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Chapter 304: FZ = Fu Zhi, The Grand Reveal – 1

[But why do all the robots call her ‘milady’? Besides, I don’t know about you guys, but I feel that these robots like her very much...]

[That’s why they are robots. I dare her to make that Tibetan Mastiff in the cage submit to her. In any case, she’s just a tiny sparrow from the countryside who doesn’t even have parents. Also, you guys better not make any ridiculous statements such as that the FZ Research Institute maybe belongs to Fu Zhi. I swear I will laugh my head off!]

Meanwhile, on the inner side of the FZ Research Institute...

When Du Min and his group saw the comments of the netizens, all of them fell silent.

‘Whose robot would have a level of intelligence comparable to a nine-year-old kid, like the robot developed by Fu Zhi? Besides, if the research institute doesn’t belong to Fu Zhi, then who does it belong to? You, him, or her? It really takes a mouth to make a statement, doesn’t it? You would laugh your head off? Then guess what? Your head’s going to say goodbye to you soon. However, I have to agree with you on one point. Perhaps I really should release the Tibetan Mastiff... Hmm... Should I?’

While Du Min was contemplating whether or not he should release the Tibetan Mastiff from the cage, the group of middle-aged men in hazmat suits that were sitting around him watched the live stream with iron lunchboxes in their hands, their eyes filled with eagerness.

“Why the hell did she let those people stay in the guest rooms? I haven’t even stayed there yet!

“She even gave them juice worth a few thousand yuan...

“Did she have to teach them how to handle the competition? Why doesn’t she come back to the institute to scold me?

“Our president is really getting more and more diligent. She could just send someone to take part in the competition on her behalf, yet she still chose to participate in it herself.”

Du Min let out a sigh. Like everybody else here, he missed Fu Zhi a lot.

Someone then asked, “Is it possible for me to stay at the villa by saying that I have to take care of the participants?”

Du Min shot him a cold glare.

The group used this opportunity to watch the bullet comments, as it was their lunch hour. However, it occurred to them that this was a bad call. The more bullet comments they read, the angrier they became. “Who the hell is this girl named Gu Yan? What’s so great about her? Our president obtained a patent for her research at the age of five. It’s something that Gu Yan will never be able to achieve even when she’s 50 years old!”

“What do they mean our president loves money because she comes from the countryside? Do they not know that it’s called being forthright and adorable? Also, who the hell in this world doesn’t love money? Our Zhizhi is the wealthiest person in this country!”

“That’s right. Besides, who the hell do they think they are to ask our president to emulate the researchers, huh? Do they not know that every high-ranking researcher in our country is her student? In my opinion, this group of keyboard warriors only has the guts to post angry messages on the internet behind their computers. In reality, they couldn’t even be compared to a single finger of our president!”

“Argh! I can’t take it anymore. All of them keep saying that Zhizhi is no good. I have to tell them that she’s the owner of this research institute!”

“Hold your horses. She’s living with the Lu Family right now, and there are many companies that want to cooperate with our research institute. If we expose her identity now, some people might disturb her peaceful life...”

This was the crux of the problem. Fu Zhi yearned for a normal life, but her destiny had been decided from the moment she had taken over the baton and become the president of the research institute. She was destined to receive the attention of both the people in her country and the people around the world. There was no way she could escape from it.

Du Min contemplated this. After a while that felt like ages, he smacked his thigh as if he had made a decision and said, “No. We can’t allow them to disparage Zhizhi any longer. We must help Zhizhi clear her name!”

With determination flaring in his eyes, he beckoned to the other researchers to come closer.

In the afternoon, when all of her teammates were resting in their own rooms, Fu Zhi led the robot to the fruit grove at the back of the mountain.

The villa in the research institute covered an extremely vast area. The fruit grove was not very far from the villa, so it took only 10 minutes to get there on foot.

The first thing that entered one’s vision when they arrived at the fruit grove was a sky-blue plastic greenhouse. The cherries on the trees were as large as the fists of a grown man. They looked like red, purplish gems growing out of the trees, and there was a thick fruity scent in the air.

Fu Zhi took a basket and a pair of scissors from the robot. By the time she finished her stroll around the fruit grove, her basket was filled.

The cameraman walking beside her could not help but gulp.

“If you want to...” Fu Zhi looked at the cameraman, patted the robot’s head, and said, “I can ask Xiao Ai to pick up and bring you some later.”

The cameraman’s eyes shone. “Really?”

Fu Zhi gave him a smile and nodded, causing the viewers in the live-streaming room to grow even more restless and dissatisfied with her.

[Do you really think this is your house? How can you simply pluck the fruit without asking?]

[I just looked it up. The cherries in Fu Zhi’s basket are known as Xi Shi Cherries. They are one of the latest species developed by the FZ Research Institute, and one cherry cost about 90 yuan at an auction held in Country R several years ago. She’s plucked about two baskets of these cherries, and with a single glance, I can deduce that she has taken about 70,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan from the institute.]

[I’ve heard that children with a single parent have some character flaws, and I’m really astounded that a parentless child like Fu Zhi would be so shameless. She went straight for the fruit garden and plucked the cherries without asking for permission. Her behavior really has disgraced everyone that comes from the countryside.]

[Why can’t the team pay more attention to Gu Yan, who’s just been stripped of her title as the team leader? Not only does she come from a good family, but she also has a good character. She definitely deserves more attention!]

Many rage-filled bullet comments flitted across the screen, and Chen Ming was anxious.

He tried to save the situation by banning a few accounts, but little did he realize that the rebound was even greater.

Just as he was about to ask his team to focus on Gu Yan, a sharp shrill belted out of the courtyard. Immediately, one of Chen Ming’s staff members rushed into the villa and shouted, “This is bad! The Tibetan Mastiff is out of its cage and it’s chasing Gu Yan!”

Both Chen Ming and the netizens were stunned. He could not come back to his senses, and it was only when his assistant pushed his shoulder that he snapped back to reality.

In the courtyard, three minutes ago...

Gu Yan was heading to a gazebo in the courtyard to study the medical book in her hand. However, before she could reach her destination, a Tibetan Mastiff with silvery fur appeared out of thin air and charged straight at her.

The Tibetan Mastiff was as tall as a grown man when it stood on its two legs. Its fangs were sharp, and a low growl was forming at the back of its throat.

It chased Gu Yan and blocked her in the gazebo. Gu Yan squeezed her book tightly, her eyes red and her legs shaking uncontrollably.

When Chen Ming came to the courtyard, he nearly fainted. With trembling fingers, he called out Du Min’s name and asked for his help. “The mastiff... The dog is out. It’s chasing one of our participants. It won’t bite, will it?”

“What?! Lunar is out of its cage?” Du Min shouted, his voice rising by an octave. “The Mastiff in the villa is aggressive. Not even I can control it. How did it get out of its cage?”

‘Is that really important right now?!’

Chen Ming said, “Then what should we do? Should we call the police?”

“I don’t think the police can do anything about it either. Lunar’s parents are elite dogs that have contributed a lot to the country. That’s why Lunar can stay in the research institute, and there are very few people who can keep it under control.” Du Min sighed. “Well, well, well, what should we do now?”

Chen Ming was speechless.

‘It’s your dog, yet you’re asking me?’

Everyone in the live-streaming room, especially Gu Yan’s fans, was worried about her. They all directed their anger at the staff of the show and began calling them rubbish.

While everyone had no idea what they should do, a clear female voice rang out. “Come back, Lunar.”

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