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Chapter 295: Lu Yushen Starts To Talk – 3

Gu Yan had not expected that Fu Zhi would grab Lu Yushen’s finger suddenly. She did not know how they’d interacted with each other during her absence from the Lu Family, but that did not stop her from feeling repulsed when she saw them holding hands right now.

To her, Lu Yushen was like a new shirt that she’d once owned. She liked the shirt very much but was reluctant to wear it. However, it was taken by someone one day, and even though that person washed it and returned it to her in the end, she still felt that something was missing.

This was not what Gu Yan wanted. She thus said, “Well, you don’t have to fight your heart. Even if Uncle Lu and Aunty Xu Wei are your…”

“Nope.” Fu Zhi cut Gu Yan short. Then, she turned to look at Lu Yushen, and as she had expected, there was a pained expression on his face. He had lowered his head, and the light in his eyes had dimmed.

Fu Zhi had no idea why, but she had a feeling that her second brother had been acting very weirdly ever since Gu Yan had come. It seemed to her that his condition had gotten a lot worse.

She observed his expression for a while and then clutched his little finger. “Don’t be sad. I will give all the milk candy in my bag to you, and I will make a cake for you every day.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “Yumo doesn’t get any of that. Can you understand what I am talking about?”

In other words, she was telling him not to listen to anything Gu Yan said.

Lu Yushen’s eyes gleamed and he nodded, albeit very lightly. If he had a tail, he would have coiled it around Fu Zhi’s wrist and drawn circles on her palm with the tip.

Then, he would have told her, “I will give you the moon and all the stars in the sky, so please like me back, okay?”

Gu Yan set her jaw tightly, and her expression changed.

Even though she was not as close to Lu Yushen as Fu Zhi was to him, her achievements in medicine, as well as Physics, were something that Fu Zhi could never catch up to no matter how hard she tried.

Therefore, how was there any chance she would be defeated by her?

“The oven has stopped working,” Gu Yan said. She decided to use a softer approach as she added, “You promised to make a Mille Crepe for me.”

“If the oven has stopped working, it means the cake is done! I’ll go get it!” Mama Zhang chimed in. Fu Zhi’s hands were full of blisters, so there was no chance she would let the same thing happen to Lu Yushen. She felt that teenagers nowadays were really troublesome, and she did not understand why they had to make things so complicated.

Gu Yan’s face darkened. She had bad-mouthed Fu Zhi far too many times in front of Mama Zhang today, so she figured that she should not order Lu Yushen around too much.

Fu Zhi handed the cake to Lu Yushen.

Lu Yushen did not know whether he should take the cake or not. However, there was a voice in the back of his mind that was shouting at him and saying that this was what he had been yearning for.

The joy that Fu Zhi brought him, the faint smile that danced on her lips… She did not dislike him at all.

He stole a glance at Fu Zhi and wanted to lock the cake in his safety box.

Then, a second later, Fu Zhi blinked, took a spoon to scoop a big chunk of cake up, and put it next to Lu Yushen’s mouth.

Lu Yushen did not know what to say.

His attempt to keep the cake in his safety box had been thwarted, and he was sad.

As if she knew what he was worried about, she opened her mouth and comforted him. “Ahhh… Open your mouth.”

Lu Yushen took a look at the hand beside his mouth. Then, he peeled his eyes away and took a bite from the cake.

After doing that, Fu Zhi handed the spoon to him and asked, “Is it sweet?”

The tips of Lu Yushen’s ears were red as he nodded.

Fu Zhi nodded back. She took a look at her watch and reckoned that it was about time she went to supervise Jiang Jinshu. She had a lot of homework for him to do.

She went to the fridge and took a packet of yogurt and chips out. Just as she turned around, she saw a spoon in front of her. There was a small chunk of cake on the spoon.

Fu Zhi was stunned.

She looked at Lu Yushen and saw him cocking his head as if he was wondering why she was not opening her mouth.

However, before she could say anything, Lu Yushen became restless. Following Fu Zhi’s example, he parted his lips open, causing the dimples on both sides of his mouth to deepen.

Then, as everybody looked on in awe, a raspy syllable tumbled out of his lips. “Ahh—”

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