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Chapter 254: Fu Zhi Is Fu Zhao’s Daughter – 1

Madam Lu was playing mahjong with her friends when Lu Chuwan called her. When she heard what Lu Chuwan said, she was so shocked that the mahjong tile on her hand fell on the table.

Lu Chuwan had shown promising piano skills since she was a child, and Madam Lu had spent a lot of money to nurture her musical talent. Therefore, when she’d learned that the RM Corporation Group was going to help her granddaughter release an album, she had been overfilled with joy. Her effort and money had finally paid off. Her granddaughter was going to become famous, and she would bring glory to the Lu Family. However, before any of those things could happen, Lu Chuwan had broken her arm.

Madam Lu was not in the mood to play mahjong anymore. With a grave expression on her face, she asked, “What happened? What relatives?

‘Isn’t Fu Zhi an orphan? How come she has relatives? Could it be the Zhao Family that had adopted her before?’

“They are two street ruffians,” Lu Chuwan said as she pulled her card out to pay the bill. Since her right arm was broken, she had to wear a sling. She found it ugly, so she refused to go out of her ward. Sitting on a couch, she complained to Madam Lu. “I don’t know why, but they just came straight at me and grabbed me by the neck. Both of them were in normal attire, so I think they were street ruffians.”

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Madam Lu felt that she had to do something. As she pressed her lips firmly, she and Mama Liu sent her friends home. Then, she found a quiet place and asked, “You’re at No.1 Hospital right now, right? I’ll have your mom come and get you right away.”

After saying that, she hung up the call. She tapped her fingers on the table and fell into thought.

After a while, Bai Yao returned from the greenhouse. Before she could say anything, Madam Lu took a deep breath to suppress her anger and said, “Someone assaulted Wanwan when she was on her way back home. Don’t ask anything. Go to the hospital and see her right now.”

‘Holy mother of god!’

Bai Yao’s face went pale, and the first person that appeared in her mind was Lu Yumo. She grabbed her coat from the hanger and rushed to the hospital.

At the same time, Madam Lu made a call to Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei. However, since both of them were busy finding doctors for Lu Yushen, neither of them picked up her call.

Madam Lu then ordered Mama Liu, “Continue to call them. I’m heading to the examination hall to get Fu Zhi.”

She summoned the driver and made a beeline for the examination hall. Her expression was dark and grim along the way.

She had always felt that Fu Zhi had a propensity for violence. Otherwise, there was no way Sheriff Zhao would have said that they found Fu Zhi’s fingerprints and her student ID on the spot where Zhou Tingting had been murdered. Even though it had been proven later that Fu Zhi was not the murderer, this had still left a prick in her heart.

This time, it was her granddaughter who had gotten injured.

Fu Zhi had already left the school, but Director Zhao had just come out of it.

He was talking to the head invigilator about Fu Zhi’s test scores.

She had gotten another full score.

Director Liu was filled with pride. The two of them parted ways at the gate, and Madam Lu went up to him. “Director Liu, it’s good to see you here. I need your assistance. Fu Zhi is withdrawing from the school, so please help me go through all the formalities.”

Director Liu was stunned when he saw Madam Lu. He gripped his cup tighter as he asked, “What do you mean by that?”

‘What is going on? Is Fu Zhi transferring to No.2 High School? Is No.1 High School not good enough for her? How can she be so heartless as to leave us, her cute teachers and schoolmates, behind?’

Madam Lu was not aware of the thoughts going through Director Liu’s head. She added in an even voice, “Not only did she steal from her cousin, but she also hired someone to murder her. If you don’t expel her now, she’s going to bring the whole school down with her.”

In the past, Director Liu might have believed Madam Lu already. However, he had just seen how rich Fu Zhi was a few days ago, and it would not be far-fetched to say that she could easily buy the entire Lu Family’s property.

Director Liu then asked, “Did she rob a bank?”

‘Could she have been shot dead by the armed forces?’

Madam Lu knew that the school authorities had been turning a blind eye to Fu Zhi’s various kinds of misconduct. She then answered, “She stole my granddaughter’s medicine. The medicine is expensive.”

Then, she paused for a while before continuing. “Anyway, you should get her withdrawal application taken care of as soon as possible. I can’t let her ruin my eldest granddaughter’s reputation.”

Director Liu was dumbfounded. He wanted to ask if Madam Lu had gone mad, but the latter did not give him the chance, as she had already gone back into her car.

At the same time, Mama Liu called her and informed her that Lu Jingqing was on his way to the hospital.

No.1 Hospital…

Bai Yao took a deep breath, but it did nothing to calm down the anger that was brewing in her heart. She looked at her daughter’s right arm and felt so angry that she cursed out loud.

Lu Chuwan was different from Fu Zhi. She did not come from the countryside, and she had known how to take care of others from a young age. Whenever someone scolded or punished her, Bai Yao would feel regretful later, and she would not be able to sleep at night.

She touched her daughter’s bruised neck, and she was certain that other than Fu Zhi, no one was capable of carrying out such a feat.

Bai Yao’s eyes went red around the rims from rage as she said, “Don’t worry, your grandma is coming here right now. This time, we’ll definitely send her away. I also want her to be punished gravely and stay in jail for the rest of her life!”

Sighing, Lu Chuwan said, “There are still a few pills left in the bottle of medicine. Did you bring it? Remember to give it to the police later.”

Fu Zhi had been working on her plant in the garden.

It was only when Lu Jingqing asked her to go to the hospital that she put the flowers in her hand down and went.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Lu Yumo kept looking at her as if he wanted to say something.

After seeing that Fu Zhi was not going to respond, he sent a text message to Mama Zhang. “Where is the surveillance footage? How come you haven’t sent it to me yet?”

Since this was a big incident, he was certain that the police would ask for the surveillance footage. He wanted to get the footage so that he could argue with Lu Chuwan.

Mama Zhang then explained, “It’s been Xiao He’s job to take care of the cameras. He didn’t come to work today, and I’m not very familiar with the cameras. Please give me some more time.”

At the same time, someone had arrived at the Dong Mansion in the capital.

When Du Min walked into the garden, Old Master Dong was playing with his bird in his chair. He was stunned for a while when he saw Du Min. Then, he rose to his feet and greeted him reverently. “Mr. Du, what brings you here today?”

“I have a bill here with me,” Du Min said. He did not take a seat. Instead, he put a document on the table and said, “The Li Corporation owes the Fu Corporation 245 million yuan. They haven’t paid it, so I’m here to collect the debt. After all, all my employees are starving.”

Old Master Dong was stunned. He lifted his head and looked at Du Min in disbelief.

Truth be told, the Dong Family was not as great as the rumors said. They owed a lot of money, and the Li Family was not their only creditor. The Dong Family had expanded its business overseas several years ago. They had earned quite a lot in the first few years, but their business had begun to go downhill afterward.

Old Master Dong had been unable to fill this bottomless pit but had not wanted to give up just like that. He had still thought that he could earn back the money he had lost.

However, that had not happened.

Therefore, he’d worked with an overseas company to recreate the anti-cancer drug to turn the tide in his favor.

“About that…”

Before Old Master Dong could say anything, Du Min’s phone rang.

The call was from Fu Zhao, who asked Du Min to put him on speakerphone.

Old Master Dong knew Fu Zhao was the ex-president of the Fu Corporation. He was a benign, open-hearted man. Even though he was a businessman who had built his business empire from scratch, he was far more excellent than other aristocrats and tycoons.

‘Maybe I can still convince him,’ Old Master Dong thought.

Before he could do anything, Fu Zhao said, his deep voice amplified by the speaker, “F*ck you.”

Old Master Dong was stunned.

Du Min chuckled lightly and said, “President Fu, Dong Cun is not with us right now.”

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