s thunder and taken all the credit.

As expected, when Fu Zhi handed over the list, the teams were as follows.

First Team: Lu Yubai, Xia Tian. Second Team: Jiang Zong. Third Team: Fu Zhi, Gu Yan.

The netizens exploded.

[She’s trying to take all the credit again! This Fu Girl is really shameless!]

[Gu Yan is the best among them, so if we go with the flow, she should be on the second team. Why did Fu Zhi put Gu Yan on the same team with her? Why must she pull Gu Yan down with her???]

[If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you can’t make a decision, then you shouldn’t be the team leader. I don’t know how you became the team leader.]

[I don’t know how Fu Zhi became the team leader, but you keyboard warriors will certainly not be able to become a team leader in your whole life!]

Another war broke out in the live-streaming room, and Gu Yan’s fans wanted to strangle Fu Zhi to death.

However, in the stadium, the host’s voice erupted. “All participants please come on stage in order and enter the corresponding area...”

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