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Chapter 309: Face Slapping At The Friendly Match – 1

Fu Zhi replied plainly, “Yeah, I will get the trophy back.”

“Alright, enjoy your dinner. Call me again if you need anything!”

The comment section was filled with all sorts of weird comments.

[??? The robotic arm was developed by Fu Zhi when she was 8 years old?]

[I don’t care! They must be bluffing. I was playing with mud and sand when I was 8 years old, so how could my pretty sister be that great?]

[Ha ha ha! See? It’s been proved by Du Min. I would like to see who still dares to say our Zhizhi is rubbish!]

[As one of her fans and the mother of a child, I finally understand how parents feel when their child makes their family famous! This feels so great!!!]

Some of the fans who were also mothers to a few children felt proud of Fu Zhi. They nearly went outside their houses and set off firecrackers to celebrate.

There were several haters who still left insulting comments such as “Everything is set up”, “She’s just bluffing”, and “Du Min’s stupid”. However, after being scolded and criticized by the rest of the netizens, they did not dare say anything else.

All the crew members were looking at Fu Zhi in disbelief, as they all found it hard to believe that the robotic arm, which was a kind of black technology, had been created by Fu Zhi when she was only eight years old. They would not have been able to do it themselves even if they were 80 years old.

After Du Min left with the two researchers, Fu Zhi quickly finished her dinner and then handed over the remaining four copies of the summary that she had compiled just now to the rest of the people.

“There are 500 questions here. I will give you guys the answers and the solving steps tonight. You guys try to finish them by tomorrow and give them back to me so that I can look over them again. As for this kind of live-streaming session—”

Fu Zhi looked in the direction of the camera and added, “You guys shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Remember, don’t put the cart before the horse. The internet will only lead you astray from what you should be focusing on.”

Lu Yubai and Xia Tian nodded. “Alright, we will try to finish them as soon as possible.”

They had not come to the variety show for the sake of the fans. They were here to honor their country.

Jiang Zong went upstairs to sleep, while Gu Yan’s face was dark.

Gu Yan took a glance at the summary Fu Zhi had given her. Then, she pushed it back to her and said, “I don’t need it. Maybe you’re not aware of it, but the test questions for every Physics competition at an international level are set by the president of the Physics Association in Country M. I was educated abroad, so I know very well the type of questions that are asked at international competitions. If you have nothing else to say, then I’m going upstairs to read my medical book.”

The public image that Gu Yan had set up was that of a lady from a decent family who was fair-skinned and attractive. She was highly educated and popular abroad. She did not think Fu Zhi’s material was useful at all. That’s why she had the audacity to say something like that in front of everyone.

She had only one goal for participating in this friendly match: to watch Fu Zhi lead the team to a total defeat.

Many bullet comments flitted across the screen

[Ah! Gu Yan just face-slapped that pretentious pr*ck by looking down at her. She’s really a keeper. I think I’m in love again.]

[Everything else aside, the level of education of that foreign country is much better, not to mention that most international-level competitions are held in Country M. Gu Yan attended an elite school when she was in Country M and won scholarships every year. Maybe Fu Zhi has a better background, but she’s nowhere near Gu Yan’s league when it comes to competitions like this!]

[The competition is just around the corner. You guys should sleep and rest well to confront your opponents in your best shape!]

[Compared to other participants, who still have to revise before the competition, she’s really much more dependable.]

[But like some of you guys have said, the competition is just around the corner. So what is the matter with Gu Yan reading medical books all the time? If she doesn’t study the questions, will she be able to tackle the questions when she gets to the competition?]

[I wonder if all of Gu Yan’s fans are underage. You guys are so childish.]

Everyone was arguing through bullet comments. Both of them were pretty young ladies who were going to participate in the same competition and appear in the same live-streaming session.

It was difficult for people not to draw comparisons between the two of them. After all, Gu Yan had gently brushed aside Fu Zhi’s kind offer, no matter how good her suggestion was.

Everyone naturally associated this with the sudden change of team leader at the last minute, and they could all more or less relate to Gu Yan’s unreasonable behavior.

Fu Zhi was the team leader, and as the person leading the team, she wanted the best for her team members. However, she could not force them to study the question papers.

Therefore, not even the viewers in the live-streaming room or the crew members of the variety show were worried about Fu Zhi.

In an unknown location...

When Fu Zhao saw Gu Yan’s attitude through the live-streaming session, his face turned livid from rage.

She had already been given the chance to participate in the competition, yet she wanted more. It seemed to Fu Zhao that she would not give up until she ruined Fu Zhi.

“Get someone to look into it. I’m pretty sure Gu Yan is the reason Zhizhi was feeling down the other day.” Fu Jiang walked out of his room, sat on the chair in his study, and said, “Then, leak some information to the Lu Family.”

On the second and third days of the variety show “Up Up You Go”, except for Gu Yan, none of the other participants took the initiative to participate in the recording.

Even though Fu Zhi had a lot of haters, ever since she had locked herself up in the study, the number of viewers in the live-streaming room had dropped drastically.

Chen Ming was worried about it, but luckily, the friendly match with Country R was just around the corner.

On Sunday morning, countless viewers surged into the live-streaming room and waited with bated breath for the show to start.

The venue of the match was the national sports stadium, and countless media outlets, including China Central Television, were there to interview the participants.

Many merchants saw this as a great business opportunity. Therefore, in addition to the video-sharing platform and live-streaming app, all of them activated the reward channel, so every viewer could shower their favorite participants with gifts to boost their morale.

Under the circumstances, even though the participants were not aware of it or concerned about it, it would still make them look pretty ugly if they were the least popular.

Well, it went without saying that Fu Zhi was not at all concerned about this issue. Due to the fact that the entire procession of the friendly match would be broadcast live, the Physics Association had sent a professional team to touch up their appearance.

Time flitted rapidly until it was 8:00 a.m.

Fu Zhi slowly opened her eyes after the team put on light makeup on her face. Then, she asked Xiao Ai to bring her breakfast. After she finished her breakfast and a cup of milk, she finally got to her feet and went downstairs.

The team of makeup artists was stunned.

They had served many people before Fu Zhi, including list celebrities, the trophy wife of a rich man, and even stars with huge devoted fan bases... Even though all of them had looked different from each other and they’d all possessed beauty of their own, they paled in comparison to Fu Zhi. Her beauty seemed to come from within, and she looked extremely stunning even without any makeup on, causing the styling team to have the urge not to put any makeup on Gu Yan.

After all, as the proverb goes, it is easy to make something cheap extravagant but difficult to do the opposite. After they saw a beauty like Fu Zhi, Gu Yan had become an ordinary person.

“It’s such a waste that you don’t want to become a celebrity with your appearance.” The stylist lamented.

Fu Zhi paused in her tracks. She let out a chuckle but did not say anything.

She turned her head around and saw Jiang Zong, who was leaning against the door frame and yawning.

Fu Zhi’s smile had not faded yet, and Jiang Zong captured that fleeting moment. Her pretty eyes were slightly curved, and this was the kind of beauty that was different from her usual indifference and extremely impactful.

Jiang Zong froze.

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