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Chapter 308: Fu Zhi’s Research Project

‘What did you say? Fu Zhi’s parents were researchers that passed away a long time ago? The villa and the land where the FZ Institute is located belong to Fu Zhi and her family?’

Everyone was so shocked that they could not come back to their senses for a long while. No one sent any bullet comments for a few minutes straight, and the entire live-streaming room fell silent.

Every fan of Gu Yan and Jiang Zong who had criticized Fu Zhi for her blatant statement and unrealistic dreams was tongue-tied, and they did not know what to say by the time Du Min appeared. They just felt their faces hurt when they thought about the comments they’d made earlier.

After a few minutes that seemed like ages, some viewers finally regained their senses.

[Erm... I don’t know if I should ask this, but does what Du Min said mean that Fu Zhi is the landlady?]

[I guess so? Did you not hear that Du Min called Fu Zhi “Zhizhi”? If all the research personnel in the FZ Research Institute are her uncles... Then, her background is even stronger than Gu Yan’s!]

[Where are the people who said Fu Zhi is an orphan? Why don’t you guys say something? Cat got your tongue?]

[The FZ Research Institute is a state investment, so does that mean both of Fu Zhi’s parents were state researchers? Wow, that’s really something!]

Everything else aside, Fu Zhi’s change from a cheapskate who had come from the countryside to someone who owned countless black technologies was impressive... Even the performers of the Sichuan face-changing opera could not change their faces so fast!

Her real identity was something that everyone craved.

Inside the villa...

Gu Yan’s face was livid, and her hands were tightly clenched beside her waist.

What could feel more desperate than this moment?

The ant that she’d thought could be crushed with her hands had unknowingly become a more dignified existence than her.

Bitterness, anger, resentment...

All sorts of emotions were clawing at Gu Yan’s heart, causing her face to contort out of shape. Fortunately, there were no cameras on her right now, as everyone was focusing on Fu Zhi and Du Min.

Du Min wiped fake tears off his face as he said, “You’ve already kept a really low profile this whole time, yet the netizens still want to scold you. This is so sad!!!]

As Du Min continued to shed more pretentious tears from his eyes, Fu Zhi took a sip from the milk and looked at him in confusion. She did not know what he was doing at all. Then, in an unhurried voice, she asked, “I didn’t read what they said, but since you know about it so well, could you have too little work on your hands?”

When she had previously worked at the institute, she hadn’t even had time to play games, but Du Min still had time to catch up on drama!!!

Du Min fell silent.

‘Oh sh*t. Busted!’

Pasting on a fake smile, Du Min said, “Well... We have to find the proper balance between work and leisure. By the way, are you not curious to know how people comment about you?”

Fu Zhi replied flatly, “I don’t care about that.”

If she had the free time, she would rather use it to play games or do more research.

The reason she appeared apathetic to those malicious comments was that she found it unnecessary to lower herself to their level and respond to them. After all, she knew herself the best, and their comments meant nothing to her. As long as they did not cross the line, she would never retaliate.

Besides, she’d had a lot of fun ever since she had left Laboratory 927 a year ago. There was no research waiting for her to be done, and all she needed to do every day after she woke up was put eye drops in her eyes to protect them and play games.

Throughout the entire No.1 High School, only she and Su Xing would do the eye exercises organized by their school every day to protect their eyes.

Raising his fist high in the air to demonstrate his anger, Du Min said, “These netizens are really strange, and I seriously don’t understand them at all. They don’t know sh*t, and yet they keep throwing shade at you. You’re the one who offered this villa to the participants because you wanted them to have a proper place to rest.”

He paused for a while before adding, “They also said you’re a cheapskate and you only see money. If you’re really that kind of person, then why did you always refuse whenever I tried to give you money for lending the land all these years?”

‘Hold on a second! Give me money? Is he going to give me money?’

Fu Zhi’s eyes glowed. Then, just as she opened her mouth to say something, Du Min, who had prepared for it, went up to her with one large stride and covered her mouth.

“I know, I know. You don’t need to say anything. I know you don’t want my money, and you only want the best for this research institute and the country!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Then can you move your hand away from my mouth?’

Jiang Zong had been sitting by the couch and playing with the teddy bear this entire time. There was a mysterious smile playing at his lips, and he seemed rather amused.

Lu Yubai and the others were so baffled that they were at a loss for words.

This villa belonged to Fu Zhi, so were Fu Zhi’s biological parents not from the countryside?

Chen Ming then went forward and said, “I’ve been curious about why you’re so familiar with the villa and can play with the Tibetan Mastiff. So this is really your house! Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

Fu Zhi picked a sweet and sour pork rib with her chopstick and replied, “I didn’t feel like telling you guys.”

Chen Ming was left speechless.

‘Well, whatever you say. You’re the boss here.’

Many bullet comments flitted across the screen again.

[Compared to Gu Yan, who can talk for half an hour over a letter of recommendation, Fu Zhi is on a totally different level.]

[Then why didn’t she tell us earlier? At the end of the day, she just wants to show off. Besides, not only did she leave her family behind and refuse to pursue higher education, but she also ran away to the countryside like a psycho and squandered the money and property that was left to her by her parents! Do her parents owe her? Do her parents wish to see her in such a sh*tty situation? I’ve never been so speechless in my life before. It’s no wonder that everyone is scolding her. She deserves it!!!]

[Woah, Woah, Woah. Take it easy, dude, will you? Did Fu Zhi show off anything? Have you been an animal for so long that you have forgotten how to speak a human language?]

[Fu Zhi is considered very good. If I were her, I would’ve taken a loudspeaker and gone to the People’s Square to shout for ten days and half a month to let the world know that I am the boss!]

Other than a few particular people, nobody scolded Fu Zhi because of her background anymore, especially after they found out that her parents had passed away due to overwork fatigue.

Therefore, on the same day, Fu Zhi became the hottest topic on Weibo.

The netizens talked about how tough Fu Zhi’s life had been in the past few years and how many people had criticized her and scolded her due to her identity as a country bumpkin and an orphan. It was a long article of nearly 800 words, and it soon became viral on the internet.

For a moment, a group of mothers asked inwardly, ‘Can we have a daughter like her as well?’

As a result, Fu Zhi had gotten herself a group of mom fans and a group of girls who’d initially only thought she was pretty. They became her fans after learning about her “tragic” life.

In merely a night, the number of fans on Fu Zhi’s Weibo skyrocketed from 2,000 to 50,000.

“Oh yeah, Zhizhi, if you get the Junior Physics Nobel prize this time, you can put the trophy next to the trophy that the government awarded to you for developing the robotic arm when you were eight years old,” Du Min said, dropping the last bombshell of the night on the people before leaving.

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