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Chapter 311: Face Slapping In The Friendly Match – 3

Lu Yubai got to his feet. “Let’s go.”

Xia Tian, who was a little nervous, looked at Fu Zhi. When he saw her nodding at him, he took a deep breath and walked into the playing area behind Lu Yubai.

After the judges ascertained that everyone was ready, the competition began.

In the first 30 minutes, it was very obvious on the big screen that the team from China was way ahead of the team from Country R.

In the next 30 minutes, the big screen suddenly went dark, prompting the audience on the scene to shout.

The two parties could no longer observe each other’s scores on the screen for the time being. This was a double test for their perseverance and endurance, as this brain competition had turned into a psychological endurance battle.

In the past, Lu Yubai and Xia Tian would have been very nervous, but things were very different this time.

The revision material Fu Zhi had given them was very useful, and it had given their confidence a huge boost.

Time went by in the blink of an eye, and the round ended. The big screen lit up, revealing that Lu Yubai and Xia Tian were 20 marks ahead of their opponents.

Everyone, including the audience in the stadium and the viewers in the live-streaming room, was hit by a wave of exaltation and screamed in joy.

The second round was a single match.

Before Jiang Zong went on the stage, he approached Fu Zhi.

All the reporters zoomed in on them.

He was wearing a changshan as he whispered into Fu Zhi’s ear.

Fu Zhi’s eyelid twitched. Before she realized what she had done, she had instinctively raised her leg and... Jiang Zong, who didn’t have time to do anything, was sent flying in the air.

The scene froze for a split second, and the netizens in the live-streaming room were stunned.

Jiang Zong, who was lying on the ground, was both furious and speechless as he let out a violent cough fit, causing his fans to scowl at Fu Zhi and hate her even more.

The silver lining was that Jiang Zong was tough. Even though he had gotten injured, he still took on the second round with ease.

Fu Zhi’s team had victory in the bag at the moment. However, everyone in the live-streaming room was aware of Fu Zhi’s tactics. Fujino and Akita were undoubtedly the strongest in their team, and it went without saying that they would destroy Fu Zhi and Gu Yan easily.

There were more than ten million viewers in the live-streaming room now.

The second Fu Zhi went to the center of the stadium, she sensed a few beams of blinding light from different sides being hurled at the stage, lighting up the stage as bright as day.

Her seat was just three meters away from Gu Yan. This time, the smile on her face deepened, and her eyes were glowing.

For a moment, all the lights zeroed in on her and Gu Yan.

“The countdown will start now...” A voice spoke through the microphone while the computer screen lit up and the title was displayed in front of the participants.

When this round started, the audience fell silent. Everyone was looking at the center of the stadium with bated breath, as none of them wanted Fu Zhi and Gu Yan to lose.

Then, the cameraman zoomed in.

Ten minutes later, the scores of the two teams appeared on the big screen: Country R, 50 points; China, 80 points.

The audience, the staff, and every netizen in front of the screen couldn’t help being stunned. None of them could believe it, but it seemed to them that they were going to win completely. When this realization dawned on them, all of them were exalted.

However, their exaltation was short-lived. Fujino and Akita soon noticed the gap and sped up.

Fifteen minutes later... Country R: 80 points, China: 100 points.

Twenty minutes later... Country R: 120 points, China: 125 points.

Half an hour later, Fu Zhi took one last glance at the screen before it went dark again.

Country R: 140 points, China: 120 points!

To everyone’s surprise, Fu Zhi and Gu Yan had both started the game on a high note, but they were going downhill now.

Even though no one knew what had happened to Fu Zhi and Gu Yan, it was not difficult for them to figure the whole thing out. Considering their momentum before they had been overtaken by the participants from Country R, everyone speculated that one of them, the better one, must have widened the gap, and the reason they had been thrust into the current situation was that the other was being a drag and had answered many questions wrong.

The audience in the stadium got restless.

Fu Zhi put down the stylus, turned her body sideways, and looked at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan’s face was pale, and there was a layer of sweat on her forehead.

The questions in the International Physics Question Bank were ranked differently.

Fu Zhi and Gu Yan had hit the jackpot and had been given a set of questions with “SSS+” difficulty. This set of questions contained the hardest type of questions, and the last two questions were so complex that it would take at least 20 minutes for a professional to answer them.

However, at the same time, the harder a question was, the more points it was worth.

While sitting on her chair, Fu Zhi looked at Gu Yan, who was struggling with the question. Then, without any hesitation, she went forward and took the stylus out of Gu Yan’s hand.

“You, get out of here,” she said, her voice forceful.

Gu Yan turned her head around and felt as if someone was clutching her heart when she locked eyes with Fu Zhi.

A hint of disgust flitted across her face as she said coldly, “Are you insane? How are we going to win if I get off the stage now? Can’t you see that we’re being overtaken by them? This would not have happened if you had not answered so many questions wrong, yet now you ask me to get out of here? Do you want everyone to laugh at us?”

The score of each person in a team was not displayed separately. Therefore, she decided to blame Fu Zhi the moment she saw her.

Fu Zhi squinted her eyes. She took a look at the time, and her gaze grew grimmer with every passing second. In the end, she decided not to tolerate Gu Yan anymore and spoke through the microphone. “Referee, take Gu Yan away.”

The referee was stunned. However, when he saw Sheng Hua nodding at him from not far away, he still went up to Gu Yan and said, “Ms. Gu, please don’t make things difficult for us.”

They were going to lose, but Gu Yan could not accept being regarded as a loser. While she was walking down the staircase, she turned to Fu Zhi and hissed, “You will be sorry if we lose this round!”

Then, she turned around and left.

Pressing her lips firmly, Fu Zhi went back to her seat. She scanned the questions, and her hand started sweating.

Meanwhile, in the live-streaming room...

[What the hell is she thinking? Why would she kick out a teammate during a two-player tournament?]

[That’s it! If I were Gu Yan, I would have slapped her in the face!]

[Does she think she’s very good just because her parents were researchers? She snatched the team leader position from Gu Yan, and now she kicked her off the field just because Gu Yan refuses to listen to her commands? Even a three-year-old kid has a broader mind than her. Ms. Gu Yan is so pitiful!]

[That’s it. She’s an idiot. Goodbye.]

[Wait a second. Why are you all scolding Fu Zhi? Maybe it’s Gu Yan who’s being a drag!]

Everyone with a sane mind could see that there had to be a reason Fu Zhi had kicked Gu Ya out. They just could not fathom how those people could say such harsh words without seeing the whole picture.

However, there was nothing money could not do.

Those people were paid haters, and their job was to insult Fu Zhi as much as they could.

Fu Zhi did not know everything that was happening in the live-streaming room. She just kept her head low and held her stylus tightly. She had moved to Gu Yan’s seat, and her brain was spinning rapidly as she tried to answer as many questions as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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