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Chapter 253: Ending The Business Relationship With The Dong Family – 2

Li Nanli took the money. He knew this was Fu Zhi’s way of expressing her gratitude, so he did not say anything.

He turned to Liu Mi and asked, “I remember that the Dong Family still owes the Li Family 200 million yuan?”

“To be precise, it’s 245 million yuan. They promised to settle the debt this year, but Old Master Dong came to find Old Master Li a few months ago and cried to him…”

‘Oh… So that’s how it is… It turns out that my grandfather is a saint.’

However, Li Nanli was his grandfather, and he was not going to tolerate the Dong Family. He said, “Inform Du Min and ask him to go collect the debt from them.”

Liu Mi was quick and hastily went away to do this bidding.

Holding his phone, Li Nanli took two screenshots of the transaction notices—both this time and the last time when Fu Zhi had transferred 5 cents to him—and posted them on his WeChat Moments with a prideful text that read “Gifts from my sweetheart”.

Gu Yanqi was the first one to make a comment. [Daddy, is it 5 cents for a million? Please look at me, daddy. I’m the unworthy son that you left on the riverbank!]

On the other side, Old Master Li noticed the post as well and gave the post a like with a relieved grin on his face.

Since Fu Zhi had given Li Nanli money, did that mean that she had started to acknowledge him and the next step would be getting a room with him?!

When he thought of that, his face flushed in embarrassment. Then, he replied, [Don’t forget to bring your identity card when you’re going out.]

Otherwise, regular hotels might deny him check-in!!

Three minutes later, even though plenty of people came to like and comment on his post, Li Nanli realized all of them were asking him for money. His brows were furrowed, as he was not happy with their response.

“Hmph! What a bunch of senseless people!” Li Nanli chided them and began deleting those people from his WeChat. Then, he saw a comment that made him lift his eyebrows.

[I can sense how much President Li’s girlfriend loves him from across the screen. Argh, I’m so jealous of them. Anyway, may happiness find the two of you today and always, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing the patter of tiny feet!]

The comment had been left by Mr. Liu, the head of the logistics department at his company. Li Nanli was happy with his comment, so he replied, [I’ll double your bonus this month.]

After seeing Li Nanli’s comment, other employees also joined the fray.

[This is the greatest love story I’ve ever seen!]

[My wife asked me why I was kneeling before my phone. It’s because I was moved to tears by this pure love!]

[Your girlfriend must love you very much, President Li. She must have engraved her feelings for you on her heart. That’s why she’s willing to give all of herself to you!]

Lu Chuwan”s arm had been put in a cast, and a nurse was helping her clean the caked blood on her face.

Even though she had just broken her arm, she still needed to stay in the hospital. When Lu Chuwan came out of the operating room, her face was grim and her heart was still pumping fast.

The man that looked like Fu Zhi had wanted to kill her, and if he hadn’t suddenly vomited blood and fallen unconscious, she would have been a goner. Then, after Ye Jiu had fallen unconscious, another man who looked like him had shown up. Before he’d carried him away, the man had broken her arm.

Lu Chuwan was so stunned that she still felt like everything that had happened was a dream. She had not expected that someone would actually have the audacity to commit murder in broad daylight.

Her neck was bruised, and by the time she came back to her senses, she found a shop and called the cops.

After the initial shock and fear vanished, anger slowly rose from the depths of her heart.

She was certain that Fu Zhi must have ordered that man to take her life.

Lu Chuwan’s face was as dark as the night sky, and she found no way to vent the anger in her heart. She borrowed a phone from the nurse and called Madam Lu.

“Grandma, I can forgive Fu Zhi for stealing my pills. I can forgive her for not caring about your health. I just want to protect myself by using the legal route, but how could she get her relatives to break my arm? Does she not know how important hands are to a pianist? How am I going to play piano in the future?”

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