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Chapter 306: FZ = Fu Zhi, The Grand Reveal – 3

Fu Zhi locked Lunar into the cage and went to wash the cherries that she had picked from the fruit grove.

It was not cherry harvest season, yet each and every cherry in Fu Zhi’s basket was red and juicy.

“I just picked cherries. There are apples and pears in the back of the mountain. Feel free to pick them yourselves. I’m going to take a nap now,” said Fu Zhi. She placed the teddy bear back on the couch and shot a glance at Jiang Zong and other participants. Then, before she went away, she said apathetically, “By the way, the master bedroom is on the third floor, so don’t go up there if possible.”

After all, the FZ Research Institute was the development hub of black technology in their country, and there were countless research projects in their hands.

Even though they had moved the filming location into the villa, there were a lot of precious documents and information there, including some high technology products that had not been introduced to the market and were in the study on the third floor.

Lu Yubai looked like he wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say. He felt that he had discovered a big secret, but he could not bring himself to ask because they were on camera right now.

After Fu Zhi gave her instructions, she turned around and walked toward the third floor. However, no sooner had she taken a step forward than she was stopped by Jiang Zong.

“Fu Zhi, there are a lot of dangers lurking in the villa. I’m not familiar with the place, so let’s add each other on WeChat. This way, if something happens, you can come to protect me as soon as possible,” Jiang Zong said as he leaned against the couch, smiling at Fu Zhi and coughing.

Fu Zhi now realized why her cousin had said that many girls on Weibo liked Jiang Zong.

Even though he was weak and his body was frail, he possessed a great deal of personal magnetism. Even though he was just sitting there without doing anything, he still exuded an aura of elegance and he looked extremely dashing in his suit.

Every girl in the live-streaming room was stunned when they heard what Jiang Zong had said.

[Ahhh!! No! You cannot do that! That girl is a b*tch!]

As they were crying, they heard Fu Zhi reply, “Why do I have to protect you?”

The young lady seemed confused. She studied Jiang Zong from head to toe, and then scanned him all over again before commenting in a serious manner, “Are you a giant baby?”

Jiang Zong’s fans in the live-streaming room were stunned.

[????? What the... My brother has a heart condition. Would it kill you to protect him?]

[How can you be so rude?]

[I know what you’re doing. You’re playing hard to get, aren’t you? But don’t you think you have taken it too far? Jiang Zong only follows Gu Yan on Weibo secretly, so you should appreciate the fact that he wants to add you on WeChat in public. Don’t take it for granted!]

[Do you really think the villa is yours? Have you forgotten that you came from the countryside? Please take a look at yourself in the mirror. You’re making me sick!]

All the girls showered Fu Zhi with hate-filled comments.

Some of Gu Yan’s fans also chimed in and said, [I assume that Du Min has just reset all the robots to factory settings. That’s why they all thought Fu Zhi was their master the first time they saw her. As for the Tibetan Mastiff... Well, it is, after all, a dog, and all dogs love to eat. It’s pretty normal for it to wag its tail at Fu Zhi after she gives it some cherries. In any case, Fu Zhi’s fans, please stop drawing any unfounded conclusions. Like this other person just said, it will only make us feel sick~]

Chen Ming was having a headache now. Things were getting slightly better, and the viewers in the live-streaming room had started to take a liking to Fu Zhi, but it had all been destroyed by a single sentence from her.

Fu Zhi had no idea about the trouble that she had caused. She waved at Lu Yubai and said, “I want to eat sweet and sour pork ribs and sautéed sweet corn with salted egg yolk tonight. If you have something you want to eat for dinner, just text me and I will order takeout for you later.”

Unlike Fu Zhi, who was smiling faintly at Lu Yubai, there was not much of an expression on Lu Yubai’s face. His brows were furrowed slightly, and he seemed very serious right now.

“You have to stop eating sweet and sour pork ribs for dinner every day, Zhizhi. It’s not good for your health,” he said. Then, he paused for a moment before adding, “Order some Xiaolongbao for me.”

Fu Zhi nodded. Then, she turned to Xia Tian. Xia Tian had turned 16 years old that year, and his face flushed while Fu Zhi was looking at him.

“I’m fine with anything. All I need is just three bowls of rice, six dishes, and a bowl of soup and I will be fine.”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

She touched the card in her pocket and sighed inwardly.

Even though she felt heartache at the idea of spending so much money, there was nothing she could do. After all, these two were the participants that were going to honor her father.

As for the other two contestants in the room, Fu Zhi simply ignored them.

Jiang Zong just lay on the couch. He seemed unfazed by the fact that he was ignored by Fu Zhi, but that did not apply to Gu Yan.

She became visibly enraged, and she could not believe that Fu Zhi had dared to give her the go-by.

The atmosphere in the bullet comments grew even more intense.

[??? What about Gu Yan and Jiang Zong? How could she ignore them?]

[No, shouldn’t the point be that the liar didn’t do her homework properly and revealed herself? If you guys don’t know this, then let me enlighten you. The FZ Research Institute was built in the suburbs, and its perimeter is guarded by military armed forces. On a normal day, no one can go near the area except for the staff and senior state officials. If this liar really is the owner of the villa, how could she not know this?]

[Even though I seldom pay attention to the news about the FZ Research Institute, I know that normal people like us are prohibited from entering a research unit like this. All the research personnel is restricted from ordering takeout, as they have their own chef to take care of their daily meals. All of them have been following the rules, so who the hell does Fu Zhi think she is to break the rules, huh? Is she a princess from Africa?]

[Order takeout? Why don’t you ask Du Min to deliver the food to you instead?]

[Chill, guys. This is just a variety show. There’s no need to get so hot and bothered.]

Fu Zhi did not know how big of a commotion she had caused. She turned around and went back to her room, leaving Chen Ming behind to deal with the mess.

In any case, Chen Ming felt that he should stop this situation from getting any worse right now. Thus, he said, “Well, that’s the end of the live-streaming session. Let’s give our participants some time to rest, and we will continue the live-streaming session during dinner.”

A certain group of netizens who still wanted to scold Fu Zhi were stunned.

[F*ck this program’s team. They just want to protect Fu Zhi! How can they be so heartless!!!]

That was the last bullet comment before Chen Ming stopped the live-streaming session.

After the live-streaming session ended, Chen Ming looked through the data of the live-streaming room.

In the beginning, there had only been 20,000 to 30,000 people in the live-streaming room. Then, the number of viewers had skyrocketed to nearly a million toward the end of the live-streaming session. Even though the result was not as great as that of other variety shows of the same period, Chen Ming found it rather acceptable. After all, other than Jiang Zong and Gu Yan, the remaining three participants were normal people.

“You guys keep your eyes on Fu Zhi. If you see that she’s about to say something bad again, just shift the camera to the other participants. We have to stop the netizens from attacking her.”

After he gave his order, Chen Ming finally felt hungry. He asked his staff members to take out the ingredients that they had prepared beforehand and began making dinner in the kitchen.

At six o’clock in the evening...

Fu Zhi was reading a Physics book in the study on the third floor, while Gu Yan was hosting a live-streaming session in the guest room on the second floor.

Gu Yan’s forehead was high, and her eyebrows were marked by beautiful clearness. Although she was not as pretty as Fu Zhi, she had an air of an ancient lady about her and she looked elegant just sitting there.

She zoomed her camera out and let the viewers see the pile of medical books that she read whenever she was free. “It’s just some rudimentary medical books that will be useful when I take the Chu Family’s exam in a few days.

“Yes. I’m talking about the Chu Family in the capital. I have a letter of recommendation from Elder Chu He. Although he’s expressed his wish to take me in as his disciple, I will still take the entrance examination. Traditional Chinese medicine is different from other fields. It’s all about talent and how much you can absorb. Even the slightest mistake can spell disaster. Personally, I don’t agree with any behavior that is not in line with the rules and procedures.”

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