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Chapter 294: Lu Yushen Starts To Talk – 2

Mama Zhang was in a dilemma. She could sense the tension in the air, especially when Lu Yumo and Gu Yan were together. The expression on Lu Yumo’s face was so dark that it seemed as if he was going to devour her whole.

She did not want anything to happen to them since she was the one taking care of them right now. Both Xu Wei and Lu Jingqing were not at home, and things might get out of hand if something were to happen. Therefore, she felt a lot of relief when Fu Zhi got back, and a genial smile broke across her face.

Fu Zhi nodded.

Then Mama Zhang led Fu Zhi to the kitchen. “Other than being a good artist, Young Master Yushen is a good cook as well…”

‘It’s such a shame that Ms. Fu doesn’t like mangoes.’

If she were her brother, she would want to cook for her as well. After all, who could resist an adorable girl like her?

Mama Zhang took Fu Zhi to look for Lu Yushen in the kitchen.

Perhaps he had to put the tray into the oven, as he had lowered his head. He was wearing a white shirt today, he was thin, and he looked as chilly as always.

When they got near the kitchen, they could only hear Gu Yan’s voice. Mama Zhang greeted Gu Yan. “Ms. Gu, I heard from my son that you’ve been mentioned on Weibo’s hot topics and you’ve gained millions of followers. That’s so awesome!”

Gu Yan looked at Fu Zhi, who was standing behind Mama Zhang, and replied flatly, “Yeah.”

Then, she grabbed Lu Yushen’s hand, which was beside his legs. As if she was telling Fu Zhi that Lu Yushen belonged to her, she glanced at the cake in Fu Zhi’s hand and said meaningfully, “Brother Yushen is baking a cake for me. I think it’ll be quite tasty. Did he ever bake a cake for you before?”

She paused for a moment before adding, “The national Physics competition is around the corner. What are you doing in the kitchen if you’re not preparing for the competition?”

Lu Yushen’s eyelashes trembled, and a crack appeared on his emotionless face when he heard what Gu Yan had said.

He glanced at Fu Zhi out of the corner of his eyes and felt that he should have avoided her more.

She was going to take part in the final round. Then, she would represent their country by participating in the international competition. Lu Yushen was relieved that she still had a good elder brother. He would pick her up from the airport and would not embarrass her.

However, at the same time, he felt sad and jealous. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do right now due to his condition.

“Nope. We’re not here to look for something to eat,” Mama Zhang chimed in. “Ms. Fu Zhi went to a cake store and baked a cake for Young Master Yushen.”

Initially, Mama Zhang had thought Fu Zhi had bought the cake. However, upon seeing the blisters on her hand and the crooked design of the cake in the container on their way to the kitchen, she had known that the cake had been made by Fu Zhi herself.

Mama Zhang said, “Young Master Yushen, haven’t you eaten dinner yet?”

Lu Yushen did not reply. He just looked shocked.

He stared at Fu Zhi as she placed the cake on the table and opened the package.

It was a very small cake, and there were rhinestones around it.

“I guess everyone in the family has received one, right? Well, I’m glad that you didn’t forget Brother Yushen.” Gu Yan interrupted, causing Lu Yushen’s blood to turn cold.

Fu Zhi glanced at Gu Yan.

“Nope. I didn’t make the cake for someone else,” she answered as she put the cake on a plate. Then, she tried the method that she had learned from Li Nanli and touched Lu Yushen’s tail finger. Even though her voice was as flat as always, her eyes were smiling. “Only Yushen can have it.”

It was a critical hit!

Lu Yushen was stunned, and the tips of his ears turned red.

She even grabbed his hand!

Lu Yushen instinctively withdrew his hand from Gu Yan’s clutches and stood as stiff as a ramrod.

Well, there were some feelings that could not be suppressed no matter how hard one tried.

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