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Chapter 305: FZ = Fu Zhi, The Grand Reveal – 2

The netizens in front of the screen were stunned. All of them were wondering if she was out of her mind after seeing their hate-filled comments. A sane person would never provoke a Tibetan Mastiff!

Upon hearing her voice, the Tibetan Mastiff, which had been about to bite Gu Yan, raised one of its hind legs off the ground and peed on her, throwing her for a loop.

Even though the netizens sympathized with her, at the same time, they also wanted to laugh at her.

Gu Yan’s face paled from anger. The elegant, regal image that she had been keeping up was almost destroyed by the dog!

Tapping its feet on the ground restlessly, Lunar grinned and charged headlong toward Fu Zhi.


‘Zhizhi, Zhizhi, I’m coming. Make sure you catch me!’

Fu Zhi was speechless.

‘Hold on a second. Do you have any idea how heavy you are? I’m not going to catch you!’

With that thought in mind, Fu Zhi stepped aside and avoided the incoming dog.

Lunar was an adult dog and a rare breed with silver fur. For every one thousand Tibetan Mastiffs, only one would be born with silvery fur. Even though it was more majestic than the ordinary black Tibetan Mastiff, when it opened its mouth, it still scared the netizens and the people around it out of their wits.

Fu Zhi was a goner.

That was the thought that flitted across everyone’s minds, including the mind of Gu Ya, who was waiting with a mocking smirk at the corner of her lips for Fu Zhi’s imminent demise.

As everyone held their breath, the Tibetan Mastiff, which had resumed charging toward Fu Zhi, was stopped in its tracks by Fu Zhi. Grasping the skin on the back of Lunar’s neck, she patted its head lightly twice as she said, “Behave yourself. If you are not a good boy, I won’t peel cherries for you later.”

Lunar barked. “Owooo...”

‘Alright. I’ll be a good boy!’

While looking at the giant Tibetan Mastiff that rubbed its head affectionately against Fu Zhi’s palm, the netizens and the group in the courtyard were stupefied.

Where was its dignity as a Tibetan Mastiff?!

There was silence in the air for a long while, and Chen Ming was the first one to come back to his senses. He gestured at his assistant to ask him to film a close-up of Fu Zhi.

Under the sun, the young lady stroked the Tibetan Mastiff named Lunar with one of her hands while peeling a cherry and feeding it to the dog with her other hand.

She was wearing a white floral skirt today with a pink blazer that further accentuated her fair skin. She allowed her hair to cascade down her shoulders naturally, giving her the elegant vibe of a lady from ancient times. Of course, this was provided that one ignored the fact that she was pulling and playing around with the Tibetan Mastiff’s face.

The bullet comments went silent for a while, and then everyone exploded.

[Ahhh!! I thought gorgeous, emperor-level beast tamers only existed in fictional worlds. I never thought I would be able to meet one in real life! Ah! I can finally die in peace now.]

[Even Du Min said he cannot control that Tibetan Mastiff, yet Fu Zhi can tame it with just a few waves of her hand????]

[No, aren’t you guys curious? When Gu Yan got up in the afternoon and asked the robot to make her a cup of coffee, the robot ignored her. Then, Xia Tian lost his way while going to the kitchen. However... Fu Zhi seems to be very familiar with the structure of this villa. She knows that the third floor is where the study is, and she also knows that the guest rooms are on the second floor! And the silver Tibetan Mastiff... I heard that Tibetan Mastiffs only recognize one owner in their lifetime... I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely smell something fishy...]

[Erm... I’m not one of Fu Zhi’s fans, but don’t you guys think that “FZ” is an abbreviation formed by the initials of Fu Zhi’s name? Besides, I heard some of you say that the research institute is sponsored by the Fu Corporation. Fu Corporation? Do you guys get it now?]

[I think that’s just a coincidence. If Fu Zhi was really related to the research institute’s owners, then why would she be staying in the countryside? Why is the quality of her life not as good as Gu Yan’s? Are you guys about to say that she’s the president of the research institute or the president of the Fu Corporation? Wake up, please! She’s just an orphan, and that’s a fact that cannot be changed!]

Even though Gu Yan’s fans and a certain group of netizens still did not believe this, most of the people who had witnessed the whole process were certain that there was something fishy about it!

They would rather die than believe that Fu Zhi had no relationship with the villa or the research institute.

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