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Chapter 296: Lu Yushen Starts To Talk – 4

Perhaps he had not been talking for far too long, as Lu Yushen’s voice was as raspy as sandpaper.

However, that was not important anymore because—

Holy mother of god!

The second master of the Lu Family was autistic. He had not been talking since his birth, and right now, he’d finally talked!

Even Fu Zhi, who had always been calm and cool-headed, was stunned.

As for Mama Zhang, she was so happy that she nearly jumped.

Lu Yushen did not let go of the spoon in his hand.

Fu Zhi blinked again and again. As she still could not come back to her senses, Mama Zhang finally jumped and shouted, ‘Ah! I should inform Mr. Lu and ma’am first!’

Then, she ran out of the kitchen and called Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei, her fingers trembling vigorously from excitement and her eyes going red around the rims. “Young Master Yushen’s illness has been cured by Ms. Gu! He has started to talk! Ms. Gu is really a professional doctor. If it were not for her, Young Master Yushen would not have been able to talk so soon!”

There was some noise coming from the other side of the line, and it was only after the noise had quieted down that Xu Wei’s voice came through. “Who? Yushen? Yushen has talked?!”

Mama Zhang nodded and then took a look at the kitchen. Fu Zhi’s voice could be heard from the kitchen. Her voice was low and gentle, and it seemed to Mama Zhang that she was cajoling Lu Yushen into talking again.

“Can you say something again?” she asked.

Lu Yushen could see that Gu Yan was staring at him with a surprised look on her face out of the corner of her eyes, but he paid her no mind. He observed his sister’s expression and was able to understand what she wanted him to do. He opened and closed his mouth several times, but he could not make a sound. He tried again and again, yet the result was the same. Feeling disappointed in himself, he closed his mouth and lowered his head.

After seeing Lu Yushen’s several failed attempts, Gu Yan was certain that it had been just a coincidence. Thus, she willed herself to calm down and then said, “Everything requires time to progress. Since you made a sound, that means we’re on the right track. You shouldn’t force him to speak right now, as it might have the opposite effect on him.”

She wanted the best for Lu Yushen, so she did not want his condition to get worse.

After all, if they really got married in the future, Lu Yushen’s inability to talk might make her a laughing stock despite the fact that she’d married above her station.

Therefore, she was doing everything under the sun to cure Lu Yushen. However, she felt a little disappointed that, after everything she had done, the first person Lu Yushen had talked to was Fu Zhi and not her.

That said, this disappointment was short-lived. After all, all Lu Yushen had said was a single syllable with no meaning at all. In other words, it did not count as speech, which meant she still had the chance to become the first person Lu Yushen talked to.

The tension that had hung heavily in the air in the Lu Mansion had dissipated the moment Lu Yushen had emitted a single syllable.

When Xu Wei came back from the Xu Mansion, she threw herself on the couch and started to cry.

She did not know what Gu Yan had done to Lu Yushen—perhaps she had performed magic on him—but her son had finally started to talk. Even though it was just a single syllable, he had still managed to make a sound with his mouth, and Xu Wei finally felt hopeful that her son would live like a normal person in the future.

From now on, if anyone dared to say that her son was mute, she would slap them to death!

It was only then that Lu Yumo finished his game and came downstairs. He did not know what had happened, so he asked Mama Zhang.

Mama Zhang then repeated everything to him.

Lu Yumo nodded and turned his head to look at Fu Zhi, who was sitting on the couch as obediently as Lu Yushen.

A series of complex emotions flowed at the back of his eyes, and after a few minutes that seemed like an eternity, he opened his mouth and asked, “Why did you give him cake and milk candy but not me? What have I done so wrong that you two had to eat cake behind my back? I… I… I… If I get cerebral thrombosis in the future, it will be your fault!”

He paused for a moment, and since he did not want to make himself look bad in front of Gu Yan, he took a deep breath and said, “Let’s end it. Let’s set a time and break off the relationship between the three of us as brother and sister. I have had enough of always being the third wheel!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Lu Jingqing was frowning, as he was troubled by something.

“About Yushen’s condition…” He squinted and looked at Gu Yan. “Are you sure it has nothing to do with Zhizhi?”

Gu Yan’s heart leaped into her throat, but she soon calmed down and replied with a smile on her face. “Social communication problems are a hallmark symptom of autism disorder. It is a disorder that requires both medication and psychotherapy, and only when the treatment has achieved the desired effect will the patient have a chance to talk again when he or she is subjected to external stimuli.”

What Gu Yan was trying to say was that Fu Zhi had never treated Lu Yushen with psychotherapy or given him any medication, not to mention that feeding Lu Yushen a piece of cake could not be considered an external stimulus.

She then added, “Although it’s good that Brother Yushen can talk again, from a professional and medical point of view, the element of luck plays a major role in his condition. Of course, you can also consult other doctors. My parents have set up a treatment plan for him, so in my opinion, we should continue the treatment and see how things go.”

After saying that, she immediately took out new incense that she had made and gave it to Xu Wei. “I noticed that you have not been feeling well recently. This incense was made by me with the Chu Family’s secret recipe. It can help you with your sleeping issues.”

“Hmm? Oh, about that…” Xu Wei looked at the incense in Gu Yan’s hand and shook her head. “I’m fine. Zhizhi has given me some medication. It’s just that I’ve been too busy recently, so I haven’t taken much. It’s been working quite well for me, so you can keep the incense for yourself.”

Gu Yan was stunned. This was the second time she’d heard someone say that Fu Zhi could heal diseases as well.

She frowned and felt a little uncomfortable. Then, she took Lu Yushen upstairs to continue his treatment. She did not even eat the mango Mille Crepe that Mama Zhang had made for her.

It was quiet downstairs.

Xu Wei was the one who had the biggest reaction. She was happy that her second son could finally speak again, but at the same time, she felt sad that he’d only uttered a single syllable.

Then, Fu Zhi realized that Xu Wei kept wandering around Lu Yushen and feeding him cake for the next few days, trying her best to achieve some kind of ulterior motive. She was so obsessed that she even ignored her ducks.

However, her effort did not pay off.

Fu Zhi did not know when Lu Yushen would be cured, but she was certain that her mother was about to get depressed.

On the other side of the city…

Sheng Hua was sitting in the meeting room of a hotel, looking at the hot topics on Weibo with a gloomy expression on his face.

“Well, Country R had indeed taken it too far this time, but their leader was the runner-up of the last International Single Physics Competition, so we must not look down on him,” the vice-president said as he sat beside Sheng Hua. “I’ve roughly assessed Gu Yan’s ability, and she still has a chance of winning if she goes up against him.”

“This is not what I’m worried about.” Sheng Hua tapped his phone a few times and stopped at an article that Gu Yan’s fans had written to humiliate Fu Zhi. Then, with a frown, he said, “This Gu Yan…”

Understanding soon dawned on the vice-president. “Well, she’s still young, and young people are always anxious to succeed quickly. Besides, she isn’t the one who caused this incident. The netizens did. I also heard that her fanbase in other countries can be compared to the fan clubs of some second-tier celebrities. The friendly match with Country R is around the corner, and she’s going to become the captain of the team this time. I think we shouldn’t affect her mood and the morale of the team right now, don’t you think so?”

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